Monday, November 17, 2014

Anecdotes of a collapsing civilization.

Feminist Judith: We Should Not Prosecute Young Black Males Who Commit Sexual Assault
Anti-gun School Administrators Dishonor Veterans On Their Day
Children And Hunting: Could It Spawn A Serial Killer?
"It’s my hope that parents and community leaders will recognize the issue of minors hunting for what it truly is: Child abuse. By working together we can protect future generations from fates similar to that of Dahmer and his unfortunate victims."
Skater Shoe Company Fallen Footwear Features Kid’s Shoes With Satanic Logo


Meister said...

It doesn't even phase me anymore. The doublespeak and word checkers is to be expected. All we can do as parents and advisers is to ensure those we are responsible for are taught correctly about respect and consequences. The ones we teach will be nation builders.

For the rest?

Beware the fury of a patient man.

GaryM said...

Let's see "Feminist Judith" assaulted by seven "men of color" and see if her tune changes any!

Dave said...

"Children and hunting". Hilarious if not for the utter stupidity and sincerity. Comments (27 when I read it) following the article were 100% negative. Gotta be some kind of record.

FedUp said...

Don't forget: CAIR routinely quoted as civil rights leaders in the media, and a police Captain loses a federal lawsuit over being ordered to attend a Mosque ceremony for a CAIR affiliated publicity stunt.

Meanwhile, in the UAE, the government declares CAIR to be a terrorist organization: