Wednesday, November 26, 2014

Obama’s DREAMer poster girl portends nightmare for gun owners

And what do the Reconqui... uh... PLANistas think about gun rights? They’re stumping for so-called “background checks,” that is, for the billionaire-funded confiscation-enabling registration fraud. Even gun owners in their ranks are all for more mandates and controls, like “Left-leaning political activist Launce Rake,” who opposes Constitutional carry.


Anonymous said...

Well, what else would you expect from Mr Launce Rake, who was raised in, and came from, a culture where possessing a gun (especially for self defense - from your own Gubbment) is seen as a privilege denied to all but the most well-connected (on both sides of the "law").

B Woodman

Carl Stevenson said...

All of the illegals should be rounded up and sent home.
I'd rather our tax money go to hiring enough people to do that than to support the illegals with welfare, food stamps, housing subsidies, free medical care, education, etc. while our veterans are ignored.