Saturday, March 30, 2013

Gosh, I hope so.

Will a Tea Party Challenger Threaten McConnell?


Anonymous said...

And remember everybody Mitch is the most Ant-gun senator in the republican party. He has run un-opposed for so long he thinks he "owns" his seat. And Ashly has droped out of the race as not even Uber-left Gov. Brasheer (D. Ky) wants the bitch on the ballot. The ONLY one that did want her was Our own Rump Ranger and Super Fag Boy Lt.Gov. Jerry Abramson (D. Louisville) AKA Mayor For Life Jerry The Farrie. At this point Mitch is a shoe in in the commonwealth as the only people running are democrats and dumbasses, and that's just the way Mitch likes it.

SWIFT said...

I think it was Rand Paul who recently referred to McCain and Lindsey Graham as "mossbacks". (Love that term.) Mitch fits into this category as well. The only time they show fight and drive is when they are pushing in the wrong direction. The Republic is in dire straights. We need firebrands who will attack the status quo. To hell with civil dialog, go along to get along, crossing the aisle and talking out both sides of their mouths. We need attack dogs in the 2014 election, if we last long enough to get there.