Thursday, November 20, 2014

Does Florida outlaw a militia becoming 'well-regulated'?

Prosecutors told jurors that they didn't have to prove a specific plan, just show the group was doing the training for some sort of civil disorder.
Guess I'll have to make time to go to Florida and train some militia again.


Anonymous said...

Dumbass jurors.

Anonymous said...

That ain't right...
That can not Stand.

Nuff Said.

Anonymous said...

Mike, I would invite you to teach about the militia here, in PA. You're welcome to stay at my place. This state had a strong militia once upon a time, but it seems no one really understands their history.


PNW_DPer said...

I have been "training" 11 year old Boy Scouts in map and compass, first aid, camping, outdoor survival, and in the past have assisted in marksmanship training.

Good thing I'm not in Florida?

Anonymous said...

RKBA Through the Ages
The Responsibility to Keep and Bear Arms – The Fifth Auxiliary Right

In the year 1369, Edward III, one of England's truly great monarchs, issued the following order:-

"Cause public proclamation to be made, that everyone strong in body at leisure time on holidays use in his recreation the bow and arrow and learn and exercise the art of shooting - forbidding all and singular on our behalf that they do not after any manner apply themselves to the throwing of stones, wood, iron, handball, football, bandyball, cambuck, or cock fighting; nor to other such like vain plays which have no profit in them, under pain of imprisonment."

Edward Rex, Westminster, 12th day of June, Year of Our Lord 1369


Anonymous said...

If you do, count me in!

Anonymous said...


'Great, great damage not only to the Democratic Party, but to America'

Anonymous said...

What about all the Islamic jihadi camps all over the country that are COMPLETLY left alone and avoided?

If you suggest to your local pd or FBI that paramilitary training is going on at these jihadi enemy bases they investigate and come after YOU!!

This is another case of going after those evil white patriots while aiding and abetting the true enemies of the country

Something is deliberately NOT RIGHT in Bismark

Fight islam Now

Anonymous said...


Describes president's amnesty plan as modern-day 'Fort Sumter'

Carl Stevenson said...

I'm in SE PA near Alentown.. Are you close?
If so, we should get to know each other.

Anonymous said...

Question for Dutchman6 and others: Are there any good books for starting a militia? Maybe on a "for dummies" level?

Anonymous said...

Some time after the fiasco at the Bay of Pigs the Florida state govt got together and made it illegal for paramilitary training to take place in the state. That is because the Cubans were trained here in Florida.
That law is still on the books and they will prosecute.
It should be challenged in court as unconstitutional.

Sedition said...

As a Floridian born and raised, I have the following anouncment for the jurors and that law:

"Eat my ass with a spoon."

Anonymous said...

I am in NEPA north of A-town.
is there a way for you to relay my addy to Carl?


Anonymous said...

Everyone who pointed out that the jurors are at fault are right. I spent most of the summer on a Grand Jury ( read: rubber stamp) in NY and trying to get certain points across to others in deliberations was like teaching a 2 year old how to drive. They took orders from prosecutors like good Nazis and the word "nullification" might as well have been Greek. And speaking of Nazis, after WWI they weren't allowed any flight programs, so they got around it with civilian glider clubs. So besides Floridians getting together and shaking their legislators non-stop to change that law they should be looking at ways of getting around this nonsense by calling it something else in the meantime. Like a war reenactment club or "extreme hiking"...LOL

Anonymous said...

I have paid for and attended shooting classes and competitions that could be viewed through the lens of "paramilitary training". Will I be charged with the same crime as well? BTW- All of these courses took place in The Sunshine State.The Brigada Asalto 2506 has a museum in Miami. All patriots should go if you have the opportunity.

Anonymous said...

So basically under this Florida law, pretty much all state law enforcement should shut down, since police in Florida are indeed pretty much training to engage in "civil disorder". When cops abuse their authority, shoot homeless men, etc. that is pretty much alfully disorderous to civil society. Generally a Nazi Police state erected by elitists to impose one sided laws against the chattel but not themeselves is awfully harmful to the whole civil society thing.

So why are cops allowed to violate this law and not militia? If we are going to have laws, everyone should follow them.