Friday, November 21, 2014

Volunteering as cannibal food. China power grid attack would allow anti-gunners to demonstrate convictions

Under an open-ended shutdown, the population would essentially be on its own until such time as all systems can be brought back up. That could be quite some time. That means those unprepared to sustain themselves for an indefinite period would be faced with urgent decisions of basic survival. Under such circumstances, the prospects for widespread and extended looting and rioting would become near-certainties. For their part, the authorities still on the job -- and Hurricane Katrina demonstrated the potential for mass desertions when personal incentives outweigh those of public duty -- will be triaged where directed. Outlying areas, or areas ceded to chaos because they’re not deemed absolutely essential to retake and secure, will be on their own.


Anonymous said...

We have a bigger problem that I have seen no survivalists address. That problem is at all of our nuclear power plants. When the EMP happens, or even if we just have a fiscal collapse, many of our nuclear power plants go critical and we have Fukishimas everywhere. Of course, I have yet to be convicinced of the truth of Fukishima in Japan. I have heard that half the ocean is dying or dead because of it and I have heard that Fukishima just resulted in radiation spikes a few days after the incident. I have no idea what the truth is regarding nuke plants in the wake of EMP attack, but I fear preppers, 3%ers and survivalists may survive for a time just to be puking their guts out later from radiation poisoning after TEOTWAWKI.

Anonymous said...

I fear that Anonymous 1:00 is correct; we have put ALL of our eggs in one basket (a modern, electrically-powered economy), and we have no alternatives or reserves to tide us over in the event that things stop working for a while.

The nuke plants thing is insane: how could there NOT be a backup to the diesel generators that involves taking power from the plant itself and using that to circulate cooling water? Totally, batshit insane! You don't even need an attack (or a geomagnetic storm, courtesy of Sol), you just need a really wicked series of natural disasters and one or more nuke plants could end up going Fukushima...and with bad luck, it'll be plants on the west coast so that the prevailing winds carry the radioactive fallout all over the country.

Nonetheless, I'd rather have food, water, medicine, etc. on hand so that I and my family could survive as long as possible.

Anonymous said...

Seems some of us are making some extraordinary assumptions regarding nuclear power plants ' design for an EMP event. There's also the issue of the inappropriate citing of the Fukushima event where the causative factor was a tidal wave with its concomitant physical, (not electrical) forces. All nuclear power generating facilitates are DOD critical. Does anyone suppose they aren't " EMP hardened" like most other critical defense facilities ? >Jeff

Anonymous said...


The old "China,Russia or the Syrian Free Electronic Army is messing with our Electrical grid" meme routine and it's all BULLBLEEP!!! This is nothing but our own government, Trying to pre-condition the American people, to accepting the lie that either:China,Russia or the Syrian Free Electronic Army took out our Power Grid,so the American people in theory at least, will more readily accept Martial Law,when in actuality,it will have been Obama,the NSA and company, that "Hits the Kill switch" on our electrical Grid, so they can Try and suspend Our God Given Civil Rights and Civil Liberties!