Monday, November 24, 2014

In Washington and Elsewhere, Defiance is Proper Response to "Gun Control"

"Freedom begins with an act of defiance."


Anonymous said...

Freedom, rights, are best defended and protected via simple and straightforward exercise.

Anonymous said...

Defiance indeed. A Texas legislator shows how to legally raise your middle finger to Fed gun control..

And then, there's Utah. They're thinking about raising their middle finger to the cutting off the water to NSA's Bluffdale data center..

More than one way to defy the Feds.

Anonymous said...

The beauty of I-594 in Washington State is their playbook is wide open and easy to read and understand, all 18 pages . It is simple, deprivation of firearms to anyone . Making firearm ownership so onerous and expensive that we will fall in line like European nations.
The problem they run in to is Americans have never bowed to a King or Queen so the political elite are furious that we will not bend to their wishes . To all the timid that say gun control is not gun confiscation , have them Google I-594 and read it for themselves.

Paul X said...

I always like to look at the bright side. Think of the new opportunity Washington staters now have to flout the law. Thanks Bloomie! Your efforts have opened at least some eyes, on our proper relationship with the state - an adversarial one.