Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Anti-gun, anti-hunting agendas both depend on lies

Gun rights advocates have for years been understandably contemptuous of "Fudds"--hunters who cannot be bothered to fight against attacks on gun rights, as long as their hunting guns are left alone. Fudds have even been known to actively participate in the attacks so-called "assault weapons," "high capacity" magazines, etc., presumably hoping that by feeding other gun owners to the crocodile first, they can avoid the jaws forever. The rest of us know better. Anti-gun politicians also get useful cover from the Fudds, when they argue that, "You don't need an 'assault weapon to hunt deer"--as if that makes banning the most effective militia arms acceptable.


Anonymous said...

The "biggest lie" has been, and remains, these activists have, and continue, refusing to discuss the real agent in all violent crimes - humans. Instead they prefer labelling selected inanimate devices as "agents provocateurs", because to do otherwise means acknowledging individuals often harbor violent thoughts. Its ben well established many anti-gunners are driven by their own inner demons; ascribing what they would possibly do empowered with a firearm, to all gun owners/users. For them its a "win/win"; transferring their secret guilt to someone else while being part of a supportive community like-minded co-sufferers. >Jeff

Anonymous said...

The problem isn't so much gun laws (and other unconstitutional laws) per se. The problem is that most people obey such laws after they pass. And if a sufficient percentage of Americans cared enough about their fellow citizens to defend them against kidnapping attempts or assault by jackboots, tyranny could not exist in this land.

Anonymous said...

I admit I watch too much TV. But some of my favorite programs are on the oddball channels and are programs such as "Life Below Zero" "Alaska the Last Frontier" and "Yukon Men". These are unscripted (Or so they claim) reality programs depicting folks living in Alaska. They mostly hunt for their food, and an astounding number of them hunt with AR's.

One gal took a brown bear with an AR 10! And several hunt Caribou and even Moose with AR15's! Fascinating, and folks who claim AR's are not for hunting should watch these programs.

Of course my hero is Agnes Hailstone with her Moisin.