Saturday, March 30, 2013

Obama Joins Bloomberg’s Squeeze Play on Senate Dems.

Well, maybe not much of a squeeze.
Obama can either choose to join Bloomberg in the squeeze play on Senate Democrats, thereby risking the rest of his agenda, or he can retreat again into vast clouds of words, signaling that he’s more interested in passing something that can be called gun control than in passing gun control itself.
With his approval ratings on the slide, the nation growing more pessimistic and the prospect of an all-Republican Congress now a reality, the latter looks more likely.

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Anonymous said...

An all republican congress would be a GREAT way to spend the Marxist Messiah's last 2 years,before he's sent packing.

Hell,THEY KNEW they'd be pissing off alot of people who were content with sitting on the fence during the 2012 election,people who didn't bother to vote because all they felt they'd be getting if they did was a Republican Obama.

The left can continue to delude itself by claiming that their Grand Vizier has a "mandate from the people",when in reality its only an agenda he and they wish to stuff down our throats.

Obamacare will prove to be the economic and bureaucratic boondoggle it is,it will be defunded and amended into obscurity or repealed outright.
But unlike obamacare,which can in general be said to have pissed off alot of people but yet is generally avoidable if you can figure your taxes right,this renewed assault on the Second Amendment has woken the sleeping giant.

Good job libturds.

We knew you couldn't resist.