Friday, March 22, 2013

Yeah, well maybe he's serious and maybe he isn't.

'Colt' gun manufacturer threatens to abandon Connecticut if the state imposes stricter gun law.

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Anonymous said...

Colt Mfg. has a 175-year history in the Connecticut River Valley . I'd hate to see Colt move. A company is primarily its employees and Colt has multiple generations of tradition and work ethos it has created over 175 years. Not an easy thing to abandon.

I'm sure it will work hardship upon Colt's 600+ employees to have to pack up and move. Some will. Some won't. But it seem political expediency has created a fork in the road driving Colt's owners, (hence their CEO), to seriously examine other available options. If Colt leaves the Mohawk, CT taxpayers can only blame themselves and their elected officialdom. >Jeff