Sunday, November 30, 2014

"When Police Failed In Ferguson, Two Very Different Militias Kept the Peace"

When there is a failure of civility and law enforcement is overwhelmed, it is We, the People who must rise up and provide security for our communities. These two very different groups, with very different backgrounds, must have made our Founding Fathers very proud.
See also: Police shut down mysterious 'Oath Keepers' guarding rooftops in downtown Ferguson


Anonymous said...

The Post-Dispatch headline makes no sense. I suppose it's the copy-editor's revenge against a fair and accurate news report.

bondmen said...

The battle rages on for those who are Facebook aficionados here:
Join the battle and put the communists in the place they deserve.

Anonymous said...

On Thursday, one volunteer had an “infidel” patch on his Kevlar vest and would say only that he came from “the north.”

What is it with all the ridiculous "infidel" apparel, anyway? Do people really think they're making a bold statement by taunting a minority that has about as much political power in America as the Jews had in Hitler's Germany?

That is another depressing example of someone who has no clue as to who is taking his freedom.

Anyone who thinks that Muslims threaten his freedom, or that terrorism is a significant threat to national security, has been brainwashed by the US government and its neocon/Zionist propaganda machine. Sheldon Adelson and the other ruling oligarchs undoubtedly approve.

Anonymous said...

I see we have a CAIR troll commenting today.
Muslims are at the heart of fergeson protests, egging on all of it. Interestingly, muzzies were in lock step with the nazis of Germany - pointing out the idiocy of the alinski attack above.

Infidel? Damn straight. Make no mistake, the state of our justice "system" today mirrors sharia far more than most will admit. Add to it that media is almost wholly controlled by Muslims via ownership.

The rise in infidel gear shows that folks are finally waking up to it. Know this - the only people "offended" by this are Ummm MUZZIES!