Tuesday, November 18, 2014

"(W)e’re not going to get change in this society unless white people are just a little bit afraid." Not everyone in Ferguson is up on that "deep abiding love" thing. Plus, some sage advice.

“Deep abiding love.”
Meanwhile, "The Black Rebels group claims it is offering a $5,000 reward for anyone with information on (officer) Wilson's whereabouts and $1,000 each "close family" member located since many of them are in hiding. The Black Rebels leader, Zulu Gaddafi, confirmed that those rewards are serious business and will be paid."
And we have this sage advice: “If you do not have a gun, get one and get one soon. We will not be able to protect you or your family,” he wrote. “It will be your responsibility to protect them. Our gutless commanders and politicians have neutered us. I’m serious, get a gun, get more than one, and keep one with you at all times.”


Anonymous said...

i wish I had the know-how to look a little deeper into who these people actually are. Time after time these provocateurs turn out to be run be the Feds. Of course they could be just ignorant fools doing exactly what the elite puppet masters want, which is to divide and conquer and create chaos so they can come in with their brand of order

Anonymous said...

And if you don't want to kill anyone, get a paintball gun/rifle, lots of pretty colored paintballs, and several compressed air tanks. The paint balls won't kill, but they sure make you go "ouch" and want to get away from the vicinity of the shooter.

B Woodman

Paul X said...

Your headline, taken out of context, seemed a little misleading.

I didn't see a thing wrong with the nonviolent tactics advocated in the first article.

For example, “We break unjust laws, because it’s the morally right thing to do. That’s why we do it. And there’s a tradition of that,” Sekou says...

What is wrong with that? Isn't that exactly what gun owners in Connecticut are having to do?

The problem is not with nonviolent resistance, but with the notion that if Wilson is not indicted, it automatically means a whitewash. The fact is, Wilson may be innocent. The people should accept the verdict if due process is followed and if the proceedings are publicized. Whether they will is another story, though; I guess there is a price to pay for all those previous cases where police misconduct definitely was whitewashed.

Anonymous said...

Most telling thing is the mark for Emerson Electric. Emerson has been in Ferguson for at least 50 years, long before Ferguson became a minority municipality. Yet not only do they mark Emerson they make note of the CEO’s salary. Maybe they’re mutating into an extortion group straight out of the playbook of Jesse Jackson’s Rainbow Push Coalition?

Below is the published list of potential St. Louis area targets.
Potential Action Locations

Robert McCulloch’s office
St. Louis County Justice Center
Stephanie Karr’s office
Olin Corporation Headquarters
Judge Maura McShane’s courtroom
St. Louis County Police Department
Governor Nixon’s Office (Wainwright Building)
Clayton School District Office
Department of Justice
Dean Plocher’s office
Ronald Brockmeyer’s office
Dan Boyle’s office
Thomas Flach’s office
Regal III Market
Canfield Green Apartments
Ferguson Police Department & Jail
West Florissant Quick Trip
Missouri Botanical Gradens
Powell Symphony Hall
Monsanto Headquarters
Peabody Energy Headquarters
Anheuser-Busch Headquarters
Emerson Electric Headquarters
Steve Stenger’s lawfirm
St. Louis Art Museum
Gateway Arch
Peabody Opera House
Ritz Carlton
Lambert International Airport
Mayor Slay
St. Louis City Police Department
St. Louis Galleria
Plaza Frontenac
Six Stars Market
Colonel Jon Belmar
Senator Roy Blunt
Senator Claire McCaskill
St. Louis City Justice Center
St. Ann Police Department & Jail
Clayton City Hall
GCI Security, Inc.
St. Louis County Council
Clayton Police Department & Jail
Ferguson City Hall
Lacy Clay’s Office
Husch Blackwell LLP
Martin Insurance Group LLC
Stone, Leyton & Gershman
University Square Company
Stone & Alter Real Estate
Carey & Danis LLC
The Law Firm of Thomas C Antoniou LLC
Hammond & Shinners Law Firm
Collinsville Acquisitions Inc
Thompson Coburn
Commercial Bank
Greater St. Mark Family Church
Veterans for Peace Office
St. John’s Episcopal Church
St. Louis University Hospital
SSM Cardinal Glennon Children’s Medical Center
SSM St. Mary’s Health Center
Barnes Jewish Hospital
St. Alexius Hospital
Kindred Hospital
Southwest Medical Center

The Ferguson Mike Brown protesters are not ruling out violence or looting.

“Rioting and looting are the tools of those without a voice. The rioting and looting, while I didn’t participate in it, was necessary. Without it we would not be standing here today.”

Anonymous said...

Notice how many of the "targets" have nothing to do with Michael Brown...This group of black protesters have been co-opted bt socialist democrats..i.e., Al fucking Sharpton and Jessie fucking Jackson.

Anonymous said...

Caution! Some old white hippies have learnt to dispense LOVE in packets of 230 grains at a time!

Old Hippie

Anonymous said...

Happy Thanksgiving...........

The lines are drawn. We all know officer Wilson will be exonerated (rightfully).

If you need the police one minute after the decision is announced they will be there for them - not for you. Wake up and smell the tear gas!!! (when you really need a cop they'll only be three days away)

This is the ultimate reason for standard (Hi Cap) magazines and lots of 'em (with the ammo to fill them)

Fight islam now

PS: Shoot to kill ALL looters -
steady aim - good luck

Anonymous said...

"...unless White People are just a little bit afraid"

They apparently do not read history. Perhaps they should.

Anonymous said...

We could always do some photoshop and get the likenesses of these people and lead them into an ambush :).

Look they live here.... Nope just about a light company of armed citizens and waiting for a bunch of terrorists bent on inflicting damage and possibly death.

Wonderful Turkey Shoot I say. Hell film it all and make some money on YouTube.

Damned my fantatsey get the better of me everytime. Of course i am in no way suggesting that we entrap these folk. That is the provence of law enforcement now days.

Anonymous said...

Aim for center of mass. That way, a small miss will still take the looter out.

Musashi said...

Afraid? Of them?

They have got to be kidding.

Joe Maurone said...

Re: change via "white people being afraid":

I saw that headline at the Drudge Report, this morning...I read it as a threat, until I read the full context in the article (linked to Breitbart.com).

The full context, as quoted below, seems to be more instilling in white people fear of the"power structure", not black people:

Another organizer, later in the training, tells the group there is indeed “mostly white folks here.”

“For most white people we leave our houses everyday and we don’t have to worry about getting shot. We don’t have to worry about being assaulted. We don’t have to worry about being arrested. That’s not true for everybody in this country and that’s one of the reasons why we’re out here on the streets,” he says, adding:

I think there is going be a risk for white folks out there too. People are going to be angry about the power structure and white people are part of that power structure, so there is that certain risk attached to that. But I think it’s important to keep in mind that there’s gong to be more risk for black and brown folks out in the protest because there’s more risk for them every day of their lives walking through the streets. And I also think we’re not going to get change in this society unless white people are just a little bit afraid. Again, it’s okay to be a little bit afraid but just don’t be paralyzed in that fear.

Anonymous said...

Attacking any of these "targets", especially a Jewish Hospital, which most likely is in the business of saving lives, is reprehensible. My hopes are that a number of JPFO members will be there to protect the innocent and unarmed patients and staff.

Logically, if a minority starts violence against an armed and determined majority, who would be expected to win?

Responsible black community members will not be the ones threatening hospitals and the like. I expect violence like that to be committed by thugs and armed opportunists.

Evidence in this case has not been heard by a grand jury, let alone a criminal jury. People jumping to conclusions with violent threats may find themselves permanently prone. It will be their own fault.

Anonymous said...

Had a buddy who worked the Rodney King riot. Every single looter and rioter they hauled in, no exception, had a prior record. Not just the bla ks, all of them. No problem with cutting down the rats at all.


Anonymous said...

Olin Corp on the target list?Seems like bad strategic planning

I'd like to see what Olin Corp has planed to repulse the repulsive.

Overtime combined with target practice? (real time product testing?) - best combination of opportunities.

Looters may/should be shot

Are they accepting volunteers?

Fight islam Now

Anonymous said...

When the looting goes full scale the objective of the hospitals for the gangs and crews will be the pharmacies - IMMEDIATELY.

It will be the third generation welfare morons that will be looting the bedpans and the laundry, breaking the equipment and the windows.

The crews are making their lists and checking them thrice....gonna find out if the night'l be nice, any kind of cover, will do

Fight islam Now

Anonymous said...

They are going to protest hospitals and Churches? Really?


Anonymous said...

Politically incorrect headline you'll never see:
"(W)e're not going to get change in this society unless black people are just a little bit smarter."
Self serving subversive leftists, the world over, always claim there won't be "change" unless intimidation, coercion or violence are attached to it.
Like the treasonous commie hippies of the 60's, they're always shocked when they find out that violent revolution always comes with a butchers bill that they have to pay as well.

Paul X said...

"Afraid? Of them?"

It appears nobody actually read the first linked article. It was referring to being afraid of cops. Come on folks, taking comments out of context is a tactic of our enemies. We shouldn't be indulging in it.

As to those salivating over shooting people, that would be a great PR victory for the ruling class (and I wouldn't be surprised if some of the shooters are government-paid provocateurs). The people to emulate in these events are the Koreans sitting on their roofs in the LA riots - guarding their shops but not shooting at anyone otherwise.

Anonymous said...

"When black people riot, neighborhoods burn. When white people riot, continents burn."

I've also been seeing that comment around the web. I don't really want to see anything burning except the fireplace.


Anonymous said...

I'm really having a hard time not seeing this as anything other than a racial issue and the even more disturbing thing is when I see these statements my only thought is "Bring it".