Monday, November 24, 2014

Homeschooling family tasered, arrested after being accused of having a ‘messy’ house

“All too often, law enforcement officers and child-welfare workers act as if the Fourth Amendment does not apply to CPS investigations. They are wrong. The Fourth Amendment is a legal shield that protects people from exactly the kind of mistreatment the Hagans endured,” the organization writes.


Anonymous said...

As I have said many times, law enforcement officers should NOT be allowed to have tasers.

- Old Greybeard


Is this Nazi Germany of the United States? Events like this and worse are happening weekly, with the Constitution being replaced by the Gestapo. Sooner or later there will be a shoot out between a home owner and police thugs un lawfully trying to occupy a home. If the Commander in Chief is a lawless man, then the cops figure they can get away with it too. And I thought police were smarter than that. Children, dogs, the elderly, concealed carry holders, and homeowners are being shot and killed because of cops operating way outside of their lawful authority.

dymphna said...

I used to be a CPS worker and our state criminal code had very specific rules re what constituted grounds for removal of children, which was a last step result of a 45 day investigation

In addition, even in a dire situationj, the kids could not be taken without a judge's signature on the dotted line. Accountability.

No jurisdiction wants more foster children. I was a senior foster care worker and there aren't a lot of homes. If you put them in state emergency placements, the costs are horrific and they are borne by the jurisdiction's board of supervisor's budget - which you'd better not over run - with state and federal monies added in. Those last two meant a flood of paperwork.

I'd like to know where this happened and to see another source of information. Maybe the link was there and I didn't see it.

Paul X said...

Thanks to Ronald Reagan, the states now have a financial incentive to steal children from parents. It's called "block grants"...

The kidnapping got so bad in the state of Massachusetts some years back, that irate fathers in two cases, facing the prospect of never seeing their kids again, went and killed the social workers. Serves 'em right.

These days it seems the only way to come to the front door when cops are there, is with a gun in your hand. And don't open the door either! Let 'em yell through the door, after which you can tell 'em to fuck off.

If ever there was a line in the sand, this is it. What are fathers for, anyway, if not for protecting their families?