Friday, November 14, 2014

Now behind enemy lines. Press Release. (I need your help.)

Will be on site at Panera -- and, yes, I know it's anti-firearm. I didn't select the venue but I find it ironic using the enemy's facilities for a purpose they could hardly approve of.
In the mean time, I find that I cannot access my new laptop and so the following press release has not yet been sent out. I'm currently at the West Hartford library but must head back to Panera. Will some volunteers kindly take it upon themselves to send it to their local Connecticut news outlets? Thanks.
14 November 2014
Smuggler & Advocate of Armed Civil Disobedience in Connecticut for a "Behind Enemy Lines" Tour.
Mike Vanderboegh, Second amendment activist, arms smuggler and citizen journalist who helped break the story of the Fast & Furious scandal on the Internet (See Stonewalled by Sharyl Attkisson, Chapter 2), is in Connecticut Friday, 14 November and Saturday 15 November for a "Behind Enemy Lines" tour of the most dangerous battlefield in the struggle to maintain the constitutional rights of American firearm owners.
Since the firearm and magazine registration act went into effect on 1 January 2014, state authorities have elected not to enforce the law when faced with a non-compliance rate as high as 85%. since then, Connecticut firearm owners who refuse to obey a law that they believe is tyrannical and unconstitutional have been waiting for the other jackboot to drop.
It hasn't dropped because Governor Dannel Malloy very cynically wanted a second term. Now that he has it, the raids that his "Gun Czar" Mike Lawlor promised Ron Pinciaro and other firearm confiscationists can begin.
Mr. Vanderboegh is here to show solidarity with the Connecticut resistance and to urge them to stand fast in their promise of "We Will NOT Comply!" Armed civil disobedience, Mr. Vanderboegh believes, is the only course left open by the Governor's insistence upon enforcing a law that the Supreme Court has not yet ruled as constitutional.
This afternoon and evening, Mr. Vanderboegh will be in the West Hartford area and tomorrow he will visit the Ye Connecticut Gun Guild's fall gun show in Middletown.
He will be available for interviews which may be scheduled by emailing


Anonymous said...

The Courant was notified.
Good luck in your endeavors.
The Chipotle chicken Panini is pretty tasty.

M said...

Dropped in a couple of places. Wish I could make it, but that's not going to happen. When you get your payment info sorted, I'll have to throw some gas money your way.

Thank you.

Anonymous said...

screw panera , I pack concealed for a reason .. no one is supposed to know
I go every where , I donot give any merit to a policy of a public place, or a stupid sticker that cannot and will not protect me

Cant wait for someone to sue them for endangering their life by being in the store

Im not going to die because of their
F-ed up policy or lack of United States Of America pride in all of what makes this a great country