Monday, November 17, 2014

Didn't meet this fellow in CT while I was there. Met a lot of his friends and fans, though.

Ed Peruta: Fan of gun permits, scourge of public agencies


Anonymous said...

Attacking the illegitimacy of May issue permitting is wonderful BUT using shall issue as the means only serves to tighten the chains that bind us.

In Heller, even SCOTUS admitted that the power to decide on a case by case basis whether a right is worth insisting upon was REMOVED from the hands of government via enumeration.

By supporting shall issue via NRA chicanery, many so called gun rights supporters are being fooled into conceding a point THATS already been won judicially!

Peruta case is a "win" in the ninth but folks need to look at who REALLY won - the collectivist bastards with the appetite for Liberty belonging to others are the real winners. Masked as it is, it's time people view what's true - a permission and a right are NOT the same thing.

amnewsnetwork said...

I am disappointed that we couldn't meet up and discuss current events, I was extremely busy getting ready for my trip west to San Diego.
I'm sure we'll find time at some point in the future.

Ed Peruta

amnewsnetwork said...

I am disappointed that we could not meet up, I have been busy with Attorney Baird and getting ready for my annual trips to San Diego.