Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Paying for a stooge to put his booger hook on the bang switch.

Good Grief… The Man in Bloomberg’s Gun Ad Has His Finger on the Trigger – Never Shot a Gun in His Life


A SImple Man said...

the whole bloomberg thing makes me puke. I should hope that anytime he is seen in pubic with his Waffen SS armed goons that people call that ny safe gun snitch line and jam the whole works up. If they want to carry on we need to jam the works up like the Dutch did with their "sabot"

Anonymous said...

Unless this is a very unusual pump and the trigger is directly under the rear of the ejection port - his finger is not on the trigger.

Anonymous said...

The pick-up truck, flannel shirt, dog-eared ball cap, and last but not least - the neatly trimmed yet rugged beard and mustache. All hallmarks of a bona fide "good 'ol boy". I wonder how long it took Bloomturd's hired think-tank to come up with this cliché?

Apparently, they feel that progressives from the Northeast and West Coast really are this easily duped.

Can no one find out who this hired actor is and thus expose this bullshit propaganda for what it is?

Good grief.

Anonymous said...

Fairfax is going to have to bring their pink poodle from the John Kerry ads out of retirement.

Anonymous said...

This Ain't Hell had the same video posted over the weekend. And out of all the responses, I don't think a one noticed the booger hook/bang switch connection. Interesting, from a military web site.

Here's my reply:
#1- If it comes out of Bloomin’idiots mouth, it’s a lie.
#2- And with Bloomin’idiot’s money behind it, it’s a big lie.

I detect the stench of a Hollywierd staged scenerio. Rent an authentic set location, and a few extras to romp in the background. Hire an unknown actor, dress him in authentic worn costume, put a prop in his hands and give him teleprompter lines to read. Ta daaaa. A sound bite that will fool the local fly-over country yokels, and cause them to flood their Kongress Kritter’s phone lines and emails. Said KK’s are now persuaded that their constituants want registered background checks, and vote for it. Bill passes and is signed into law by El Prez. Libtard elitists problem solved!

Well, all I have to say is, FUCK YOU!! Not only NO, but Fuckin’Hell No!

B Woodman

flylow said...

Appears to be the front of the trigger guard to me, but still an equally bad idea to go fondling anything in that general area.
Overall the ad looks like someone with nary a clue said, "Hey this is an anti-gun spot so let's fake everybody out and have the guy holding a gun. They'll totally fall for it!" Problem is that many will. Disappointing, but not surprising. Regardless of if it is Hollywood or not, they should have had a "weapons expert" of some sort on the set. That person should be located, too.

Cameraman said...

Another Liberal "FUDD" actor, the first time the Fools ever held a Firearm..Bet on It..Bloomturd fools nobody but low information Obama type voters, and Bleeding Hearts!

Semper Fi

Happy D said...

If he is an actor we could help keep his coworkers safe by ripping those offending fingers off.

William Flatt said...

Guys, if you look closely at a still of this video, the actor has his finger on the front of the trigger guard. This is a non-issue over a 3rd-rate piece of agitprop.

Don't add oxygen to the fire.