Monday, March 25, 2013

Go ahead.


Anonymous said...

They are kicking it right now.

Anonymous said...

These ammo manufaturers better wake up to who supported them thru the good times, and who will remember this forever.

Gun owners have a very very long memory, and will not forget these traitorist acts.
Same goes for all these “out door stores” gouging in the prices for what they do have to sell.

I have made a pact that if i see a store gouging on thier prices, I will not buy a dam thing from them, period. And it needs to hurt thier bottom line.Please get on board with this and send the message.

Also ..Funny how the Government has left all these police departments neutered without adequate supplies of ammo, they have left THEIR first line of defense with no way to thug their way around, and invade and userp OUR Coppers..whos side are you on now?..seems your government has turned its back on you as they have its Citizen tax(wadge) payers…welcome to the party pal’s.

Time to wake the F up thin blue line. Aint it nice getting screwed by your own?..pick a side, ’cause its coming hard and fast..yes I know my smugness isnt going to be liked, but its not my fault who you chose to serve.

Remember the Constitution and your Oath..and remember how your jackboots have stomped upon it, most of us will remember how you position yourselfs from this time forward.
choice is wise

Anonymous said...

But I didn't know it was FULL of hornets!

It's not FAIR!

Hey! They ain't hornets ... thems bullets ...