Friday, November 21, 2014

"Apparently, America now has its first emperor. And he has issued an imperial order to dissolve America's borders."

Sen. Sessions reacts: We must stop Emperor Obama
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In his attempt to troll the hard right, Obama has actually handed them a wonderful gift by killing comprehensive immigration reform dead. Legislative amnesty is finished, it’s done, it’s pining for the fjords. Conservative Republicans get to finally advance border and enforcement reforms without even dealing with those here illegally! It’s just what the Bob Goodlattes of the world have wanted to do all along: ditch the clunky amnesty tradeoffs and deal with citizenship issues last, only after securing the border. It’s the Republican establishment, consultant and donor classes, and the Chamber who are closest to the blast radius on this, turning anyone viewed as pro-amnesty toxic overnight. They will be viewed by the GOP base as supportive of the president’s overreach despite all denials (“I was in favor of what he did but not how he did it” is always a weak position), which will make for some very awkward defenses in the 2016 stakes.
I have been asked, "Yeah, Mike, so what do we do NOW?" Do? Why the same things you had better have been doing all along -- training, organizing, networking, seeing to your logistics. I am reminded of the old saying "When Your Enemy Is in the Process of Destroying Himself, Stay Out of His Way."
Obama has just taken another huge whack out of his own Mandate of Heaven. Enjoy it. Use the opportunity to point out to you previously skeptical friends that this imperial tyranny will only get worse -- the GOP being what it is* -- and that they have only themselves to rely on and they'd better get with the program PDQ.
What will I do to refute Obama's power-mad tyrannical grab? Why I'm going to try to hit two Black Friday sales of .22 Long Rifle ammunition instead of just one. You wanna fight tyranny? Then you'd better be about the business of getting ready to shoot back.
*(For example, see “It only takes a couple” of comments for an unflattering narrative to build about the Republican response, said Sen. John McCain (R-Ariz.). “That’s the trouble with having some of these new, young punks around here. They ought to listen to us old geezers.” It is not only Emperor Barack who will be discrediting himself here, but the pro-illegal GOP elites as well.)


Anonymous said...

Mike, your comments on this are exactly (or pretty close) to what mine were to my husband upon awakening to hear what the Emperor did. Only one box is going to stop this sh%& and it isn't the ballot box. But whites that complain are too busy looking at their shinny new i-phones and blacks are too busy blaming whites. Both better get with the program. Wake up and understand you're in a system that keeps you divided and powerless. And if you're still of the mindset that sites like this one are too "radical" or "extreme" then keep pussy footing around 'till everything you've worked for your whole life is gone and the final knock on your door will be something that just puts you out of your misery.

Anonymous said...

No, actually he has just called in millions of reinforcements. Let's not start j@cking ourselves off just yet fellas. As far as I can tell, he just laid down the gauntlet to demonstrate that there is NO ONE to stop him. It's on people, SHTF moment been here for a minute. Only now King Hussein's masters will have reinforcements arriving in droves.

Anonymous said...

all of us are targets but Texas in the
forefront. one site I read moved there
bc it was best for both RKBA and home
schooling. oddly enough, Connecticut
is rates fairly well on the latter.

Anonymous said...

Obama is just warming up, feeling his oats, giving a big exec order a run for it.

Unless there is real push-back at some point, mandatory gun turn in can also happen via exec order.

There is no limit to this man, someone has to push back.

DAN III said...

Hemp and lead. The use of these items are the only way the criminality of the US fedgov will be rectified. Not before. It's that effing simple.

Anonymous said...

November 21, 2014 at 4:47 PM

You mean the beginning of the 2nd Civil War.

Anonymous said...

RINO McCain has to go. He has announced he might run again in 2016 at age 80 for another six year term! The North Vietnamese should have prevented this decades ago, but now the AZ voters have to get rid of this dupe. AZ Republican Party has disowned him, but his millions from the MIC and his wife's beer money keeps getting him elected by crushing any would be opponents with false TV ads. I can only hope the devil calls him home with Ăˆbola or worse prior to 2016.

paradox said...

America has had a revolving dictator since 1861.

Anonymous said...

The emperor has no clothes. Time for some new ones in orange, or black and white stripes.