Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Can Cyprus happen here?

Thomas Sowell argues that it already has, you just haven't been paying attention.
Meanwhile, Black Swan author Nassim Nicholas Taleb explains how How Debt Ruins Systems.
The problem we have had in almost all Western countries is that nominally they say they are decentralizing, but effectively they’ve [given] more and more power to the central government. You want decisions to be spread out. Government debt is a result of centralization, and typically the cause of more centralization. It’s a very bad circle.


WarriorClass III said...

Banking theft has been going on here for 100 years. Every time the Federal Reserve prints more money, they are stealing purchasing power from every dollar you have and earn. This all began with the fraudulent Federal Reserve Act of 1913 which was passed on Christmas eve of that year when most of congress and the senate were at home with their families, and a cabal of "representatives" pushed this through and was signed by Woodrow Wilson, who was controlled by the banksters. End the FED!

Gunny G said...

They've already destroyed the dollar. It is down 97% since 1913.

Precious metals like lead and brass will be the future currency.