Thursday, November 20, 2014

History rarely exactly repeats itself. It does, however, often echo. "The time has come to change the tones of submission into tones of defiance."

Rev. Jermain Wesley Loguen on why “I Won't Obey the Fugitive Slave Law”
Whatever may be your decision, my ground is taken. I have declared it everywhere. It is known over the state and out of the state—over the line in the North, and over the line in the South. I don't respect this law—I don't fear it—I won't obey it! It outlaws me, and I outlaw it, and the men who attempt to enforce it on me. I place the governmental officials on the ground that they place me. I will not live a slave, and if force is employed to re-enslave me, I shall make preparations to meet the crisis as becomes a man.


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oughtsix said...

I'd be willing to bet that very few, if any, white supremacists could deliver a speech like that one.

Or be as deeply understanding of the questions of Liberty and tyranny involved.

We still have a race problem in this country and it remains and has been made ever worse by the interference of government. That this has been purposeful in the service of tyranny is no longer in doubt.

Before the "Great Society" was instituted, there were black families with fathers in the home. Harlem was a working class neighborhood with family businesses, homes, churches and schools which actually functioned. In my own midwestern town, most black families tried hard to dress and act like decent folks and raise their children to standards so much higher than today so as to be unrecognizable to ghetto blacks today.

The black underclass we now see as a feral enemy is a creation of tyranny for its own purposes, and only partly the result of racial differences.

We may indeed have to fight black gangs, but government created them and we will most certainly have to fight government gangs.

Having come of age in the old America, I remember a time when good faith efforts, prudently cautious and judicious, between the races was making headway on racial issues down at the level of individual choices and actions. If that process had been allowed to mature naturally, I'm fairly certain that we would not be talking about a race war now.

Let's keep the blame and the focus where it so justly belongs: on the racist policies of welfare, affirmative action, pc nonsense, all the rest of the panacea politics of the democrat party and the lame acquiescence of republicans... and all the rest of us.

Anonymous said...

So, do I stop financing this unconstitutional government and open fire when they come to collect?

Anonymous said...

What does the Gabby Giffords link have to do with this great post from history about freedom and the will to preserve it? If I have a different story I want you to cover Mike, I will email you a link. I don't see how sidetracking topics helps.

Anonymous said...

Intended Consequences Resulting from Illegal Immigration

There is also one question that never gets asked, how many third world citizens can enter a first world country, until the first world country becomes a third world country? And why is Obama so hell-bent on getting illegal aliens amnesty and citizenship? The answer to this last question is very simple and obvious for all to see. Many illegal aliens who are given Visa or citizenship status will go on welfare thus greatly swelling the ranks of 101 million Americans who are presently on welfare and that is what this government wants, a totally dependent and manageable population. Also, these new “democrats,” the new buzz word for fascists, will vote for America to give up her private ownership for guns because most will not understand our Constitution.

oughtsix said...

Am I missing something?

I dislike having to say this, but my comment above is the only one so far that actually relates to the post.

That a former slave, in 1850!, could articulate the exact parameters of our present crisis, should be worthy of more than a passing glance.

Anonymous said...

Ditto "oughtsix" .. And remember also his speech was given before fluoride was put in the water to lower I.Q.'s and estrogen simulants were in hundreds of chemicals we come in contact with every day, making males a little less resolute in their beliefs... Our fight is against very clever social engineers, not each other. But when forced to defend we have no choice.

Paul X said...

Another good source is "Narrative of the Life of Frederick Douglass, an American Slave", available online. His description of a fight with a Mr. Covey who was supposed to break him (at age 16) is well worth the read.

A new book that I think might be another good read is "Please Stop Helping Us":

It's a terrible thing to be "helped" by the federal government.