Friday, March 29, 2013

The Way They Weren't.

Bernardine Rae Dohrn . . . born January 12, 1942, is an Associate Professor of Law at Northwestern University School of Law and the immediate past Director of Northwestern's Children and Family Justice Center. Dohrn was a leader of the Weather Underground, a group that was responsible for the bombing of the United States Capitol, the Pentagon, and several police stations in New York. As a member of the Weather Underground, Dohrn read a "Declaration of a State of War" against the United States government, and was placed on the FBI's 10 Most Wanted list, where she remained for three years. She is married to Bill Ayers, a co-founder of the Weather Underground, who was formerly a tenured professor at the University of Illinois at Chicago.In a speech during the December 1969 "War Council" meeting organized by the Weathermen, attended by about 400 people in Flint, Michigan, Dohrn said, "Dig it. First they killed those pigs, then they ate dinner in the same room with them, then they even shoved a fork into the pig Tate's stomach! Wild!" In greeting each other, delegates to the war council often spread their fingers to signify the fork. -- Wikipedia.
"Without the struggles of the 60s ... there would be no President Obama." -- Bernardine Dohrn.
This link came to me from a regular reader and supporter of Sipsey Street with the following comment: "Joe McCarthy was right. Hollywood REALLY IS full of communists & radicals. Bill Ayers must be laughing his bomb-building head off."
“Actor-director Robert Redford used his opening address at the Sundance film festival last night to add to the pressure on Hollywood to rein in its depiction of gun violence in the wake of the Newtown school massacre,” the London Guardian reported in January.
The Guardian failed to mention that Redford’s next film, due out in American theaters early next month, is a homage to Bill Ayers and the Weather Underground. When it played the Venice Film Festival in September, Time magazine gave it a boffo review . . .
Later: Michelle Malkin on The Bloody Company Hollywood Keeps.
Tinseltown cheerleaders can't stop gushing about Redford's paean to gun-toting progressives, of course. Variety called the flick an "unabashedly heartfelt but competent tribute to 1960s idealism." The entertainment daily effused: "There is something undeniably compelling, perhaps even romantic, about America's '60s radicals and the compromises they did or didn't make." One of the film executives promoting the Weather Underground movie slavered: "This is an edge-of-your-seat thriller about real Americans who stood for their beliefs, thinking they were patriots and defending their country's ideals against their government."
Of course this isn't the first apologia to communist operations in the United States involving Redford. Anybody else remember the The Way We Were starring Redford and Barbra Streisand? A more truthful and fitting drama would be one based on Whittaker Chambers' book Witness. Not that Hollywood would ever attempt THAT.


SWIFT said...

Just like me, many of these lefties are getting long in the tooth. Once they have passed from the scene, they will be irrelevant. Remember decades ago all the left-wing adoration of Che Guevara? Anyone even heard or read a thing about him recently? The shitbags will pass.

Anonymous said...

Are these "revolutionaries" still on the FBI wanted list? If not that, is there a bounty on their heads? Maybe show them the results of what a REAL (shooting) revolution is like. Guaranteed they won't like it.

B Woodman

bondmen said...

Universities are pumping out new copies as we speak, progressivism and collectivism is alive and well on government funded campuses around our land. Frank Marshall Davis may be Barry's real father and Bill Ayres wrote his autobiography. But wait, there's more, a whole lot more:

Anonymous said...

As I recall, there was a big picture of Che Guevara displayed prominently on the wall of one of Obama's campaign headquarters. A photo showing it was all over the net at the time. I think it was during the 2008 campaign. That lets us know who supports this communist we have in the White House. Tributes to Che are still very much in evidence.
- Old Greybeard

Anonymous said...

The problem is the legacy of control and infrastructure that will be left behind, to be used by any future tyrant/s, against our children.

They are wilfully destroying the constitution and bill of rights as well as everything any of our founders left us. This includes the very idea of a God or anything moral or principled.

They haven't done these things without a reason and what they have done empowers the few against the interests of the many.

William Flatt said...

Swift, you may be right, but if the grim reaper doesn't come and collect these traitorous pukes first, they need to be kept on the list of those who need to be called upon when the day of settling accounts arrives.

CowboyDan said...

So where's this movie playing when? Might be worth going to the premier, don't you think?

Sure to be a lot of interesting people there, you know.