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The Retreat to Identity

As John McWhorter wrote in Time magazine, by the time the grand jury handed down its non-indictment the original narrative about Ferguson could only survive with “a degree of elision” and “adjustment.” Which meant, predictably, that the potential for consensus receded, and how people felt about the story became primarily a matter of identification instead.

CNN is lying when they say Ferguson protests were ‘peaceful’

More from the Collectivist News Network.

Well, well. My old communist buddies raise their ugly heads in Ferguson.

Long-time readers will recall some of my reminiscences of the time in my life that I now call "My Benedict Arnold Period." Others may recall my talk on the same subject here.
Well, it seems that as no idea, good or evil, ever truly dies, and useful idiots are grown for every generation, you can once again meet one of the public faces of the killer tomatoes of the Progressive Labor Party.
The poster asks: "When will the black community realize they’re being used as tools by Marxist and communist organizers?" Hey, the PLP has been playing this card for decades now. Don't expect them to quit anytime soon. As far as the useful idiots in the black community, well, as Mrs. Gump always said, "Stupid is as stupid does."

By popular demand, another hat available for purchase.

Like the previous fund raising hat offer, these will be $20 each, with $5 shipping and handling for the first hat and $2.50 per hat thereafter on multiple orders. As neither will be ready for shipment until this coming week, if you wish to have a previous order for one of the "Fight Tyranny" hats changed to "100 Heads," drop me an email.

Modern day slaves in Britain

An official now says there could be as many as 13,000 people who live functionally as slaves in modern Britain. It's a figure four times that of previous estimates. These include domestic workers, women forced into prostitution, as well as field, factory and fishing boat workers, according to the UK Telegraph.

‘Progressives’ with environmental objections to guns silent on amnesty impacts

If the Brady Campaign had standing to sue on such flimsy grounds, it seems likely a different advocacy group would have standing to sue on more substantial ones. Citizens who oppose an imperial presidency fundamentally transforming their Republic and their rights didn't start this, but they still can’t escape the personal impacts, so an “Any chair in a bar fight” response would seem more than justified.

"When Police Failed In Ferguson, Two Very Different Militias Kept the Peace"

When there is a failure of civility and law enforcement is overwhelmed, it is We, the People who must rise up and provide security for our communities. These two very different groups, with very different backgrounds, must have made our Founding Fathers very proud.
See also: Police shut down mysterious 'Oath Keepers' guarding rooftops in downtown Ferguson

Making a list and checking it twice.

A special deal for all you Zombie Apocalypse/Walking Dead fans: 5-Pc. Grab Bag of New South American Machetes.
One of the commenters at this link observes: "If you want to buy more than one pack of machetes do it in seperate orders and use the coupon code for the free shipping and 10 dollar coupon, you'll get a 10 dollar coupon for each order. I ordered two packs in seperate orders and got two 10 dollar coupons."

Poor baby. That old turnabout is fair play thing.

COPS: NYT Reporter Who Published #DarrenWilson Address Calling Cops Nonstop

The Few, The Proud, The Irregulars

I mention all this because I find it very, very interesting that Mike, as an ex-communist, is targeted by Media Matters and the White House. What is it about Mike Vandergoegh’s blog that requires attacking by the admin and its minions?


Exhausted, but home. More later.

Friday, November 28, 2014

Obama continues as the world's premier arms salesman.

Bless his collectivist dictator's heart.


Part One.
Part Two.

Well, there goes my Black Friday.

No .22 Long Rifle ammo specials to be had in central Ohio. Not that I could discover. Oh, well. Ironically, there were several in the Birmingham area, but the guy who I tasked to pick some up turns out to have overslept. And this is the guy who wants to marry my oldest daughter. I told his father the other day that he met my minimum standards: a. He loves her. B. She loves him. C. He's a hard worker. D. He can shoot. E. He would, I have no doubt, take a bullet for her. But if he can't even be trusted to pick up a box of .22 Long Rifle, I may have to reconsider.

Now that's just plain funny. Welfare Terrorists: Arrested NBP Members Couldn’t Buy Bomb With Depleted EBT Card.

Sources close to the investigation were uncertain whether the men had the capability to carry out the plans, although the two allegedly did buy what they thought was a pipe bomb in an undercover law enforcement sting. The men wanted to acquire two more bombs, the sources said, but could not afford to do it until one suspect’s girlfriend’s Electronic Benefit Transfer card was replenished.

Thursday, November 27, 2014

John has a long mustache. Safe as a bug in a rug in Buckeye land.

Stand down, my dear 100 Heads friends, I am still alive. I will be having a belated T'giving dinner with my mother tomorrow and will be free to do a meet-n-greet either Friday evening or Saturday morn. Email me if you want to get together. Am using a borrowed computer and will try to do some posting by about mid-morning tomorrow. Hope y'all had a blessed Thanksgiving. Do not forget Who it is we give thanks to.

Have a blessed Thanksgiving, my fellow Three Percenters.

I will be in Central Ohio -- briefly -- late today, Friday and part of Saturday. If you are in the Columbus area and are not mugged on Black Friday, drop me an email and maybe we can chat -- briefly -- within that window. As for you black-bag-job types who are tempted to stay on the clock this holiday, the guy you see moving around in my house is the house sitter and, yes, he's armed. So are the neighbors. And the cameras are up and running. Sorry to disappoint you. ;-)

Some of you need to take a breath.

It is possible to condemn rioting and lawlessness in the streets without embracing the militarized police state.
It is also possible to call into question the righteousness of Wilson's use of deadly force without embracing arson and pillage.
These are not mutually exclusive propositions.

Oh, give it a rest for one day, can't you? Geez, these people are as relentless as rust.

Everytown for Gun Safety Releases Gun Control Talking Points for Thanksgiving Dinner

Well, the bastard meets MY definition of "domestic enemy."

“The thing I resent most,” Ensley told this column, “is that somehow I am a traitor to America. You can have a different opinion about America and still love it.”

Obama compares pardoning turkeys to executive order on immigration

“Today, I’m taking an action fully within my legal authority,” the president remarked in a seeming mocking dig at critics of his policy of allowing federal law to be flouted and rewarding those who break it. “I know some will call this amnesty, but don’t worry, there’s plenty of turkey to go around.”

Wednesday, November 26, 2014

Judge voids his own judgment in ATF lawsuit

What? Did the judge have a liaison with a sheep in his FBI file?

Turnabout seen as fair play for publishing Ferguson Officer Wilson's home street

It’s obvious the practice of providing physical addresses of people for whom anger exists can heighten physical dangers. Real risks also exist that persons with the same or similar names could be targeted instead. Likewise, the lives and homes of neighbors of Officer Wilson have now been put at risk by The Times' decision to narrow the hunt for him by those bent on murderous revenge, upping the probabilities for expanded violence and further rage-fueled confrontations with authorities.

A little deficient in the rabble-rousing agent provocateur role. His FBI handlers ought to cut his pay.

Listen As a Portland Protestor Makes a Bold Claim About Darren Wilson and the KKK — Then Watch How the Other Protestors React

Turnabout IS fair play.

That didn't take long.
Why Can’t We Publish Addresses Of New York Times Reporters?

"Rioting as a planned event." Ferguson: Thanks for the reminder about the need for an armed citizenry.

While Darlena Cunha writes in Time magazine a spirited "Defense of Rioting," Pravda-on-the-Potomac presents us with an analysis piece"Ferguson violence broke the mold in three ways — one of which is just unfolding no."
Monday night’s reaction to a grand jury’s decision not to indict the Ferguson police officer who killed an unarmed young black man in August consisted of peaceful protest in some places and vandalism and looting in others — a burst of violence so widely and persistently predicted that it seemed as much self-fulfilling prophecy as organic expression of rage.
Spontaneous or organized, riots have sporadically pierced the social compact through two and a half centuries of this country’s struggles over equality and opportunity. But August’s violence in Ferguson broke the mold in three important ways — one of which is just unfolding now. These were rare suburban riots, racial violence coming to the very place where many Americans — both white and black — had fled after the urban unrest of the 1960s. These were the most significant explosions of racial frustration since the election of the nation’s first black president, and so Ferguson forced the country out of the fantasy that America had entered a “post-racial” era.
Finally, what distinguishes Ferguson from the crowded historical catalogue of racially-motivated street violence is what has happened in recent weeks: The unseemly buildup to the announcement of the grand jury’s conclusion that no crime was committed in the shooting death of 18-year-old Michael Brown has produced an expectation of ugliness.
What occurred Monday night — and may continue in the days ahead — is rioting as planned event
, so pervasively predicted, so extensively prepared for as to obscure the power and meaning of the protests.
What did the experience teach anyone watching? First, that no particularly good excuse is necessary to spark social breakdown. Any old reason will do, imagined or not. Second, that the health and well-being of the cops is more precious to them than that of the citizenry (protecting the public buildings, especially police headquarters while the rest of the town burned). Third, that the health and well-being of the rioters, looters and arsonists was more precious to the cops and those who ordered them about than the lives and property of the citizenry of Ferguson, black and white.
Thank you, authorities of Missouri, for making our case about the armed citizenry.

Nothing like losing power to bring out the tetchy side of a collectivist appetite-in-a-suit.

Chuck Schumer joins criticism chorus

“Gentle Ben” Carson Strikes Out On Guns and Self-Defense


U.S. Navy SEALs Sure Like Their Quiet Pistols

"Sea commandos have had some iconic silenced handguns."

"Along West Florissant . . . about 20 men with handguns and AR-15 rifles stood around the perimeter of the parking lot, guarding the dozen or so stores."

Businesses burn, police cars torched as violence 'much worse' than August
"Along West Florissant just north of 270, in Greystone Plaza, about 20 men with handguns and AR-15 rifles stood around the perimeter of the parking lot, guarding the dozen or so stores. . ."
"They estimated that 100 cars had come by throughout the night, seemingly to check the place out, but turned away. . ."
"Mike Cross, the owner of St. Louis Ink at the plaza, said: “There's nothing in this strip mall open, so you're going to get scrutinized.”

Obama’s DREAMer poster girl portends nightmare for gun owners

And what do the Reconqui... uh... PLANistas think about gun rights? They’re stumping for so-called “background checks,” that is, for the billionaire-funded confiscation-enabling registration fraud. Even gun owners in their ranks are all for more mandates and controls, like “Left-leaning political activist Launce Rake,” who opposes Constitutional carry.

Tuesday, November 25, 2014

"We're coming for your guns. And someday, we'll take them." Another tyrannical collectivist moron fails to think through the Law of Unintended Consequences.

Gerald Ensley wearing a nice necktie.
Stop the insanity: Ban guns
I'm not talking about gun control. I'm not talking about waiting periods and background checks. I'm talking about flat-out banning the possession of handguns and assault rifles by individual citizens. I'm talking about repealing or amending the Second Amendment to the U.S. Constitution.
The author, one Gerald Ensley, has helpfully provided his phone number, 599-2310 (presumably area code 850, which is Tallahassee) and his email address, Now don't threaten the little wannabe tyrant, but a reminder of the wages of tyranny historically would perhaps not be amiss.
Julius Streicher. a "journalist" of similar stripe, with a different kind of necktie.

Once again we see that timing is everything and preparations delayed are preparations denied.

“Did you notice the tractor trailer back there to our loading dock?” the man asked the woman, who responded with an affirmative. “All the guns are already packed in, and we’re taking all the pawns out of here too, just to protect our customers’ merchandise.”

Monday, November 24, 2014

Scott Walker trial balloon from NRA director ignores amnesty danger

The problem is, GOA is alone among national gun rights advocacy organizations to make the connection, and to insist it be a factor in determining whether or not a politician truly supports the right to keep and bear arms. Why the “gun control” groups keep quiet about illegal immigration is understandable. Those in it for the long haul, who hope and believe Americans can be disarmed within a generation, recognize that this can give them an unbeatable political majority within a decade or two, to remake the legislatures and courts and reverse all the legislative and judicial victories gun owners have gained to date. But why the National Rifle Association has avoided recognizing and warning members of this real threat, opting to avoid it altogether with a “single issue” explanation, is harder to understand.

Hands up! Don't shoot, er, ah, loot!

More on the path of principled social justice front: Violence in Ferguson after no indictment announced

Hat fundraiser update.

Some ugly old man wearing my hat.
Okay. I was a busy little wolverine today. Have got the first 100 hats contracted for and the first 40 will be available to ship the week after Thanksgiving. Price will be $20 each. Shipping will be via USPS and is set at $5.00 for first hat and $2.50 per additional hat in the same order. Send cash, money order or check made out to Mike Vanderboegh, PO Box 926, Pinson AL 35126. For those of you who have already used PayPal, you should have received an answering email. If you didn't get that confirmation, send me an email back.

In Washington and Elsewhere, Defiance is Proper Response to "Gun Control"

"Freedom begins with an act of defiance."

Fund Raising Idea. Three Percenter ball cap

I have three trips to make on the schedule before the first of the year. One a lightning visit later this week to Ohio, a second to Texas and the third to Washington state, It was suggested to me by a friend that I should sell some of these to raise traveling expense money:
The Ohio trip is covered. Not so Texas or Washington state. His suggestion is to sell them for $20.00 plus postage. Do you think there's a market for them? As far as payment, my PayPal is back working again IF you enter my email manually, yourself. No explanation yet from PayPal as to why the link was screwing up or why it was refusing payments. What great customer service. Anyway, what do you think? Is there a market for the hat?

Homeschooling family tasered, arrested after being accused of having a ‘messy’ house

“All too often, law enforcement officers and child-welfare workers act as if the Fourth Amendment does not apply to CPS investigations. They are wrong. The Fourth Amendment is a legal shield that protects people from exactly the kind of mistreatment the Hagans endured,” the organization writes.

Newly Uncovered Memo Shows How Holder Got Prepped to Mislead the American People on Fast & Furious

Or if that’s not easily doable, you could find a way to “run into” a couple of reporters on your way to something. Maybe Pete Williams, Carrie, Pete Yost — that part can be managed.

They sure do like their grenades, don't they? Makes 'em feel like hero soljers, I guess.

A 2-year-old California boy was burned and traumatized by a police smoke bomb in a botched “no-knock” raid at the wrong home, his family claims in a lawsuit. . . The Salinas family seeks damages for assault, battery, trespass, false imprisonment and infliction of emotional distress from the botched raid. The raid occurred at 4 a.m. on April 16 while the family was sleeping.

In interviews, Finland’s leaders see peril in standoff between Russia and the West

"They were testing how we'd react. But accidents might happen."


New level of Fox News dominance demands analysis, not dismissal

Sunday, November 23, 2014

Behind enemy lines. Report on the CT trip. A Lesson in Humility, and Resistance. A note to Malloy & Lawlor: You screwed up. Be sure when you shove somebody off the fence that you know which side he's going to land on.

It's been a week since I came back from Connecticut. The trip was a lesson in humility and resistance. I was convinced on Friday evening that it was a disaster all of my own making. By Saturday night, I had been humbled and inspired -- by my own mistakes and the stout determination of those I met to resist tyranny. Here's what I wrote in my journal notes of Friday afternoon. I headed it: "A Cluster Coital Trip So Far."
Schedules off by a mile, computer failures, screw-ups in communication, all can be laid directly or indirectly at my door. That said, there are a number of people here on our own side who don't want me here (and yes they are on our side).
I am viewed as too radioactive, controversial, whatever. I am loathe to criticize them for I have the luxury of speaking my mind and leaving, whereas they are stuck facing the beast long after I will be more or less safe in free Alabama.
The ad hoc way this was organized (or I should say disorganized) may make the entire exercise a waste of time. For that I have only myself to blame although at each turn I made B.A.D. decisions -- "Best Available Data." The failure to issue the press release in a timely fashion was forced by the uncertainties of travel, venues and timing which in turn were dictated by the uncertainties of funding. Even when things came together it was evident that I was two steps behind. Still I remain convinced that I need to be here even if the failures of planning and execution are all my own.
In retrospect, I will be hesitant to risk the waste of volunteer resources without a willing host on the ground. Lesson learned, but again the fault is mine and not theirs. Perhaps I'm being prematurely pessimistic and tomorrow will prove the opposite. We'll see.
I wrote that while sitting in Panera Bread after talking with Professor Robert Churchill for a few hours. We exchanged books. He gave me a signed copy of his To Shake Their Guns in the Tyrant's Face, and gave him a copy of Sharyl Attkisson's Stonewalled, with the notation "I didn't write this, but I AM in it." He also brought me some leftover paperwork to sign from when he interviewed me and obtained copies of some of my militia files, which he will be donating to an archive.
We talked about current events and he spoke of the clash between the "urban class" and the "country class." Connecticut, he believed was irretrievably "urban class." I commented that if this clash of world views was carried to its logical conclusion, that states such as Connection would see something that could be described as, if not ethnic cleansing, then certainly political cleansing.
After he left, it occurred to me that what Malloy, Commissar Lawlor and their ilk were doing was forcing folks to choose sides. I was reminded of the old truism in Southern politics that when you endeavor to shove somebody off the fence, you should know in advance what side they will land on. I reflected grimly that the proto-tyrants of Connecticut were trying to do just that -- to shove their opponents behind prison wire. But then, it occurred to me, wire -- and fire -- works both ways.
I jotted those notes above after Professor Churchill left, and read them to Rosey as we waited for folks who didn't show up. She asked me, "Are you going to post that?" I said that I might. She counseled me not to, saying that I should await Saturday's events. "Folks have a right to know how I screwed this up," I countered. Still, she insisted, I should wait to see what the morrow would bring. A wise lady.
We spent the night at the home of a great couple who had invited us when they knew we would be coming to Connecticut. That alone takes a certain amount of courage in today's oppressive environment in their state, and we were thankful and grateful for the support.
My host and I left early the next morning to attend the Ye Connecticut Gun Guild's show in Middletown. I felt better after some sleep, but still convicted that I had wasted a lot of folk's money on the exercise.
I needn't have worried. The folks I met at the gun show not only restored my faith in their determination to engage in -- and capacity for -- resistance, they also convinced me that the trip had NOT been a waste, press coverage or not, speech venue or not. Indeed, I may have accomplished more by the private conversations I had than if my initial plan had played out the way I had hoped.
Talking with folks on the ground behind enemy lines convinced me of a couple of things. Frist and foremost is that Malloy and his minions in state government (although perhaps not Commissar Lawlor) are still being restrained by their fear of what will happen if they try to enforce the law (despite what they are telling Pinciaro and the other confiscationists who want raids right now. The CSP leadership apparently conducted a private little poll of potential storm troopers to see how many would be willing to follow orders to enforce the law and came up woefully short on their hopes and expectations.
I'll also tell you this. If they do get stupid and issue such orders, there are enough Three Percenters on the ground who will resist such a force of arms with their own defensive violence. Of this, the leadership of the Connecticut State Police is convinced. Based on my own experiences on Saturday, that is certainly the case.
But in the wake of the reelection of Malloy, our side is not merely reduced to that zero sum game. The men and women of Connecticut's resistance movement are coming up with all manner of perfectly legal but out-of-the-box thinking to resist without violence and some of this I offered to help them with. If I were the principals on the other side of this, knowing that I had participated all my life in the corrupt politics of one of the most corrupt states in the country, I would start getting nervous when I noticed that some folks were asking pointed questions about certain deals. I would also be on the lookout for private investigators building files. There is more than one way for the mice to deter the predatory cats, and that's one feline at a time. Perfectly legal. Perfectly frightening to the crooked politician.
I also ran into some folks who have known Commissar Lawlor all his life. Get that? ALL his life. For example, I picked up the report that even when he was young, Lawlor displayed -- for years -- the crossed flags of the United States and the Soviet Union on his wall, much like this US/USSR Friendship Flag lapel pin first made popular in Communist Party of the USA circles in the run-up to American entry into World War II.
No wonder the CIA didn't want Lawlor to go to work for them and kept a close eye on him after he returned from behind the Iron Curtain during the height of the Cold War.
Oh, yes, this trip was VERY useful and illuminating and not nearly the wasteful fiasco I had feared. Certainly the men and women of Connecticut Carry and Ye Connecticut Gun Guild gladdened my heart with their own determination to resist Malloy's Intolerable Act by every legal means. If I lived in Connecticut I would belong to both of those organizations.
More importantly, it also demonstrated the timidity of the Connecticut state authorities. I was reminded of a line from The Walls Came Tumbling Down by Gale Stokes about the collapse of communism in eastern Europe. Stokes in this passage is talking about the oppressive regime of the Ceausescus in Romania: "It has been said that a good political machine thrives on the visibility of its rewards and the certainty of its punishments." When the "benefits" became obvious lies and even the security apparatus tasked with oppressing the regime's enemies turned reluctant, the Ceausescus were dragged out and summarily shot on Christmas Day, 1989, twenty five years ago this 25 December.
Nicolae Ceausescu's merry Christmas, 1989. A cautionary tale for the Malloys and Lawlors of this world to ponder.
The fact that despite every thing I have done to provoke Malloy's bully boys in the CSP -- the smuggling, the public defiance, the posting of names, addresses and phone numbers of their tyrannical masters, the fact that I DARED come back into their state publicly despite their open criminal investigation of me and their crude attempts to use my own local Sheriff to pressure me -- merely demonstrates their indecision, their lack of will, their impotence in the face of defiance of their "laws" and their "legitimacy." Indeed, it reinforces the perception of their illegitimacy.
The "great and powerful" Wizard of Oz.
Lawlor is reported to have called me, among other things, a "son of bitch." You know, the fictional Toto as written by L. Frank Baum was a "son of a bitch." (Although in an unkind cut, a female dog was used in the 1939 movie.) Like the Wizard of Oz, Commissar Lawlor and his toadies demand that we pay no attention to the little, timorous men behind the curtain. Yet by the defiance of their own citizens and certain visiting unpleasant sons of bitches like me (to use Lawlor's characterization) who don't mind drawing back that curtain, the curtain is indeed drawn back for all to see. The Wizard, it seems, is not so scary and has fears of his own.
Beware the little SOBs of this world -- especially if you hide behind curtains of alleged legitimacy and invincibility.
You know, I think I'll be going back to Connecticut early next year. Maybe I can throw a bucket of the cold water of truth on Commissar Lawlor and we'll see if he melts.

Obama mugs Schoolhouse Rock.

"Is this constitutional?"

E-mails show White House tried to muzzle Sharyl Attkisson

First, it goes way beyond the normal carrot-stick relationship with reporters on getting favored stories, and moves into a place where reporters are pressured to keep quiet about government abuse and incompetence — or lose their jobs. That’s flat-out intimidation of the kind one would normally associate with, say, the Nixon White House and its notorious Enemies List. It’s the kind of gangster-government environment more associated with banana republics. If it succeeds, it guarantees the complete removal of accountability and transparency, and turns the media into stenographers.

Across the tracks from Ferguson, Clayton enlists private army to brace for trouble

The predominantly white residents of Clayton seem convinced that the protesters will take out their anger there, and are hurrying to insulate themselves from the threat with private security firms. Asymmetric Solutions, a St. Louis-based security and intelligence company that is staffed by U.S. special-operations veterans, has been working with companies around the metropolitan area whose assets are valuable enough to justify the firm’s steep rates. A project manager for the company, who asked not to be named, predicts that outside of Ferguson “most of the difficulty will occur in the Clayton area…the bastions of white wealth and privilege.”

Praxis: Ukraine Is Building Armored Battle Buses

Here’s how a post-Soviet military improvises when it gets into a war it never prepared for. The Ukrainian army is fielding armored battle trucks that look like something from Mexico or Kurdish Syria. Known as Raptors, the new trucks are for Ukrainian national guard troops fighting pro-Russian separatists in the east.

The Stepford Students. Free speech is so last century. Today’s students want the ‘right to be comfortable’

One of the censorious students actually boasted about her role in shutting down the debate, wearing her intolerance like a badge of honour in an Independent article in which she argued that, ‘The idea that in a free society absolutely everything should be open to debate has a detrimental effect on marginalised groups.’

Just because he defecated all over himself doesn't mean he wants you to notice.

Dr. Ben Carson hosts conference call to ‘clarify’ his 2nd Amendment stance

Saturday, November 22, 2014

Connecticut Child Advocate report on Newtown argues for gun bans

Unsurprisingly, a report released Friday by the Connecticut Office of the Child Advocate prioritizes placing the blame for the “Shooting at Sandy Hook Elementary School” on ownership of firearms, with particular emphasis on the semi-automatic kind that can accept standard capacity magazines. The “findings” are the result of direction from the Connecticut Child Fatality Review Panel “to prepare a report that would focus on Adam Lanza [and] develop any recommendations for public health system improvement that emanated from the review.”

Boy, was I in distinguished company on the White House Enemies List.

From Katie Pavlich: Document Dump Shows DOJ Worked With White House To Target 'Out of Control' Sharyl Attkisson For Fast and Furious Coverage
Among others, Gertz sent Schmaler attack pieces he wrote about Townhall Magazine’s Katie Pavlich, who also authored a book on Operation Fast and Furious; writers Joel Pollak and Ken Klukowski; Fox News Channel’s William LaJeunesse, Judge Andrew Napolitano, Megyn Kelly, Martha MacCallum, Bill Hemmer, Bill O’Reilly and Sean Hannity; Sipsey Street Irregulars blogger Mike Vanderboegh; DirectorBlue blogger Doug Ross; National Review’s Andrew C. McCarthy; and this reporter.

"There Is No Longer A Rule Of Law."

America's would-be tyrants will discover to their terminal surprise and eternal sorrow that the rule of law as crafted by the Founders protects THEM from us far more than it protects US from them. -- Mike Vanderboegh.
So here you go folks -- if the Congress will not immediately impeach, and you know they won't, then they're going along with it. And that means that there is not just a lawless President in Washington DC there are 536 lawless individuals and their minions comprising the entirety of the executive and legislative branches that have decided that THERE IS NO MORE RULE OF LAW IN AMERICA.

Back when I was costing the ATF some much needed sleep. "I have just been made aware that this incident is being reported on in the Sipsey Street Irregulars Blog."

From the Judicial Watch Fast & Furious document dump. The PDF.
The transcript:
From Brandon, Thomas E.
Sent: 6/3/2011 1:28:41 AM
Subject: Fw: The Mexico Helicopter Incident
TO: (ATF REDACTED); Axelrod, Matthew (ODAG) (SMO)
CC: Hoomer, William J.; Melson, Kenneth E.; Chait, Mark R.; McMahon, William G.; Brandon, Thomas E.; Atteberry, Thomas G.
Sent: Thu Jun 02 21:28:00 2011
Subject: RE: The Mexico Helicopter Incident
I have just been made aware that this incident is being reported on in the Sipsey Street Irregulars Blog

Friday, November 21, 2014

Israel needs more than temporary gun solution to stop “final” one

“Never again” is just a hollow phrase if the means to ensure it are withheld from those the enemies of Israel would exterminate. Changing that can only begin when privileges are recognized as rights.

30,000 missing emails from IRS' Lerner recovered

The U.S. Treasury Inspector General for Tax Administration (TIGTA) informed congressional staffers from several committees on Friday that the emails were found among hundreds of “disaster recovery tapes” that were used to back up the IRS email system.

Media Matters continues to vie for the Julius Streicher Memorial Award after the war crimes trials of 2017.

Hitler's favorite "journalist" after dancing the executioner's jig at Nuremberg.
Conservative Media's Latest Sharyl Attkisson "Bombshell" Is A Dud

Interview: Meet the Man Suing Eric Holder and the ATF

Since 1934, certain firearms (and non-firearms) are registered and taxed by the government. When you go to purchase a suppressor, which by itself is only defined as a “firearm” because our government says it is, you must pay a $200 tax, file paperwork with the government, and then wait 6 to 9 months for the BATFE to “approve” the paperwork and register that device in your name. The same thing occurs with a machinegun. But why, you probably want to ask, if the 2nd Amendment protects, as Justice Scalia said in Heller, “all instruments that constitute bearable arms,” how can the government mandate a tax on a right like this? Why not a tax to vote? Why not a tax to send an email? Why not a tax to go to church?

Volunteering as cannibal food. China power grid attack would allow anti-gunners to demonstrate convictions

Under an open-ended shutdown, the population would essentially be on its own until such time as all systems can be brought back up. That could be quite some time. That means those unprepared to sustain themselves for an indefinite period would be faced with urgent decisions of basic survival. Under such circumstances, the prospects for widespread and extended looting and rioting would become near-certainties. For their part, the authorities still on the job -- and Hurricane Katrina demonstrated the potential for mass desertions when personal incentives outweigh those of public duty -- will be triaged where directed. Outlying areas, or areas ceded to chaos because they’re not deemed absolutely essential to retake and secure, will be on their own.

Russia turns to guns to stem high murder rate

Previously permitted for sporting purposes such as target practice and hunting, Russians, the story claims, will now be lawfully allowed to carry guns for self defense.

Email Proves that White House, DOJ Targeted Reporter Sharyl Attkisson

"One of the documents provides smoking gun proof that the Obama White House and the Eric Holder Justice Department colluded to get CBS News to block reporter Sharyl Attkisson. Attkisson was one of the few mainstream media reporters who paid any attention to the deadly gun-running scandal."

And in further explication of the previous: "The Republicans will not fight."

But the Republicans will not fight. In fact, what the Republicans are proposing as a strategy to combat the president is to let it happen, and then go through an elaborate theater to let it keep happening. They will, once they have fully funded the government, try to undo the funding. This is called a rescission. But the president will veto it and the Republicans will fail to override the vote, so Republicans can say they opposed the president, but funded him nonetheless.

"Apparently, America now has its first emperor. And he has issued an imperial order to dissolve America's borders."

Sen. Sessions reacts: We must stop Emperor Obama
See also: Obama Is About to Commit an Act of Constitutional Infamy
And: Welcome To The Eric Cartman Presidency
In his attempt to troll the hard right, Obama has actually handed them a wonderful gift by killing comprehensive immigration reform dead. Legislative amnesty is finished, it’s done, it’s pining for the fjords. Conservative Republicans get to finally advance border and enforcement reforms without even dealing with those here illegally! It’s just what the Bob Goodlattes of the world have wanted to do all along: ditch the clunky amnesty tradeoffs and deal with citizenship issues last, only after securing the border. It’s the Republican establishment, consultant and donor classes, and the Chamber who are closest to the blast radius on this, turning anyone viewed as pro-amnesty toxic overnight. They will be viewed by the GOP base as supportive of the president’s overreach despite all denials (“I was in favor of what he did but not how he did it” is always a weak position), which will make for some very awkward defenses in the 2016 stakes.
I have been asked, "Yeah, Mike, so what do we do NOW?" Do? Why the same things you had better have been doing all along -- training, organizing, networking, seeing to your logistics. I am reminded of the old saying "When Your Enemy Is in the Process of Destroying Himself, Stay Out of His Way."
Obama has just taken another huge whack out of his own Mandate of Heaven. Enjoy it. Use the opportunity to point out to you previously skeptical friends that this imperial tyranny will only get worse -- the GOP being what it is* -- and that they have only themselves to rely on and they'd better get with the program PDQ.
What will I do to refute Obama's power-mad tyrannical grab? Why I'm going to try to hit two Black Friday sales of .22 Long Rifle ammunition instead of just one. You wanna fight tyranny? Then you'd better be about the business of getting ready to shoot back.
*(For example, see “It only takes a couple” of comments for an unflattering narrative to build about the Republican response, said Sen. John McCain (R-Ariz.). “That’s the trouble with having some of these new, young punks around here. They ought to listen to us old geezers.” It is not only Emperor Barack who will be discrediting himself here, but the pro-illegal GOP elites as well.)

Thursday, November 20, 2014

Does Florida outlaw a militia becoming 'well-regulated'?

Prosecutors told jurors that they didn't have to prove a specific plan, just show the group was doing the training for some sort of civil disorder.
Guess I'll have to make time to go to Florida and train some militia again.

Betcherass it is.

Pratt Says Threatening Politicians Is 'What The Second Amendment Is All About'

History rarely exactly repeats itself. It does, however, often echo. "The time has come to change the tones of submission into tones of defiance."

Rev. Jermain Wesley Loguen on why “I Won't Obey the Fugitive Slave Law”
Whatever may be your decision, my ground is taken. I have declared it everywhere. It is known over the state and out of the state—over the line in the North, and over the line in the South. I don't respect this law—I don't fear it—I won't obey it! It outlaws me, and I outlaw it, and the men who attempt to enforce it on me. I place the governmental officials on the ground that they place me. I will not live a slave, and if force is employed to re-enslave me, I shall make preparations to meet the crisis as becomes a man.

School Handout: 'The Government Gives Us Rights'

Because the government gives us rights, we have the duty to be good citizens.

Whaaat? Is global warming going the route of Al and Tipper's marriage? NASA Admits That Winters are Going to Get Colder…Much Colder.

"If these scientists are correct, we are heading into a period of bitterly cold winters and much cooler summers. Imagine year after year of ‘polar vortex’ winters that start early, finish late and deliver unprecedented cold across the country. Cool wet summers will affect food production, as will floods from the melting snow when spring finally arrives."
Casey asserts that there is mounting evidence that the Earth is getting cooler due to a decline in solar activity. He warns in his latest book, Dark Winter, that a major alteration of global climate has already started and that, at a minimum, it is likely to last 30 years.
Casey predicts food shortages and civil unrest caused by those shortages due largely to governments not preparing for the issues that colder weather will bring. He also predicts that wickedly bitter winter temperatures will see demand for electricity and heating outstrip the supply.
This reminds me of the scenario in John Ringo's The Last Centurion.
And I can still hear Minnesotans for Global Warming playing "We All Need Some Global Warming."

Rand doesn't stand

The Kentucky senator helped block NSA reform. Now civil liberties groups are feeling betrayed.

"The country's going to go nuts, because they're going to see it as a move outside the authority of the president, and it's going to be a very serious situation. (Y)ou could see instances of anarchy. You could see violence."

GOP senator warns of violence after immigration order

Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Don't they EVER learn? Will Judenrat Sebastian and the NRA repeat their inaction on the Holder nomination with his replacement?

Key issues report and Giuliani endorsement add to gun owner concerns with Lynch
The question then becomes who will have the guts to lead that fight? The newly-empowered Republican leadership? A national gun rights advocacy group like NRA, which wields power to score confirmation votes?
Based on past experience, don’t expect either to act unless gun owners demand it of them. Don’t expect gun owners to do that unless they know about these concerns. And don’t expect them to know unless gun owners who do take it on themselves to tell them.
Unlike what happened last time.
What David is referring to is this piece of cowardly prag foolishness from 2009: The Holder Battle and the NRA.
There will be times when it is necessary to fight with no hope of victory, but members should ask themselves whether they’d rather have NRA go down swinging trying unsuccessfully to defeat Holder, enhancing the paper tiger meme, or whether they’d prefer NRA preserve its political capital to defeat gun control bills?
Ah, yes, and we know how well Holder turned out. Again, there is NO NRA INACTION that Sebastian won't apologize in advance for. What a cowardly suckass.
"Our preemptive surrender shall not be questioned."


So, should we pity the poor unionized gunmakers whose labor bosses gave millions to elect gun controllers over the years?

Remington CEO: New York’s anti-gun policies drove us to Alabama

Anti-gun, anti-hunting agendas both depend on lies

Gun rights advocates have for years been understandably contemptuous of "Fudds"--hunters who cannot be bothered to fight against attacks on gun rights, as long as their hunting guns are left alone. Fudds have even been known to actively participate in the attacks so-called "assault weapons," "high capacity" magazines, etc., presumably hoping that by feeding other gun owners to the crocodile first, they can avoid the jaws forever. The rest of us know better. Anti-gun politicians also get useful cover from the Fudds, when they argue that, "You don't need an 'assault weapon to hunt deer"--as if that makes banning the most effective militia arms acceptable.

Judenrat Sebastian at "Shall Not Be Questioned" has a brilliant solution to Bloomberg's initiative offensive: Preemptive Surrender.

Sebastian, the NRA's favorite "pragmatist" defender on the Internet, has discovered to his consternation something that David Codrea reported back in August: Bloomberg's targeting Nevada with another ballot initiative.
And what is Sebastian's solution? Why, compromise, of course. He writes, "Develop a more acceptable compromise bill that implements background checks upon change of title, but without the registration component, which is far more dangerous."
This tracks with many things he has said for years. Long-time readers may recall this gem:
As a member, I expect the National Rifle Association to fight gun control in the 111th Congress. If they have to get down on their hands and knees and kiss Harry Reid’s rosey red ass as part of a deal to stop a gun control bill, I’ll buy them the lip balm.
The rank-and-file firearm owners in Washington state are lining up to risk arrest to defy the new law and Sebastian is trying to cut deals that preemptively surrenders the issue in another state. In fact, there is a group in Nevada organizing to oppose Bloomberg. But does Sebastian support them? Oh, nooo. He'd rather sell them out ahead if time as a "strategy."
No wonder the Lairds of Fairfax love this guy. There is nothing he wouldn't compromise on, as long as it's someone else's rights and the dues money keeps flowing. One wonders what it really is that Sebastian refers to when he names his blog "shall not be questioned." Is he referring to his cowardice? Well, there you are. I certainly don't question THAT.
Sebastian at Valley Forge. "Are you sure, General Washington, that we can't compromise our way out of this?"

My interview on Battleroad Radio last night.

I was tired and rambled more than a bit, but I think I got the points across.

Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Gun group warns against continuing resolution surrender by Republicans

Although recently set back at the national polls, Democrats could still dominate the legislative agenda on guns and other crucial issues for the next 10 months if the Republican leadership allows a long-term continuing resolution to pass, Gun Owners of America warned members Monday in a national action alert.

Wow. I slept through, pretty much, the entire night. Again.

I will have something on Connecticut more later, though.

You know, this is an interesting idea -- IF we send them to the Connecticut State Police.

Ben Shapiro highlights the latest anti-firearm propaganda: "'Innocent Targets' Used To As Fodder For Anti-Gun Crowd." Now, I looked at these and it struck me that THIS is precisely the message that we need to send to the Connecticut State Police. "Hey, CSP! Want to be a bully boy for Commissar Lawlor's gun confiscations? Then understand THIS is who you will be targeting."
Now I'm not saying we should buy these particular targets. But since, in good guerrilla fashion, we should be using the resources of the enemy to achieve our purpose, and xerox machines make the creation of propaganda easy, why not make our own messages and post them where CSP cops can see them along with the message above? Heck, if you want to really personalize it, use a picture of your wife and kids.

"(W)e’re not going to get change in this society unless white people are just a little bit afraid." Not everyone in Ferguson is up on that "deep abiding love" thing. Plus, some sage advice.

“Deep abiding love.”
Meanwhile, "The Black Rebels group claims it is offering a $5,000 reward for anyone with information on (officer) Wilson's whereabouts and $1,000 each "close family" member located since many of them are in hiding. The Black Rebels leader, Zulu Gaddafi, confirmed that those rewards are serious business and will be paid."
And we have this sage advice: “If you do not have a gun, get one and get one soon. We will not be able to protect you or your family,” he wrote. “It will be your responsibility to protect them. Our gutless commanders and politicians have neutered us. I’m serious, get a gun, get more than one, and keep one with you at all times.”

Monday, November 17, 2014

Sorry, folks, I'm still crapped out from the trip.

Will try to get a fresh start tomorrow.

Second lawsuit filed challenging federal ban on new machine guns

A complaint for declarative and injunctive relief was filed Friday in the United States District Court for the Eastern District of Pennsylvania. Plaintiff Ryan S. Watson, acting individually and as trustee of the Watson Family Gun Trust, is suing Attorney General Eric H. Holder, Jr. and Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives Director B. Todd Jones in their official capacities for administering, executing and enforcing “statutory and regulatory provisions [that] generally act as an unlawful de facto ban on the transfer or possession of a machine gun manufactured after May 19, 1986.”

Heads up. Ferguson decision apparently coming down the pike.

Nixon Activates Missouri National Guard
The comments at the Daily Collectivist are priceless.

How does an insomniac tell when he's exhausted? He sleeps without interruption.

Which is what I did last night. Have much to do this morning (returning the rental car, etc.), so I hope you'll forgive me if I don't get my own report on CT up immediately.

Didn't meet this fellow in CT while I was there. Met a lot of his friends and fans, though.

Ed Peruta: Fan of gun permits, scourge of public agencies

Hardly surprising.

Media covering up Bloomberg hand behind Nevada background check group

Anecdotes of a collapsing civilization.

Feminist Judith: We Should Not Prosecute Young Black Males Who Commit Sexual Assault
Anti-gun School Administrators Dishonor Veterans On Their Day
Children And Hunting: Could It Spawn A Serial Killer?
"It’s my hope that parents and community leaders will recognize the issue of minors hunting for what it truly is: Child abuse. By working together we can protect future generations from fates similar to that of Dahmer and his unfortunate victims."
Skater Shoe Company Fallen Footwear Features Kid’s Shoes With Satanic Logo

Sunday, November 16, 2014

Friday, November 14, 2014

See you at the Middletown gun show tomorrow.

I'll be the old white-haired fart in the "Arms Smuggler" hat.

Now behind enemy lines. Press Release. (I need your help.)

Will be on site at Panera -- and, yes, I know it's anti-firearm. I didn't select the venue but I find it ironic using the enemy's facilities for a purpose they could hardly approve of.
In the mean time, I find that I cannot access my new laptop and so the following press release has not yet been sent out. I'm currently at the West Hartford library but must head back to Panera. Will some volunteers kindly take it upon themselves to send it to their local Connecticut news outlets? Thanks.
14 November 2014
Smuggler & Advocate of Armed Civil Disobedience in Connecticut for a "Behind Enemy Lines" Tour.
Mike Vanderboegh, Second amendment activist, arms smuggler and citizen journalist who helped break the story of the Fast & Furious scandal on the Internet (See Stonewalled by Sharyl Attkisson, Chapter 2), is in Connecticut Friday, 14 November and Saturday 15 November for a "Behind Enemy Lines" tour of the most dangerous battlefield in the struggle to maintain the constitutional rights of American firearm owners.
Since the firearm and magazine registration act went into effect on 1 January 2014, state authorities have elected not to enforce the law when faced with a non-compliance rate as high as 85%. since then, Connecticut firearm owners who refuse to obey a law that they believe is tyrannical and unconstitutional have been waiting for the other jackboot to drop.
It hasn't dropped because Governor Dannel Malloy very cynically wanted a second term. Now that he has it, the raids that his "Gun Czar" Mike Lawlor promised Ron Pinciaro and other firearm confiscationists can begin.
Mr. Vanderboegh is here to show solidarity with the Connecticut resistance and to urge them to stand fast in their promise of "We Will NOT Comply!" Armed civil disobedience, Mr. Vanderboegh believes, is the only course left open by the Governor's insistence upon enforcing a law that the Supreme Court has not yet ruled as constitutional.
This afternoon and evening, Mr. Vanderboegh will be in the West Hartford area and tomorrow he will visit the Ye Connecticut Gun Guild's fall gun show in Middletown.
He will be available for interviews which may be scheduled by emailing

First stop on my "Behind Enemy Lines" tour.

Will be at Panera Bread, 2534 Albany Avenue, West Hartford in the Staples Plaza after 3PM on Friday, Lord willing and Lawlor's storm troopers don't get froggy.

Thursday, November 13, 2014

Note to the 100 Heads Life and Casualty Company: Not quite behind enemy lines yet. . .

Left late, rough traffic. Made it as far as just short of Winchester VA on I-81. Will be in Hartford area by noon tomorrow, Lord willing. Still looking for a venue to have dinner-meet-n-greet Friday night in Hartford area. Any suggestions? Send via email.

See you behind enemy lines.

Hope to be on the way in the next hour.

Obama’s Deadly Informants: The Drone Spotters of Pakistan

It’s a farewell party for Allah Noor, who has spent the last five years identifying targets in rural Pakistan for U.S. drone strikes. Noor, as we’ll call him, is tall and wiry. Now in his early thirties, his cheeks are sunken from smoking too much hash. He hasn’t slept in the same place two nights in a row ever since a U.S. drone killed Maulvi Nazir, his former boss, on Jan. 2, 2013. “After that,” he says, “I realized the government is playing a double game.”

More along the lines of "Meet the new boss. . ."

Why -- big surprise -- even GOP elitists like her.
Even Republicans reacted warmly to Lynch’s selection, including Rudy Giuliani, the Republican former mayor of New York City — and a former U.S. attorney himself — who worked with Lynch on the prosecution of the police officers responsible for assaulting Abner Louima, the Haitian immigrant sodomized with a plunger in the late 1990s.
“If I were in the Senate, I would confirm her. I would recommend to the president doing it in the next Senate because there is no need to put that burden on her,” Giuliani told POLITICO. “If everything is on the table, and I think it is, the next Republican Senate will almost happily endorse Loretta because she is so much better than what they thought they were going to get.”

Having sent his consigliere Holder to do his worst to whip up racial animosity in Ferguson, now Obama wants to distance himself from the result.

President Barack Obama has privately conveyed “real heart-driven concern” about the prospect of another round of violence in Ferguson, Missouri, in the coming days.

"You tit! I soiled my armor I was so scared!" In the annals of dog-killing cops, this is one for the ages.

The Killer Attack Dog of Racine Wisconsin.
Racine, Wisconsin SWAT Kills Tiny Dog running away from them.
I guess they'd been watching too much Monty Python.

Hitler discovers his troops have gone Tacticool.

He is not amused.

Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Hardly surprising. Collectivists lie. It is who they are.

Bloomberg Moms’ political spots relied on deceptive voter manipulation

CT Update

Don't look for me at a table at the gun show, they were all gone some months ago, apparently. I'll still be there (I've never been to a YANKEE gun show and I'm interested in seeing the cultural differences, if any). This will allow me to set up some lunch meetings with folks.
Rosey will be my chauffeur and bodyguard this trip. ;-) We will leave out of here very early Thursday morning and will be up in CT by Friday midday, Lord willing and the creek don't rise. Still have to solidify arrangements of where we'll have that Friday evening speech/meet-n-greet. Details later.

"Answering the critics of MRAPs and the 1033 Program."

Git yer stinkin' civil libertarian hands off'n my tank.
Of course I'm on record as supporting anything that gets military weaponry out into the hinterlands where the armed citizenry can gets its hands on in an emergency.

Tooling Up For Anarchy In Ferguson

Maybe we'll get a break with the weather.

"It wasn't a wave," says the drowning Nancy Pelosi, as the political bodies of the rest of her party bob in the swells.

Profiles in unreality: Wave? What Wave?

The unpalatable truth, but the truth nonetheless.

The Truth About the Wars
When my son Matt transferred out of the 101st Airborne Division that he loved, headed for another assignment in Germany he didn't want, I had a chance to talk with a number of officers and senior NCOs at Fort Campbell who served with him in Iraq during the invasion and later in Mosul. Among them was Dan Bolger, then a one-star. I was honored that we got a chance to chat at length about his books and the Battle of Little Big Horn and the dynamics of the command relationships between Custer and Fred Benteen, in which we shared an interest.
Bolger is a rare general officer, a soldier-scholar, and (I thought at the time) painfully, analytically devoted to the truth, whatever that truth may be, however messy or inconvenient.

As if our liberty and property depended upon mere elections to sustain them. They don't.

The Founders were as suspicious of the tyrannies of unrestrained democracy as they were about monarchies or other dictatorships. This is why: Gun Bill Supporters Overwhelmingly Re-Elected

Well. well. It seems that I still make prags like Dan Zimmerman nervous when I state the obvious.

Dan Zimmerman in his natural habitat.
When we have people like Dutchman6 over at the Sipsey Street Irregulars posting things like “Gentlemen, prepare to defend yourselves,” and essentially calling for civil war in the un-Constitutional State . . . it may actually be time for some introspection.
So says Dan Zimmerman, CEO and Managing Editor of "The Truth About Guns." He says I am "essentially calling for civil war in the un-Constitutional State." Really? I thought I have been warning all along that it is the tyrants of Connecticut who risk civil war by their actions. Since my speech in Hartford on 20 April of last year, this has been my call -- to AVOID civil war by making the grasping collectivist dictators of CT understand that one is possible and that it will have unintended consequences for THEM.
Zimmerman is much exercised by the prospect of being "misunderstood" and lumped in with loose-talking radicals like newly-elected Senator Joni Ernst who have spoken in the past about "Second Amendment remedies." What does Zimmerman think the Second Amendment is? An appeal for people to like us?
He worries about being misunderstood by the same people who advocate for our disarmament, like Democrat flack Kirsten Powers, who asked “WHO from the US govt would Joni Ernst shoot?? Be specific. A member of the military? A police officer?” The answer to everyone but Zimmerman is obvious: "Yes, that's who the Second Amendment is directed against, when they are sent to our homes to enforce unconstitutional diktats like Connecticut's. WHEN the shooting begins is chosen by the tyrannical government, not us."
The defense of liberty boils down to this: "If you try to take our firearms, we will kill you." That was the Founders' answer. That is ours. Trying to sugarcoat it, or playing popularity contests with weasel words about essential, inalienable and natural rights and liberty is stupid and self-defeating. That, really, is the only thing that the collectivists like Powers, Malloy, Lawlor and all their ilk NEED to understand. It is the only thing they DO understand. So what? New Hampshire's motto, largely dishonored and ignored these days, is "Live Free or Die." It would have been more honest to say, "We will live free, or the tyrants will die."
Zimmerman wants to defend his rights and be liked and and understood by the same people who are unconstitutionally trying to strip him of them at the same time. That is a fool's errand that he will lose. He simply does not understand collectivists. Having been one myself, I do. They define peace as the silence, imprisonment or death of their opponents. If that is the game that Zimmerman thinks he can win, he cannot. As for me and mine, I will not. Deal with it.
LATER: I am informed that the piece was actually written by someone named "Brandon R." and merely "hosted" by Zimmerman. Presumably he agrees with its sentiments so there is no reason for me to rewrite my refutation.

Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Sharyl Attkinsson: CBS hid Benghazi clip to protect Obama during election

Investigative journalist Sharyl Attkisson said in a Fox News appearance that her former CBS News bosses purposely hid a clip of President Obama refusing to call the Benghazi attacks an act of terrorism in order to help him get re-elected.

GOP win Colorado Senate, Democrats vow to hold party accountable

A reader sends this link withe following comment:
While not as satisfying as defeating Hickenlooper, taking back control of the state senate for the first time in a decade - not to mention defeating a popular sitting US senator - shows there was a political price for new gun laws in Colorado.
Hickenlooper and Udall were supposed to have easy re-elections, and the only major race where the GOP put up a good candidate resulted in Udall losing. Hickenlooper barely won a tough fight against a mediocre candidate and the Dems lost the state senate for the first time in a decade. Ironically, Senator "statistics weren't on your side" Hudak's recall effort ended up being the difference in senate control as a Republican now holds the seat.
It was definitely not a complete victory for our side, but it was certainly not vindication for the gun control movement as gun banners have been claiming. Without the gun control laws the Dems would still hold a US senate seat and the state senate, even if Hickenlooper barely survived.

When you're dealing with the GOP elites, the fix is ALWAYS in.

Cuomo had a secret re-election ‘pact’ with Republicans

Meet the new boss, same as the old boss.

Loretta Lynch and Eric Holder Agree on These 4 Hot Button Issues

Looks like the monster storm won't stop me from coming to CT.

It'll be cold, but, as they say, not as cold as an ex-wife's heart.
And whether I drive a minimum of 16.5 hours or fly in, I'll be coming naked (that is, unarmed) since if driving I'll be exposing myself (in the legal sense) to the traveling anti-gun thugs of the New Jersey State Patrol. I can't imagine we'll be going over the speed limit, either.

Take note of who Bloomberg found worthy in the GOP elite.

Although most of his beneficiaries were Democrats, he backed five Republicans, all winners: Gov. Rick Snyder for reelection in Michigan; Sen. Lindsey Graham (R-S.C.) and Sen. Thad Cochran (R-Miss.) in their primaries; Charlie Baker for governor in Massachusetts ; and Bob Dold for House in Illinois.

But then there's this. . . "WE WILL NOT COMPLY!"

Looks like I've got to be in Washington state in December. 5,500 Washington state gun owners intend to engage in civil disobedience over I-594
First Connecticut, and then New York passed gun control laws this year - that many people believe are unconstitutional - turning hundreds of thousands of AR-15 owners into felons simply for not registering their guns. Now, Washington state gun owners intend to take things to a new level in response to Washington's new gun control law. At least 5,500 are planning to openly violate the heavy-handed law, I-594, during a rally at the state capitol in Olympia on December 13th. The law goes into effect on December 4th, after the Secretary of State certifies the election results. Not a single so-called mainstream media source has mentioned the unprecedented event, even though RSVPs continue to increase every day.
This is practically unheard of in the modern era; not only will 5,500 people deliberately violate the law through civil disobedience, but will violate felony gun laws. Washington is one of few remaining blue states that has remained friendly to gun owners, and so gun owners are furious that a handful of billionaires were able to come in and buy the election, contributing about half the $10 million poured into the race to support I-594, almost 10 times as much as the opposition. Unsuccessful at getting the legislature to pass the law, gun control proponents resorted to billionaires to push it through instead as an initiative. Their money provided the resources to afford to run continuous misleading ads on TV.