Monday, November 24, 2014

Hands up! Don't shoot, er, ah, loot!

More on the path of principled social justice front: Violence in Ferguson after no indictment announced


Robert Fowler said...

"A storage unit and a Little Caesar's pizza shop were among buildings that burned."

Nothing says justice like burning down someones business.

Anonymous said...

Pants Up!
Don't Loot!

You Loot!
We shoot!

Paul X said...

Turns out Will Grigg was not too impressed with the grand jury proceedings:

I'm with Will. It was just another whitewash for the "Only Ones". No wonder people are rioting (which is not to say riots make any sense either).

Anonymous said...

The police know how to deal with looters.

Anonymous said...

According to the cop, the kid made a fist with his left hand. put his right hand in his waste band, bent over and charged the cop while being shot at. Yep, makes perfect sense to me.