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Reloading question.

Has anyone out there trimmed .357 cases down to .38 Special length? It seems like a PTA but if we run short of .38 Special cases (which we might) and have a surplus of .357 (which we do) I'm just wondering if that is a viable option. Anybody have experience with that?



Praxis: Non-Metallic Covert Hide Out Zipper/Handcuff Key


RIP, Captain Bill.

Captain William A. "Bill" Nessler crossed over to meet his maker on Thursday. He was a great American patriot and will be sorely missed by all who knew him.

A grim subject on a holy day but one that has lessons for today and tomorrow. The Coleshill Auxiliaries.

Trevor Miners stands in front of the entrance to the secret HQ in Cornwall.
Churchill's secret guerillas who were poised to execute senior British figures if there was a risk of them helping the Germans after Nazi invasion.
They were Britain’s ‘secret army’, courageous volunteers prepared to sacrifice their lives to fight against a Nazi invasion of the UK.
Issued with top-secret orders, their role has remained unsung for decades. But now the undercover resistance units Churchill planned to activate in the event of a German invasion during the Second World War are at last to be honoured.
The Royal British Legion has agreed to officially recognise the 4,000 volunteers who once formed the secret guerrilla cells created to resist the Nazis. And for the first time, former members are to parade with other veterans at this year’s Remembrance Day ceremonies at the Cenotaph.
If wartime church bells rang to warn of enemy invasion, the orders for the Auxiliary Unit volunteers were to disappear without telling anyone and to report to hidden bases in the countryside.
Each was issued with sealed orders giving a list of potential collaborators, some as senior as county chief constables, who might have to be executed if there was a risk of them helping the Germans.
Most of the volunteers worked in the countryside and were chosen for their knowledge of the local area and ability to use a weapon.
Trained at Coleshill, in Oxfordshire, they operated in tight groups and their role was to disrupt and destroy the enemy’s supply chain, kill collaborators and take out strategic targets. Unable to tell anyone about their activities, they disguised their real mission by pretending to belong to the Home Guard.
Tom Sykes, of the Coleshill Auxiliary Research Team, which has campaigned for the men to be honoured, is delighted by the RBL’s decision. ‘Many of these veterans were in reserved occupations and could not join the regular Forces,’ he said. ‘But when the call came, they did not hesitate to join what would have been a suicide mission to confront the enemy.
‘They were taught cutting-edge guerrilla warfare and even used Thompson sub-machine guns before they were given to the British Army.
‘But they were sworn to secrecy and sadly suffered taunts and were sent white feathers by people who thought they were cowards for not fighting. . .
Trevor Miners, 86, from Perranporth, Cornwall, joined an Auxiliary Unit at 16. He says: ‘Our base was in an old mineshaft at a local farm. We learned to make booby traps and explosives, and how to blow up fuel dumps. We learned unarmed combat and we had all sorts of weapons. No one knew the secret army existed.’

Have a blessed Easter.

Bloomberg Backlash

Why the New York City mayor’s campaign for gun control isn’t helping.
LATER: And this just in from Bloomberg's Paradise -- Easter Sunday Gang Wilding Feared In Times Square, NYPD To Flood Area With Extra Cops. Maybe they should let honest citizens pack heat. Naw, that would make too much sense.

Well, Sieg Heil, Big Sis.

Napolitano doesn't rule out 2016 run for president

"What’s the difference between what Buzzfeed Chairman Kenneth Lerer reportedly just said and illegal bribery?"

Good question.

Back to reloading .38s.

I spent my morning over at a friend's house using his Lee turret press to reload .38s with 158 grain lead semi-wadcutters. (We don't have the Dillon RL-1050 components to run .38s on it. They are bloody expensive.) As I mentioned before, I sold my .38 to pay some bills recently, but since we have the components I figured that loaded rounds were a better investment for the future. The only problem was that after almost 250 rounds, the powder hopper on the Lee FELL OFF.
This is apparently a congenital weakness of this version of the Lee press, and fortunately my buddy had a pro version of the powder measure and hopper that is much more robust. (Pictured below.)
We finished up the run of 500 for my son Matt.
.38 Special 158 grain SWCs loaded in ammo box inserts scrounged from range trash barrels. I take these and put them in baggies, tape them to form fit with a tag indicating what they are, and store them in GI ammo cans and crates just like the .45s we ran last month.
My buddy then cast up about ten pounds of 158 grain leads for himself, which we will load later.
We'll continue loading .38s until we run out of components.

ABC, which never covered Fast and Furious, sings the praises of Univision now that it's safe for their masters in the regime..

Inside the Award-Winning "Fast and Furious" Investigation

Slouching toward civil war. Empowering the Federales in Colorado

"In military affairs, quantity has a quality all its own." -- Clausewitz.
"Oh, SHIT." -- George Armstrong Custer at the Battle of Little Big Horn.
WND reports: "State grants Secret Service vast new powers."
A bill is heading to Colorado Gov. John Hickenlooper’s desk that Republican lawmakers say would give members of the Secret Service broad arrest powers in the state and could provide a framework for federal agents eventually to enforce gun restrictions.
“This is absolutely insane,” Rep. Lori Saine, R-Dacono, said. “In theory if a Secret Service agent is in a county where the sheriff has refused to enforce some of the recent unenforceable gun laws, the agent could arrest an individual if he believes the law has been broken.”
The bill.
Trying this hat on for size in Colorado.
Resister in the Rockies comments: "It's 1939 Again! The SS To Be Granted Arrest Powers in Commierado."
The Secret Service, for its part, tells us:
The Secret Service employs approximately 3,200 special agents, 1,300 Uniformed Division officers, and more than 2,000 other technical, professional and administrative support personnel.
My Uncle Bill killed bunches of German arschlochs wearing this scary patch. They died just as dead as their Fuhrer.
My observation: Why don't these citizen disarmament Colorado puke politicians threaten us with something we're scared of? In the event of civil war, the much-vaunted Secret Service (at least that part of it that ignores their oaths to the Constitution) would:
A. Be so busy protecting green-zoned politicians they wouldn't have time and personnel for anything else, and,
B. Their entire pitiful complement would represent less than a week's worth of casualties. After that, no more SS raid parties, in Colorado or anywhere else.
The question is, how many of these new SS wish to live to see retirement in that event?
SS camp guards dancing to the executioner's jig, 1946.

Saturday, March 30, 2013

It doesn't take long to dump the folks who got you there.

Rand Paul Endorses Mitch McConnell In 2014 Senate Race, Won’t Back Tea Party Challenge

Darwin finally catches up to career criminal.

Homeowner shoots, kills man during burglary attempt

"Plan to hand out free shotguns in Tucson stirs debate."

Hoplophobes go apoplectic.

"Eric Holder’s Contempt for Contempt"

“But I have to tell you that for me to really be affected by what happened, I’d have to have respect for the people who voted in that way,” Holder told ABC News. “And I didn’t, so it didn’t have that huge an impact on me.”
One day, I suspect, Holder will be called to account for his long career of criminality under color of law. Perhaps he will revise his opinion of people he doesn't respect then. If he is given the time for reflection, that is.

"18+ Things You Can Do Right Now Before SHTF Hits"

Courtesy of Codgerville for those of the "bug out" persuasion.

Fusion center director: We don’t spy on Americans, just anti-government Americans.

Well, that's a relief.
Law enforcement intelligence-processing fusion centers have long come under attack for spying on Americans. The Arkansas director wanted to clarify the truth: centers only spies on some Americans – those who appear to be a threat to the government.
In trying to clear up the ‘misconceptions’ about the conduct of fusion centers, Arkansas State Fusion Center Director Richard Davis simply confirmed Americans’ fears: the center does in fact spy on Americans – but only on those who are suspected to be ‘anti-government’.
“The misconceptions are that we are conducting spying operations on US citizens, which is of course not a fact. That is absolutely not what we do,” he told the NWA Homepage, which supports KNWA-TV and Fox 24.
After claiming that his office ‘absolutely’ does not spy on Americans, he proceeded to explain that this does not apply to those who could be interpreted as a ‘threat’ to national security. Davis said his office places its focus on international plots, “domestic terrorism and certain groups that are anti-government. We want to kind of take a look at that and receive that information.”

Historical amnesia. Even butchering collectivist mass murderers retain their fan base.

"Treason is only a matter of timing." -- Charles Maurice de Talleyrand-PĂ©rigord, 1754 - 1838.
Six Decades Later: Stalin Cult Alive and Well in Russia
This article reminded me of a book I've been meaning to get: Stalin’s Last Crime and the ironic fate that "cosmopolitan" (non-religious) Jewish supporters of the Leninist-Stalinist regime suffered. It is a cautionary tale for modern "cosmopolitans" like Schumer and Feinstein.
During the period 1945 to 1947, overt anti-Semitism was suppressed in the USSR. Why? Firstly, because Stalin was considered the savior of the Jews, the man who defeated Hitler and had liberated the Eastern European concentration camps from the Nazis. Moreover, during those years Stalin needed the Jews for propaganda purposes. Secondly, many of the old Bolsheviks were Jewish, Leon Trotsky, Lev Kamenev, Gregory Zinoviev, Lazar Kaganovich, Maxim Litvinov, Yakov Sverdlov, Polina Zhemchuzhina (the wife of Molotov), etc. Jewish communists, such as the legendary founder of the Cheka, Felix Dzerzhinsky, and his successors, Abram Slutsky, Sergei Shpigelglas, and Genrikh Yagoda, had led the intelligence and security organs of the Bolsheviks and subsequently the Soviet state. And there were still many Jewish cadres in the cultural organs, the Party, the intelligence services, and the security apparatus. Thirdly, Stalin had initially supported the creation of the Jewish state of Israel.
But then in the fall of 1948 Golda Meir visited the Soviet Union. Russian Jews had been too festive, too enthusiastic, and had shown too much admiration for the Israeli Prime Minister! The U.S. and Israel also seemed to be developing closer ties of friendship and cooperation. Many Jews in Russia had families and acquaintances in the U.S. and the West. And then there was the matter of the Jewish Antifascist Committee (JAC). Many of its “cosmopolitan” members had traveled extensively outside the USSR, and the vozhd (“the great leader”) had become suspicious of this as well!
So by 1948, Stalin had become convinced that Israel and Jewish internationalists, including Russian Jews, were a threat to the Soviet State. He cautiously began his anti-cosmopolitanism campaign that soon developed a life of its own in Mother Russia, the land of pogroms and antisemitism.
Suddenly, all Jews were potential traitors, enemies of the Soviet state, spies in the service of American and British Intelligence. . .
But individual Jews -- apostate or not -- were the least of Sralin's intended victims for the book describes a planned Soviet Jewish Holocaust in 1953 that was only short-circuited by Stalin's death.
Stalin wanted not only to eliminate potential political opponents, but more grandiosely, to replicate the times of the great purges and the Red Terror, the terrible days of the 1930s. He needed to arouse the stagnant Soviet nation to action, the surveillance, and the terror, the “unmasking “of ”wreckers, spies, and saboteurs,” while exercising further his already absolute power. Stalin abided by the old revolutionary precept of Nikolai Chernyshevsky, subscribed to by Lenin himself: The worse the conditions of the people, the better. And illegitimate power can only be preserved in a climate of such fear and terror, in an atmosphere of perpetual crisis in which an autocrat must exert his iron hand of order and eliminate the real or imagined “enemies of the people.”
Stalin was a master at creating such terrible conditions for the exertion, potentiation, and perpetuation of power. Fortunately for some of the doctors, the world, and the Russian people (although most of them did not appreciate it then) — it was the vozhd, who had run out of time! He was, after all, mortal. In the end, only Stalin’s death on March 5, 1953 saved the doctors, the Jews, and possibly the world from an impending holocaust — and even a third World War!

Gosh, I hope so.

Will a Tea Party Challenger Threaten McConnell?

Obama Joins Bloomberg’s Squeeze Play on Senate Dems.

Well, maybe not much of a squeeze.
Obama can either choose to join Bloomberg in the squeeze play on Senate Democrats, thereby risking the rest of his agenda, or he can retreat again into vast clouds of words, signaling that he’s more interested in passing something that can be called gun control than in passing gun control itself.
With his approval ratings on the slide, the nation growing more pessimistic and the prospect of an all-Republican Congress now a reality, the latter looks more likely.

Obama "grassroots organizing" in a concrete parking lot.

Stalled Obama Campaign Machine Restarted for New Agenda
Thus far, the new OFA, claiming 4 million volunteers, is suffering some startup challenges.
Obama campaign volunteer Herman Galut, a freelance reporter, held a gun policy discussion last week at his apartment in Alexandria, Virginia. It was advertised through OFA’s events page. Two people attended.
They talked for an hour about how to garner support for gun-control legislation, deciding they needed to contact senators to press for support and perhaps write letters to the editors of local newspapers. Neither of the two women who attended considered themselves OFA members, though both had volunteered for the president’s re-election.
“They send me e-mails saying, ‘Don’t you want to keep giving us money?’” said Anne Haynes, a health educator. “And I wrote them back saying, ‘No!’”
“Maybe we can work with them without being officially part of them,” suggested Mary Abahazy, who is unemployed. “I guess I’m just not really sure what OFA is.”
In addition, the lawmakers they are trying to prod into support for gun legislation say they aren’t hearing much from the group.
“Members need to know that their constituents will stand with them,” said Representative Mike Thompson of California. He said one of his California colleagues -- he declined to identify which one -- won’t put his name on the bill even with polls showing 96 percent support from his district.
“He told me,” Thompson said, “‘I’m just not getting any calls on this.’”

Friday, March 29, 2013

They've got their lists, we've got ours. Top donors threaten Dems: Do the "right thing" on guns, or no more money

With red state Democratic Senators remaining skittish about embracing Obama’s gun proposals, at least two top Democratic donors are stepping forward and vowing to withhold any and all future financial contributions from any Democrats who don’t support the centerpiece of Obama’s plan: Expanded background checks.
Kenneth Lerer, a New York businessman who is chairman of, and David Bohnett, a technology entrepreneur and philanthopist based in Los Angeles, are both major financial supporters of Democratic candidates, having each given scores of large contributions over the years. They are both key players in the political fundraising world and wield influence among other donors and fundraisers.
Neither will give another dime to any Senate Democrat who does not support expanded background checks, I’m told — and both will suggest to other donors that they do the same. The move underscores the rising importance of gun control as an issue in Democratic politics — and the rising frustration in some Democratic circles with elected officials who continue to regard gun politics as a third rail, at a moment that presents a real opportunity to achieve serious reform, with a policy that enjoys near universal public support.
“At some point you have to draw a line in the sand — for me that time is now,” Lerer told me in an interview. “If candidates or officeholders can’t support something like comprehensive and enforceable background checks, then I wouldn’t think of giving them any money going forward.”
Lerer also said he would be intensifying his contributions to Democratic Senate candidates in the next few years — excluding any that don’t take a strong position on gun control. “We intend to get very active in Senatorial campaigns during the next cycle and the one after,” he said. Red state Dems up for reelection in 2014 include Mary Landrieu, Kay Hagan, Mark Begich, Mark Pryor, and Max Baucus.

Sikh man cites religion in lawsuit against gun controls

A Sikh man is suing the state of California over its gun laws, arguing they violate his First Amendment rights to practice his religion by barring him from carrying the kind of weapons he says he needs for self-defense. Gursant Singh Khalsa, a practicing Sikh for 35 years, charges in the lawsuit filed this month that California’s laws banning military-style, semiautomatic weapons and high-capacity magazines violate mainstream Sikh doctinre requiring Sikhs “be at all time fully prepared to defend themselves and others against injustice.”

Military installations sidestep questions on brass destruction

The intent is not to make things tougher on the military than they already are, it’s simply to ensure that public concerns that keep cropping up are resolved, that they receive top dollar for all sold goods during a time of sequestration belt-tightening, and that an already strained ammunition market is not further hampered by unnecessary component shortages.

Even women who know their assailant need armed self-defense

The obviously far more fundamental question, though, is, "Does knowing one's assailant (intimately or not) impose a moral prohibition on the intended victim defending herself by the most effective means?" If her husband, or boyfriend, or ex, wants to kill her, and is sufficiently more powerful than she to succeed in doing so unless she uses a gun, is she morally obligated to die?

Any time they feel froggy.

"Buyers, beware: UN Arms Trade Treaty will regulate individual gun ownership."
The Arms Trade Treaty will regulate individual gun ownership all across the world. Each country will be obligated to “maintain a national control list that shall include [rifles and handguns]” and "to regulate brokering taking place under its jurisdiction for conventional arms.” In fact, the new background check rules approved by the Senate Judiciary Committee include just those rules -- a registration system and a record of all transfers of guns.
I can think of nothing more desirable than an American regime that uses a UN excuse (and especially UN troops) to enforce citizen disarmament. Nothing could be more calculated to unite American resistance and the entire scheme -- domestic and global tyranny and its practitioners -- would be swept away in a hail of targeted gunfire. Let the UN try to come to this country and attempt this and watch what happens:
"Two Belgian paratroopers who were photographed "roasting" a Somali boy over a flaming brazier are expected to be jailed for only a month and fined £200 after admitting the atrocity in a military court in Brussels yesterday." -- London Telegraph, 24 June 1997.

The Way They Weren't.

Bernardine Rae Dohrn . . . born January 12, 1942, is an Associate Professor of Law at Northwestern University School of Law and the immediate past Director of Northwestern's Children and Family Justice Center. Dohrn was a leader of the Weather Underground, a group that was responsible for the bombing of the United States Capitol, the Pentagon, and several police stations in New York. As a member of the Weather Underground, Dohrn read a "Declaration of a State of War" against the United States government, and was placed on the FBI's 10 Most Wanted list, where she remained for three years. She is married to Bill Ayers, a co-founder of the Weather Underground, who was formerly a tenured professor at the University of Illinois at Chicago.In a speech during the December 1969 "War Council" meeting organized by the Weathermen, attended by about 400 people in Flint, Michigan, Dohrn said, "Dig it. First they killed those pigs, then they ate dinner in the same room with them, then they even shoved a fork into the pig Tate's stomach! Wild!" In greeting each other, delegates to the war council often spread their fingers to signify the fork. -- Wikipedia.
"Without the struggles of the 60s ... there would be no President Obama." -- Bernardine Dohrn.
This link came to me from a regular reader and supporter of Sipsey Street with the following comment: "Joe McCarthy was right. Hollywood REALLY IS full of communists & radicals. Bill Ayers must be laughing his bomb-building head off."
“Actor-director Robert Redford used his opening address at the Sundance film festival last night to add to the pressure on Hollywood to rein in its depiction of gun violence in the wake of the Newtown school massacre,” the London Guardian reported in January.
The Guardian failed to mention that Redford’s next film, due out in American theaters early next month, is a homage to Bill Ayers and the Weather Underground. When it played the Venice Film Festival in September, Time magazine gave it a boffo review . . .
Later: Michelle Malkin on The Bloody Company Hollywood Keeps.
Tinseltown cheerleaders can't stop gushing about Redford's paean to gun-toting progressives, of course. Variety called the flick an "unabashedly heartfelt but competent tribute to 1960s idealism." The entertainment daily effused: "There is something undeniably compelling, perhaps even romantic, about America's '60s radicals and the compromises they did or didn't make." One of the film executives promoting the Weather Underground movie slavered: "This is an edge-of-your-seat thriller about real Americans who stood for their beliefs, thinking they were patriots and defending their country's ideals against their government."
Of course this isn't the first apologia to communist operations in the United States involving Redford. Anybody else remember the The Way We Were starring Redford and Barbra Streisand? A more truthful and fitting drama would be one based on Whittaker Chambers' book Witness. Not that Hollywood would ever attempt THAT.

"Any man who seeks to deny essential liberty to another without cause is an evil son of a bitch. . . He is the philosophical twin of every tyrant and mass murdering butcher in history."

Bob Wright, Fort Hunt Park, Virginia, 19 April 2010.
Any man who seeks to deny essential liberty to another without cause is an evil son of a bitch. He cannot be a “Good Man”. It is irrelevant if his family likes him or if he is kind to animals, sends his mother in-law flowers or makes the trains run on time. It is irrelevant if you served with him or if he has done brave things in the past. No amount of desire to “protect” or to “secure” or “prevent” will improve him. Declarations of his desire to apply “common sense” and be “reasonable” cannot redeem him. His desire to deny essential liberty to one, based on the actions of others, reveals the monster that abides in the soul of that man. If he seeks this, stating that the loss of liberty is necessary for the health of the society, he is the philosophical twin of every tyrant and mass murdering butcher in history. If American society is to survive, the decent, honest citizens must band together to drive these evil people from our society. They must suppress their innate "live and let live" philosophy and face the unpleasant fact that the man who seeks to deny an individual or a society those essential liberties is a potential killer whose bloody solutions will be incrementally revealed as he gains power. -- Bob Wright, email to Mike Vanderboegh, 28 March 2013

Analysis of the rise of Mexican self-defense militias.

Vigilante Standoff Highlights Mexico Security Dilemma

Thursday, March 28, 2013

More on Bloomie's boogerhooker.

Bloomberg's $12 million 'gun safety' ad campaign is negligent and dangerous
LATER: Key question overlooked in debate over Bloomberg 'Average Joe gun owner' ad

It seems that the (illegally) armed citizenry of Mexico have had enough.

Wasn't it nice of the corrupt police official to involuntarily arm this Mexican militiaman?
Thousands of armed vigilantes takeover Mexican town, arrest police and shoot at tourists after 'commander' is killed and dumped in the street.
Thousands of armed vigilantes have taken over a town in Mexico and arrested police officers after their 'commander' was killed and dumped in the street.
The self described 'community police' and arrested 12 officers and the town's former director of public security, who they accuse of taking part in the killing of Guadalupe Quinones Carbajal, 28, on behalf of a local organised crime group.
The 1,500-strong force has also set up improvised checkpoints on the major road running through Tierra Colorado, which connects the capital Mexico City to Acapulco, a coastal city popular with tourists less than 40 miles away. . .
The arrested former security official and police officers have been handed over to state prosecutors, who agreed to investigate their alleged links to organised crime.
Many of the vigilantes are carrying high-powered assault rifles, which may have been seized from the former security director's car.
Using what they have, which is better than nothing. Mexican self-defense militiamen with .22 LR caliber "assault rifles."

Legislative report from Kansas.

Just received this by email:
House Bill 2199, The Second Amendment Protection Act of 2913 is almost a done deal in the Great State of Kansas. It passed the House with a vote of 94 to 29 opposed. This Act will first nullify 2nd amendment attacks from federal government ...and contains a section (9) ...which prohibits physicians, except psychiatrists from inquiring about the presence of firearms in a patient's home or property as a part of the process of obtaining the patient's medical history. Much cooler, it will allow SBRs, SBSs, suppressor manufactured and kept in Kansas to not have to go through the NFA process.

Logistics: Speaking of ammunition . . . "We are sold out for 2013."

Fear of purchase limits sends bullets flying — off the shelves.
The big question: Why?
“There is no good answer for this,” said Kevin Jamison, a Gladstone lawyer and spokesman for the Western Missouri Shooters Alliance. “Panic buying seems to account for some of the shortage, but I don’t believe it can be all of it.”
Some point to concerns that the government might limit ammo purchases in the wake of the Sandy Hook Elementary School massacre. Others blame the Department of Homeland Security, which has a big purchase in the works.
The rush to buy isn’t rational, said Larry Swickard, a member of the Western Missouri alliance.
I disagree. I was taught in Economics One-Oh-One by Professor William Jennings Bryan, Jr. (son of a Lebanese Christian refugee who changed his name to the one American politician he revered above all others) that except in cases involving sex and love, ALL ECONOMIC TRANSACTIONS ARE RATIONAL. All you have to understand, he said, was the rationality behind the transaction. It is that rationality that is keeping the analysts in the bowels of the three-letter agencies up at nights, including those at the CIA. Or so I'm told.
“We are sold out for 2013,” said David Shaw, marketing director for Fiocchi, an international ammunition manufacturer with a plant in Ozark, Mo.
Fiocchi added an extra shift to increase production, but Shaw said the plant can’t get in front of the demand.
This isn’t the first time Shaw has seen a spike in demand.
“But it has never happened to this degree,” he said. “Industrywide, we are not able to keep up.”
Are you reloading yet?

Bring it on, Blue Helmets.

Final Version of Arms Trade Treaty Released; Civilian Disarmament on Track
As the representative of one pro-gun control organization told this reporter last week, “Guns without bullets are no deadlier than baseball bats.” The UN plans to eventually rid the world of privately owned weapons; failing to do that, however, they will prevent the purchase (or reloading) of ammunition.
And folks wonder why the shelves at WalMart are empty within minutes of restocking,

“Well, if it’s good enough for Coburn, it’s probably good enough for our boss.”

"The NRA Can Still Lose."

More dead elephant treason to the Constitution.

Mitch McConnell's scorched-earth strategy.
He’s also trying to walk a tightrope by embracing policies that appeal to the GOP base — like repealing Obamacare —but also touting his efforts to cut bipartisan deals that could appeal to middle-of-the-road voters.
McConnell said he’s considering backing a gun control bill being quietly drafted by Sen. Chuck Grassley (R-Iowa) that would serve as a Republican alternative during next month’s floor debate on Democratic legislation that would expand background checks on firearm purchasers. But he said he’d oppose a more sweeping gun-control measure proposed by Reid.

'Slave-holding, murdering, adulterous, baby-raping, snaggle-toothed kin folk'

Yellowhammer Politics broke the story. The London Daily Mail picked it up. The Mobile Press-Register called it an "outlandish exchange."
Outlandish is not the word I would have used. Explain to me again how it is that racism is the exclusive domain of white folks.

Wednesday, March 27, 2013

The collectivists, at least, understand how crucial county sheriffs are to the success or failure of their plans.

From Texas:
Law would fire sheriffs for defying gun control measures
Supporters of the 380 sheriffs in 15 states who so far have vowed to defy new state and federal gun control laws claim that legislation is starting to pop up around the nation to fire any state elected or appointed law enforcement official who doesn't obey federal orders.
The first effort emerged in Texas. Legislation proposed by Dallas Democratic Rep. Yvonne Davis would remove any sheriff or law enforcement officer who refuses to enforce state or federal laws.
What's more, it would remove any elected or appointed law enforcement officer for simply stating or signing any document stating that they will not obey federal orders.
A gun lobbyist told Secrets, "Beware because once something like this is introduced in one state, it will be followed very quickly in several other states."
From Colorado:
Colorado sheriff says lawmakers holding up pay raises over gun stance.
“Senate Dems have made it known, ‘Sheriffs, obey or no pay for you,’” said Maketa, one of some 30 state sheriffs who attended public hearings on the gun bills to voice opposition. “The first word that comes to my mind is extortion.”

Kansas Senate sets vote to allow guns in schools and other public buildings.

I'm curious. Is the state house exempt?

Anti-gun 'outraged liberal' gets everything wrong--except most important thing

Tell your friends, Beem. Tell every elected official who lets you bend his ear. We will not be disarmed, because the lessons of history are not lost on us. If you are serious about "saving lives," this is your chance.

The NRA weeniewagon is idling in the sellout garage.

An Initiative to Seize on Gun Control
The criticisms of recordkeeping -- unduly burdensome, a step down the slippery slope to gun registry -- are specious and paranoid. That's infuriating but irrelevant. Background checks with recordkeeping won't get the 60 votes necessary to pass the Senate. Background checks without recordkeeping will.
I'm reliably told that despite its continuing fulminating, the NRA may not actively oppose expanded checks without recordkeeping. Such a measure would be a huge, if imperfect, achievement -- a possibility to be seized, not squandered.

Grumbling in the citizen disarmament peanut gallery.

Has Washington waited too long?
In interviews, gun control advocates’ frustration with — and mystification over — Washington is palpable. So far, their anger has not turned specifically on Obama — though people in Newtown itself and gun control advocates beyond question whether he could have done more to turn the post-Sandy Hook momentum into tangible results.
But the increasingly sour mood of gun control proponents highlights the stakes in reaping even a slim victory from Congress this spring.
Anything less, in terms of Obama’s legacy, would transform Newtown from a moment of moral clarity to a symbol of how much clout a newly reelected president really has in a divided Washington.
Obama may still get a bill, but not like the one he and his allies envisioned in December. There won’t be new bans on assault weapons or high-capacity ammunition magazines. Universal background checks have moved from an assumed yes to a wish list item for gun control advocates. Even a new gun trafficking law — the smallest and weakest of the issues — is not a sure thing to pass the Senate. . .
The fate of Obama’s gun control rests on the slim hope that third-party groups can persuade wary lawmakers to support background checks during the two-week congressional recess. Bloomberg is spending $12 million to push background checks, though he conceded on “Meet the Press” that his push is as much about the 2014 midterm elections as it is winning a background checks vote in April.
Rep. Mike Thompson (D-Calif.), leader of the House Democrats’ gun control task force, said passing background checks will require mobilizing existing, but often apathetic, support.
“What we need is more grass-roots efforts by the people that read and listen to news reports, people who want to make sure their neighborhoods are safe,” Thompson said. “There’s great support for passing background checks; we just need to ramp up the enthusiasm for people to go one step forward.”
And Bloomberg will continue to use his billions to push gun control candidates in 2014.

Another dead elephant party traitor to the Constitution.

Dean Heller's extreme makeover.
Five months ago, the Nevada Republican held a key campaign rally at a Las Vegas gun shop to bolster his Second Amendment chops. Now he’s leaning toward support for universal background checks despite objections from the National Rifle Association.

NRA commentators pose dilemma for racist and sexist anti-gunners

The flip side to that coin is, gun owners must then be portrayed as white racists, so we see Politico dismissing NRA’s Wayne LaPierre as a “tired old white guy,” Michael Moore saying 90 percent of guns are owned by “scared white people,” and the National Coalition to Ban Handguns calling me “another white gun nut.” Note that our “crime” is in believing all peaceable humans have a right to keep and bear arms, regardless of our melanin levels. For that, we must be portrayed as racists, and upstarts like Noir must be portrayed as tools.

Collectivist Kulturkampf Continues: Stomping on Jesus.

University Takes Action to Punish Student.
A Florida Atlantic University student who filed a complaint against his professor after he was ordered to stomp on the name of Jesus has been brought up on academic charges by the school and may no longer attend class, according to documents obtained by Fox News.
The “Notice of Charges” against Ryan Rotela is contrary to a statement the university released late Friday night saying no one had been disciplined as a result of the classroom activity. . .
Rotela, a devout Mormon, ran afoul of the university after he refused to participate in a classroom assignment that involved writing the name “Jesus” on a piece of paper – and then stomping on it.
The university initially defended the Christ-bashing lesson which is included textbook titled, “Intercultural Communication: A Contextual Approach, 5th Edition.”
Fox News obtained a synopsis of the lesson taught by Deandre Poole, who also happens to be vice chair of the Palm Beach County Democratic Party.
“Have the students write the name JESUS in big letters on a piece of paper,” the lesson reads. “Ask the students to stand up and put the paper on the floor in front of them with the name facing up. Ask the students to think about it for a moment. After a brief period of silence instruct them to step on the paper. Most will hesitate. Ask why they can’t step on the paper. Discuss the importance of symbols in culture.”

Tuesday, March 26, 2013

More on the racist "anti-racists."

SPLC — 2013 — Still No Minorities at the Top After 42 Years

Another stinking dead elephant party traitor to the Constitution.

Chris Stirewalt at FOX writes that Gun Laws Highlight Deepening Democratic Disarray.
There will be multiple measures on offer in the Senate that could be called an expansion of background checks. One version backed by Sen. Charles Schumer, D-N.Y., would require background checks on every gun purchase, even between individuals, and create a federal registry to track the purchases.
This bill looks unlikely to pass the Senate, let alone the Republican House. It might do better in the Senate than the gun ban, but not much. Not only would the legislation not have done anything to have prevented the shooting that spurred the current gun control push, the massacre in Newtown, Conn., or other recent mass shootings, but it sets off concerns about the registry being the basis for further future restrictions.
But that's okay, because dead elephant party fossil John McCain is riding to their rescue: McCain emerges as key senator in expanding background checks.
Sen. John McCain (R-Ariz.) has emerged as a key player if Senate Democrats are to have any chance of passing legislation to expand background checks for private sales of firearms.
McCain and Sens. Susan Collins (R-Maine) and Dean Heller (R-Nev.) are at the top of a list of Republicans considered most likely to sign on to legislation expanding background checks after talks with Sen. Tom Coburn (R-Okla.) stalled earlier this month.

Retired Military Officer Demands that Federal Agencies End Preparation for War Against US Citizens, Turn Weapons Over to DoD.

"Our Constitution lays out the proper methods of resolving our differences; and it does not include its overthrow by a rogue agency of a Marxist leadership at home."

Paying for a stooge to put his booger hook on the bang switch.

Good Grief… The Man in Bloomberg’s Gun Ad Has His Finger on the Trigger – Never Shot a Gun in His Life

Obama finally manages to create some jobs.

"Gunmakers hiring like crazy."
"Mike Weddle, head of maintenance at Dynamic Research Technologies, an ammunition manufacturer in Albany, Mo., says he is adding 10 new hires to his staff of 35. DRT’s machine operators make between $10 and $17 an hour—a healthy paycheck in a region where it’s tough to find a job and the cost of living is relatively low.
DRT currently cranks out 80,000 bullets per shift and operates two shifts per day. But that’s not enough to meet demand. So Weddle is adding a third manufacturing shift and building an additional facility.
“Demand picked up a year ago—it quadrupled,” he said. “It just went crazy.” He says .223 caliber ammo, which is for semiautomatic rifles, is particularly difficult to keep in stock."

That's it. Some of you bellyachers have finally got on my last nerve.

Received this comment -- one of many recently -- about the Examiner columns of David Codrea and Kurt Hoffman that I post links to:
Once again I slipped up and clicked on the link before I realized that it was another EXAMINER web site. Codrea needs to get a PAYING JOB so we won't be hammered by ADVERTISING every time there is something to read. I don't mind the Subway sandwich ad but the video & audio and popups just get in the way. When a pop-up covers up what I am trying to read I just LOSE IT.
Oh, you POOR babies. As it happens David Codrea HAS a paying job, and it pays damn badly too. He is an Examiner columnist -- and not because he likes the Examiner system. I can say from all the trouble he and others have had with those anal sphincters who run it that I have picked up second-hand over the years that they screw their columnists and make it all but impossible to put out a good product over the objections of their internal censors. David could be making a good income in the private sector doing any number of jobs, so why does he (and others) put up with the bullshit and poor pay? He does it because that's the ONLY way to get the stories out. And what stories he has broken and sustained over the years when no one else would pick them up! Fast and Furious, of course, but what about the Reese's? Ask the Reeses if they think their story was worth a pop-up or two. I could go on and on.
And you poor babies, knowing that sharing an Examiner link is the only way to support such quality work, WON'T EVEN GO THERE BECAUSE YOU MIGHT ENCOUNTER A POP-UP. Oh, woe is you.
GET THIS STRAIGHT. I know about all the problems of the Examiner system for both the writers and the readers and if I put up a link it is because I believe it is important. You want to know why our side has been consistently pushed back in this fight? Because some of us are experts at finding excuses to do nothing. even down to the painless task of sharing a link to support important advocates like Codrea and Hofmann.
"OMG! It's a POP-UP!"

Bloomberg paying millions for power to 'infringe on your freedom'

And now think about Bloomberg's specific wording. He did not say "limit your freedom," or "impose on your freedom." He argues that the government should "infringe on [our] freedom." The word "infringe" appears (in its past tense form) exactly once in the Constitution. "Infringed," according to the supreme law of the land, is exactly what the right of the people to keep and bear arms shall not be.

"Rand Paul and Ted Cruz threaten filibuster on guns."

“We will oppose the motion to proceed to any legislation that will serve as a vehicle for any additional gun restrictions,” the three conservatives wrote in a copy of the signed letter obtained by POLITICO.
Though they don’t use the word “filibuster” in the letter, the conservatives are leaving no doubt that they would filibuster on an initial procedural question — the motion to proceed.
Lee staged a test vote on the issue during consideration of the Senate budget last week. He tried to amend a point of order against gun control legislation to the budget but fell short. It needed a three-fifths supermajority and failed 50-49, needing 60 votes to pass. But the final tally emboldened Lee, Paul and Cruz because they were so close to a majority and a filibuster takes just 41 votes to sustain.

The guy who wants to seize your firearms says you're paranoid for thinking so.

“What the extremists do is spread fear and unrealistic theories of conspiracies and the citizenry that needs to be armed because the government is possibly tyrannical, and they need their arms to defend themselves against the tyrannical government,” Cuomo continued.

Can Cyprus happen here?

Thomas Sowell argues that it already has, you just haven't been paying attention.
Meanwhile, Black Swan author Nassim Nicholas Taleb explains how How Debt Ruins Systems.
The problem we have had in almost all Western countries is that nominally they say they are decentralizing, but effectively they’ve [given] more and more power to the central government. You want decisions to be spread out. Government debt is a result of centralization, and typically the cause of more centralization. It’s a very bad circle.

Droning on.

Drones hang on display in the exposition hall of the Border Security Expo on March 12, 2013 in Phoenix, Arizona. Photo by John Moore/Getty Images
Two stories of interest this morning:
FAA Predicts 10,000 Drones Could Be In the Skies By 2020
A 50-Point Swing Against Targeted Drone Killings of U.S. Citizens
Rand Paul, it seems, has had an effect. Not that opinion polls will stop this regime from killing US when they think the time is right.

If you read nothing else today, read this.

Son, Will You Fire On American Citizens?

Monday, March 25, 2013

Imagine something, say something. Holy Hoplophobia! Man with assault umbrella triggers massive police manhunt, complete with helicopters.

Man carrying umbrella, not rifle, was on his usual route.
A typical Tuesday morning for 42-year-old Michael Di Marzo quickly became a citywide multi-jurisdictional manhunt for him and what witnesses thought was a assault rifle in his hand.
Three schools were locked down and delayed as police scoured the area by ground and air, looking for a man described by a teenage tipster as wearing black clothes and a ski mask.
It wasn’t realized until hours later what was believed to be something along the lines of an AR-15 or AK-47 was more of a AU-15: a 15-inch compact “assault umbrella.”
The “ski mask” was a pulled-up black turtle neck sweater paired with a black watch cap.
However, Gizmodo has this: "The Glorious History of Beating the Crap Out of People With Assault Umbrellas."

Press rushes to ‘exonerate’ DHS as OIG report raises more questions than answers

As with its rush to declare Eric Holder “cleared” upon release of the Department of Justice Office of Inspector General’s report, major media outlets are unquestioningly accepting Department of Homeland Security OIG conclusions from its long-awaited “Fast and Furious” report, strategically pre-released last Thursday to the Los Angeles Times.

Take that, Bloomberg. Serbu Firearms Refuses to Sell .50 Cal Sniper Rifles to NYPD

Good on 'em.
Serbu Firearms, a manufacturer of bolt-action and semi-automatic .50 caliber sniper rifles, is refusing to sell their wares to the NYPD. Their reason, of course, is that owing to unfair gun laws, they will not support law enforcement in New York.
Serbu is one of almost 150 companies that has officially refused to sell to law enforcement in New York following the passage of the SAFE Act, the controversial gun control package that has been met with scorn by gun owners across the nation.
The company posted the NYPD’s inquiry as well as their refusal to their Facebook page, with names omitted. . .
What’s interesting about this is that while Serbu makes a fine firearm and impressive .50 BMG rifles, they’re not a first-tier company in the sniper rifle world and are perhaps best known for their compact Super-Shorty shotguns.
Two of the biggest names in sniper rifles, Barrett and ArmaLite, have already stated that they will not sell to the police departments of New York. If the NYPD is calling Serbu, we have to wonder how many other companies have told them to keep walking.

I guess this makes JPFO anti-semitic. Somehow being called an anti-semite by a demonstrated anti-semite doesn't persuade.

Sharpton & Barnicle Agree: Anti-Semitism Explains Opposition To Bloomberg On Gun Control.
Besides, when somebody of Jewish ancestry renounces the central lessons of his own people's history and becomes a functional Nazi, is it antisemitic to call him a Judenrat?

New York's 'SAFE Act' scores twofer in claiming its first victim

And oh, what a prize for the gun haters this first victim is. You see, not only is he a gun owner, and thus already an enemy in the "progressives'" culture war against Americans, our alleged "gun criminal" is also a war hero and former Marine--and thus doubly an enemy of the anti-gun left.

Go ahead.

Liberty's Choice: Adjust, Collaborate, or Resist

Travelers sometimes stand in awe of nature's beauty or achievements in architecture or the arts. On this trip to Amsterdam, we were confronted with man's choice to do evil or to take a stand for faith and freedom. Choices often come with little warning, but they come to every man, woman, and child when liberty is attacked.

Cyprus: It’s not over yet

Meanwhile, the resolution of Laiki is going to give the world a very real example of what happens when a too-big-to-fail bank is allowed to fail. Laiki is small by global standards, but very large by comparison with Cyprus’s GDP. If Cyprus can survive Laiki’s collapse, then maybe — just maybe — the world could cope with the “resolution” of a big bank like Citigroup. But that’s a very big “if”. More likely, the costs to Cyprus of allowing Laiki to fail will be enormous, both politically and economically.

Speaking of defeatist dead elephants . . .

Kevin Williamson deconstructs dead elephant so-called "conservative" David Frum's latest.

Praxis: "Principles and Basic Technique for Good, Rhythmic Sending of Morse Code by Operating the Hand Key." US Army training film TF11-3697.

International Morse Code: Hand Sending part one of two; 1966 US Army Training Film
International Morse Code: Hand Sending part two of two; 1966 US Army Training Film

Dead Elephant Party defeatism

Cruz: Senate GOP 'beaten down'
“The biggest surprise has been the defeatist attitude of many Republicans in Washington. A lot of Republicans felt beaten down, and that there was nothing they could do to stop the erosion of liberty in this country,” Cruz told The Dallas Morning News in an interview Sunday.

Sunday, March 24, 2013

New York gun snitch line invites abuse

What if I have no probable cause for a search warrant, but I don't want to let the Fourth Amendment get in my way any more than the Second does in NYC? Why not just call in the tip myself, and enjoy a toll-free bypass around the Constitution?

Colorado ist gefallen! Bloomberg's Phony Fudd Ads Run in 13 States

"Colorado ist gefallen!"
"Colorado has fallen, and NYC Mayor Bloomberg's 'Mayors Against Illegal Guns' is rejoicing. And, they are pressing on to destroy gun rights in other states they see as vulnerable."

Back home.

It's a good thing I insisted on taking her to the hospital. When we got there her blood pressure was 84 over 50 and they couldn't even hear it. It was amazing what a difference some IV fluids and meds made. Dehydration in an Addison's patient is no laughing matter. Anyway, we're back home now and trying to catch up on the sleep we lost in the last 24 hours. Thanks for all your prayers.

Keep us in your prayers.

Rosey has apparently contracted a particularly virulent form of stomach flu and as she has preexisting Addison's disease, she is very endangered by dehydration and an inability to take her meds. Up most of the night, we are now headed to the ER. Keep us in your prayers.

Saturday, March 23, 2013

Rewriting history to justify citizen disarmament.

Hitler joins gun debate, but history is in dispute

Canned food and shotguns.

"Well, it's rather brutal here. Right now we are advising all our clients to put everything they've got into canned food and shotguns." -- Brain Gremlin in Gremlins 2, 1990.
How To Protect Your Retirement Assets From The Coming Crash

Logistics: "We're selling everything we make."

Ruger exec sounds off:
Some pertinent quotes:
"Sales rose 52% in the fourth quarter, which translated to an 88% increase in earnings."
"Prices have surged as retailers cash in on the trend. But Ruger (RGR), which sells to wholesalers, does not have plans to hike prices, according to Fifer."
"Perhaps we have left some money on the table by not taking advantage of the demand," he said. Gun buyers have "long memories" and those retailers who are "gouging" consumers will ultimately pay the price, he said."
"Ruger will not be able to replenish its inventories until demand slows down, said Fifer. "We're basically selling everything we make," he said."

The only problem I have with this is that I don't think we'll have until 2014.

For those laughing at Colorado.
A short few years ago, I'd have never thought this could happen here. But liberal anti-gun money and influence is destroying us, and the aim is to do the same to the nation. Nobody is shocked when NY or CA passes more draconian gun laws, but to have it happen here is a major blow to RKBA.

Logistics: Army Awards New M4/M4A1 Contract to FN

FN Manufacturing has outbid Remington Arms Company and Colt Defense LLC., to win a contract worth just under $77 million to make M4A1s for the U.S. Army, according to an industry source. The award notice was posted on Federal Business Opportunities on Feb. 22 with an initial value of $9,370,615.

Collectivist allergy to competing world views is untreatable.

Stanford Kills Popular Course on Free Market

Logistics: What I spent my morning doing.

Reloading .38s on a friend's turret press. You can see I've lost considerable weight since last year -- about 130 pounds all told -- and my clothes are rather too large for me. Still, I cranked off about 400 125 Grain JHPs for the stash. And at the moment, I don't even have a .38. Had to sell it last week. But my theory has always been Guns are easy. Logistics is hard.
"Guns? Guns are easy."

Electrical storm moving in.

Shutting down. More later this afternoon.

Life imitates art. (Well, if Hollywood can be said to produce "art.")

"San Angeles will be the beacon of order with the purity of an ant colony and the beauty of a flawless pearl." — Dr. Raymond Cocteau explaining the Cocteau Plan.
Family resemblance? We report, you decide.
Reader Scott points out that there is an uncanny resemblance between firearm prohibitionist and nanny stater Mike Bloomberg and the evil PC dictator Dr. Cocteau of the 1993 Stallone movie, Demolition Man. He's got a point, don't you think?

More of gun control for thee but not for me.

7 Liberal Hypocrites Who Call For Gun Control While Being Protected By Guns

Gun-Control Laws = 60% More Gun Murders

Excellent analysis. But of course this is not about facts but about Julius Streicher-style propaganda.

Collectivist gun grabbers demand orthodoxy.

Vulnerable senators face lose-lose scenario on assault weapon vote.
“People are not going to say, ‘That’s a tough vote for them, let’s not do anything,’ ” said Josh Horwitz, executive director of the Coalition to Stop Gun Violence. “There is a feeling that to win this thing we need all the Democrats. That means people who are in tough races in 2014 don’t get passes. I would expect issue ads and advocacy for all senators.”

Friday, March 22, 2013

"Grandiose fantasy?" Keep it up Mikey and you'll find out it is neither.

Baby Steps on Gun Control
"Rep. Mike Thompson, Democrat of California, who is a Vietnam veteran and dedicated deer hunter, told us this morning in a meeting at the Times that he was shocked at how much the gun lobby is now dominated by people who think they need to own the same gun the police or the army has so they can protect themselves against tyranny — a grandiose fantasy."

Heck, we ain't even got started yet.

Fury Grows Over Colorado's New Gun Laws

Now this guy, he's serious. Anecdote about Bloomberg's hired guns.

Interesting Interview With Duane Liptak Of Magpul
Magpul met with a number of state legislators during the fight against HB 1224. While Magpul presented facts and legal opinions as well as stressing the economic repercussions of the bill, this didn't seem to make any headway with a number of the Democrats. Mr. Liptak noted that every time they went to the state capitol, they always ran into lobbyists from Bloomberg and MAIG. He said they were everywhere. It is a sad day when a New York billionaire can buy a western state legislature so easily. It reminds one of the railroad barons in Frank Norris' The Octopus so dominated California of the late 19th century.
Will somebody please remember to put Bloomberg at the head of the war crimes trial list? I don't expect to be around to see it, but he certainly is going to deserve it if he gets the civil war he's soliciting.

Yeah, well maybe he's serious and maybe he isn't.

'Colt' gun manufacturer threatens to abandon Connecticut if the state imposes stricter gun law.

Quislings with badges. We've got 'em here in Alabama, too.

Ala. gun reform bill 'dangerous to law enforcement,' Mobile County sheriff says.

Police Departments Beg And Barter For Ammo While DHS Buys Up 1.6 Billion Rounds In Past Year

Arthur says he is waiting on an order placed last October and that many departments have begun to trade and barter with each other because of the high demand. "Most police departments are having a very difficult time even getting the necessary ammunition for handguns, shotguns and especially rifles," Arthur said.

DHS Fast and Furious OIG report fed to Los Angeles Times, not to public

That the report exists, but that Americans are forced to rely on The Los Angeles Times’ interpretation of what it says rather than being able to read it for themselves, should be something that concerns citizens and legislators alike -- particularly after seeing how an administration operative who dismissed the Holder bar complaint as “specious [and] frivolous” was the same one feeding Fast and Furious talking points to the ultra-left Media Matters.

Bans of so-called 'assault weapons' may not hold up to Supreme Court scrutiny

Furthermore, if the Court does hear such a case, and sides with the forcible citizen disarmament lobby, the fight--the real fight, when the statists' "cold war" against gun ownership goes hot--will only then begin. Still, when the chance remains to settle the issue without killing anyone, morality demands pursuing that chance.

More later.

Overslept. Will have more later when I get back.

Just keep pumping that military equipment out into the hinterland where the armed citizenry can get its hands on it when it needs to.

Davis County's BearCat: Excessive or defensive?

The island of misfit objects

An obscure reference to Defoe. I love it.

Thursday, March 21, 2013

Now we have the DHS version of whitewash.

New 'Fast and Furious' report finds DHS warning signs ignored.

Chief’s ‘easy machine gun conversion’ challenge unanswered after three years

“Please, Chief Pillo, show us how easy it is to convert a pump action shotgun into a full-auto machine gun."

Atlantic Wire suggests NRA threatened from surprising direction

Regardless, the NRA had might as well embrace the "printed gun" revolution, because like the government, it will be powerless to stop it. And that's a good thing.

Gun ban advocates must decide if they're willing--and able--to kill 50,000,000+

Who is going to disarm us? Who is going to kill us, to make that possible? Here's something to think about before you answer. There are not enough jackbooted thugs to make it happen. There are not even enough grave diggers to bury the JBTs who might try.

Child-Snatchers and Gun-Grabbers Unite

That makes perfect sense, if the terms “prudent and wise” are functional synonyms for “totalitarian.” If you have children and guns, you should expect to attract the malevolent interest of state functionaries who are eager to grab both.
Also, from David Codrea: Photo of trained child with gun prompts police visit to N.J. home.
“People it can happen that fast,” Moore told the forum participants. “Most people wouldn't have stood up to them like I did.”
Indeed. And until more of us do, the bureaucrats and enforcers will continue to act like our function is to serve them.