Friday, March 29, 2013

Analysis of the rise of Mexican self-defense militias.

Vigilante Standoff Highlights Mexico Security Dilemma

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Anonymous said...

Good analysis. Looks at all the sordid threads that make the whole fabric we see depicted in various media reports.

Rural Mexico has descended (is evolving?) into medieval/barbarous fiefdoms. The central government seems powerless and unable to assert any lasting authority or control over the various competing elements.

Now, they're exporting/importing it to the U.S. Nice. Thanks for nothing Mexico.

With events in Mexico and all through Central and South America, can't be a better time to up-arm and prepare our communities to combat what will inevitably come to us within a decade.

Sure as hell fire, our own central government seems to be encouraging the chaos from Mexico to erupt here. No need to even ask WHY or speculate. Just get ready!

The next 3.5 years will see an accelerated program for creating chaos in the border states and extending it along the drug routes right into the heartlands. We can count on that!

God Speed America