Thursday, November 27, 2014

Some of you need to take a breath.

It is possible to condemn rioting and lawlessness in the streets without embracing the militarized police state.
It is also possible to call into question the righteousness of Wilson's use of deadly force without embracing arson and pillage.
These are not mutually exclusive propositions.


Darkwing said...

You can condemn rioting, looting, burning. You can condemn murder, killing is still can be questioned. You have to judge the facts, when you have all the facts and the truth.

CB said...

Yes, we have the same problem in both camps: criminals who have no respect for the constitutional rights of others.

Anonymous said...

Here here, Mike.

Anonymous said...

I completely agree on both counts.

However, it's not possible to support the police without supporting the police state. That will remain the case until America is free.

With special exceptions that are rare indeed (e.g., infiltrators from the Liberty Movement), anyone who wears a police uniform in the fUSA is contributing to the continuation of the police state simply by adding to its manpower. That makes them the enemy. This would remain the case even if the police didn't view themselves as an elite brotherhood to whom the rest of us must be absolutely deferential or pay the price.

Remember, even the "good" cops always stick up for the bad ones. If they don't, the rest of the "brotherhood" has ways of getting rid of them. And how many cops refuse to kidnap and cage people for victimless "crimes"? That's how many are truly "good" (not counting those who are pushing up daisies).

Americans should view today's cops the same way the residents of WWII Poland viewed the occupying Nazis.

On a brighter note: Happy Thanksgiving to you and the other liberty-minded folks here!

TdB said...


Anonymous said...

Agreed. It is a fine line.

Anonymous said...

not as fun though !

Anonymous said...

"These are not mutually exclusive propositions."

Precisely. For an expanded, and, shall we say, vigorous discussion, see: Explain Ferguson? Sure.

TRex said...

There are those who think the 3percent movement is pro anarchy, and they really do not care what we say. There mind is made up. There are also those collectivists who think the government is always right. Often they are the same people.

And there are those who think they should be above the law, or think the world owes them. They think the law is always wrong, no matter what the evidence. There mind is made up. There is also a hardened criminal element in our society. Often they are the same people.

Then there are some who come here not knowing what is going on and how to respond to it. They need to be educated, and if they read here long enough, they will find that education.

Keep up the good work.

Anonymous said...

Ultimately, police are the very last line of defense among government structure. If cops ignore unconstitutional mandates to arrest and incarcerate Citizens under legislative chicanery, then legislative chicanery is properly checked every bit as much as if a court slaps down said mandate as unconstitutional. (IE - common sense prevailing at the meeting point that's most common between Citizens and government.... Police).

Sadly, police are abdicating their duty, their oaths, just as much or more than corrupt legislators, judges and executives. Therefore, those officers should not be surprised that the ire of the Citizenry is directed and imposed upon them most harshly and most often.

The police officers of this country CAN straighten up this country if they put on the their thinking caps and only act in defense of liberty as instructed by the constitution that binds them. They will garner respect and backing from the Citizenry if they do so, but will be the first targeted if they refuse to do so.

In other words - refuse checkpoint detail and drug war participation, refuse to man speed traps and write revenue generation tickets... Instead choosing to allocate manpower to STRICTLY targeting and capturing robbers rapists and killers. When THOSE criminals are dealt with and there's excess police manpower.... THEN maybe we can start to talk about enforcing the spitting on the sidewalk "laws".

bubba said...

People who reject laws and government are self worshipers and followers of satan. Man's laws, at their best, are a corruption of God's laws. All good and just laws and government comes not from man but from God.

Judgement is fast approaching and the time is at hand when we must choose whom to worship.

Anonymous said...

Timing is everything when bringing up certain issues to discuss. For instance at the funeral of a pious man, in the company of his friends and family, would be an inappropriate time for an atheist to opine that there is no after-life, and that the deceased will go into the ground and rot just like everything else on the planet that dies.

When Obama stood forth and spoke of wider systemic national issues re: Ferguson, just as the riots were beginning, and alluded to the problem being that the police need to do more to work with serving their communities, for which he'd be sending out his trustworthy AG, Eric Holder, he provided another case in point, not dissimilar to the way the antis dance in the recent blood of a shooting tragedy to advance the "national debate" about guns.

Many would agree that there are wider issues beyond Ferguson, (e.g., the elite brotherization of the force and the overuse of SWATS on the police side, and also the problem of the criminal violence of the young black male culture).

For bringing up one side of the equation while the city was burning, Obama then, and in his apology of "justified anger" in the following days, has indirectly incited the violence.

The grand jury had to sift through countless bogus lies, exaggerations, rumors to assess whether Darren Wilson should face severe charges. False "witnesses" broke down in the face of empirical evidence, confessing they didn't actually see it, (will they be charged?: I can see protesters chanting BLACK LIES DON'T MATTER).

The issue that the administration has been promulgating since Day 1 is collective racial "justice". Race pimps like Al Sharpton feel like they are overdue, after Duke lacrosse and Zimmerman, and have come out full force to mau mau the St Louis community over this gentle giant, and the grand jury had the courage and sense to stand firm.

I have no sympathy with the current protesters and would prefer the discuss the issues re: the police at another time, and via another venue, (e.g., not with this federal administration - or any- for that matter). That's a State or Local issue please Feds go home.

Similarly with the violent black male culture issue, that being a social issue for which the Feds have already done quite enough, (e.g. half century of combination of Great Society welfarism creating an entitlement mentality and continuation of the Drug War creating gangland zones in inner cities).

With respect to the Ferguson violence, my biggest fear is that the police will be and has been too cowed to serve and protect innocent civilians, but they deserve our support and respect when they do.