Wednesday, October 22, 2014

"Christian extremists pose threat."

Another volunteer for the Julius Streicher award: "Islamists may draw our attention, but we need to keep an eye on Bundy and his ilk."


Anonymous said...

Passing Strange - that the author of "Woment the Hunter" and a hunter herself makes such nonsense.

"Woman the Hunter is basically a double-edged critique, skewering entrenched sexist attitudes and fallacies in the anthropological, hunting, and deep ecological literature on the one hand, and the false opposition to this tendency found within eco-feminism on the other, which, as Stange argues, merely inverts the scale of values but retains the spurious gender essentialism found in the former. What’s more is that this is all done from a staunchly pro-hunting position which nonetheless never fails to distinguish itself from the discredited aspects of the “Hunting Hypothesis.”

Another 'hunter' who has not grasped the fundamental necessity of hunting tools - the gun.


Anonymous said...

Oh crap! This reciter-of fairy tales teaches in the state where I live and has a ranch in the state I want to move to after my husband retires... someone please just shoot me now..

Anonymous said...

Ah...more conflation of the Bundy's with 'racists'.

Play that race card....when it's all you have left.

Anonymous said...

For all you dumb***ts out there advocating the violation of the Constitution to infringe on the rights of American "Musloids" (just the latest boogeyman the government will use to gain control...promising security in exchange for liberty, no less)......just keep in mind that the end game is to stifle all religious freedom and political dissent....even your own.