Tuesday, November 18, 2014

You know, this is an interesting idea -- IF we send them to the Connecticut State Police.

Ben Shapiro highlights the latest anti-firearm propaganda: "'Innocent Targets' Used To As Fodder For Anti-Gun Crowd." Now, I looked at these and it struck me that THIS is precisely the message that we need to send to the Connecticut State Police. "Hey, CSP! Want to be a bully boy for Commissar Lawlor's gun confiscations? Then understand THIS is who you will be targeting."
Now I'm not saying we should buy these particular targets. But since, in good guerrilla fashion, we should be using the resources of the enemy to achieve our purpose, and xerox machines make the creation of propaganda easy, why not make our own messages and post them where CSP cops can see them along with the message above? Heck, if you want to really personalize it, use a picture of your wife and kids.


Anonymous said...

Or take and use pictures of THEIR wives and children.

B Woodman

Anonymous said...

Not too different from the targets the New Reich was actually ordering to get the Einsatzgruppen comfortable with killing the Mundanes.

Anonymous said...

Funny, DHS was ready to buy targets similar to these a couple of years back and when that info got released so many of us e-mailed the website of the company making them we crashed the site. So if DHS is willing to shoot grandpa and little Opie why not the CSP?

Anonymous said...

Odd how there's no photos of "innocent" black shooting victims, huh? Just a bunch of happy, smiling, crunchy-granola looking white people.

Does this mean the anti-gunner's are racist because:

1) they can't conceive of an "innocent" black person,


2) they're too scared of black people to ask any to participate in their PR stunt?

I wonder which it is?

Anonymous said...

More importantly, it will show them how we see them to be.

Not as protector but as government thugs, which in fact they will be and some are now.

Anonymous said...

We should use pictures of them and their families instead. That way it illustrates the consequences if they start doing raids.