Tuesday, March 26, 2013

If you read nothing else today, read this.

Son, Will You Fire On American Citizens?


Anonymous said...

Put yourself in their shoes. If you have been a cop for, say 18 years, and you were going to lose your pension if you disobeyed an order, would you fire on us? I'm betting most would. Many cops are indeed good guys, but when push comes to shove on their financial future and its effect on their families, I'll bet most would rationalize that firing on us is okay. When faced with the morality of doing something, it is human nature to rationalize that it would be alright, especially if they're ordered to do it by their employers. Be prepared.
- Old Greybeard

Anonymous said...

If they do the wrong thing, they will put themselves and their families in a worse position than if they did the right thing and got fired. They will be traitors to their oaths and to the people. They will be remembered, but not in an honorable way or a way they would like.

Anonymous said...

Perhaps 'they' should put themselves in OUR shoes and consider what it is so many of us will be giving up because of them and their enforcing unConstitutional laws.
They're concerned about pensions? Really? And 'we' aren't?
They've had their jobs 18 (whatever) years and don't want to lose it? Really? And 'we' aren't?
They have families to feed and care for and can't afford to lose their geatpao job? Really? And what do 'we' have- empty nests and hatchlings?
If they're going to be concerned with what they're taking a chance of losing by NOT taking away our rights, perhaps they should consider what they're taking from us by taking our rights.
That kind of 'poor poor 'them'' BS doesn't even enter the equation. Piss on them and their pension if they want to remove my rights.

Skip said...

Pulled up beside a local cop at a light.
Asked him if he would enforce DiFi's law if passed.
He was squishy for a moment, (not knowing if I was for it or against it), when the light changed he said " It will hurt the good guy's".
There is a glimmer of hope out there.

Anonymous said...

LEO's federal, state and local who are so concerned at the prospect of losing their pensions if they refuse to carry out unlawful orders should also keep in mind the very real possibility that they may not see those pensions if they DO carry out those orders.

Maybe their family will be provided with survivor benefits. Assuming of course they they themselves are still around to collect them.

Once the genie of civil war is out of the bottle, all bets are off.

If I were a LEO, I'd quit the force at the outset of hostilities out of concern for the safety of my wife and child.

Pension concerns be damned. Dead men don't get pensions.

Rick said...

Soldiers probably wouldn't fire on "Americans," but they would very likely fire on "terrorists," "imminent threats," or "law breakers" -- which is how the rest of us would almost certainly be described.

Deception is a big part of any war, and if you don't think it will be used against our own soldiers, please review your history...