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An Open Letter to the Men and Women of the Connecticut State Police: You are NOT the enemy (UNLESS YOU CHOOSE TO BE.)

The following letter was sent via email to members of the Connecticut State Police, Department of Emergency Services and Public Protection. There are 1,212 email addresses on the list. There were 62 bounce-backs.
15 February 2014
To the men and women of the Connecticut State Police and the Department of Emergency Services and Public Protection:
My name is Mike Vanderboegh. Few of you will know who I am, or even will have heard of the Three Percent movement that I founded, though we have been denounced on the national stage by that paragon of moral virtue, Bill Clinton. Three Percenters are uncompromising firearm owners who have stated very plainly for years that we will obey no further encroachments on our Second Amendment rights. Some of you, if you read this carelessly, may feel that it is a threat. It is not. Three Percenters also believe that to take the first shot in a conflict over principle is to surrender the moral high ground to the enemy. We condemn so-called collateral damage and terrorism such as that represented by the Oklahoma City Bombing and the Waco massacre. We are very aware that if you seek to defeat evil it is vital not to become the evil you claim to oppose. Thus, though this letter is certainly intended to deal with an uncomfortable subject, it is not a threat to anyone. However, it is important for everyone to understand that while we promise not to take the first shot over principle, we make no such promise if attacked, whether by common criminals or by the designated representatives of a criminal government grown arrogant and tyrannical and acting out an unconstitutional agenda under color of law. If we have any model, it is that of the Founding generation. The threat to public order and safety, unfortunately, comes from the current leaders of your state government who unthinkingly determined to victimize hitherto law-abiding citizens with a tyrannical law. They are the ones who first promised violence on the part of the state if your citizens did not comply with their unconstitutional diktat. Now, having made the threat (and placed the bet that you folks of the Connecticut State Police will meekly and obediently carry it out) they can hardly complain that others take them seriously and try by every means, including this letter, to avoid conflict.
Some of you are already working a major case on me, trying to figure out how I may be arrested for violating Conn. P.A. 13-3, which bears the wildly dishonest title of "An Act Concerning Gun Violence Prevention and Children's Safety." (What part of "protecting children" is accomplished by sparking a civil war?) Not only have I personally violated this unconstitutional and tyrannical act by smuggling and by the encouragement of smuggling, defiance and non-compliance on the part of your state's citizens, but I have further irritated your wannabe tyrant bosses by sending them standard capacity magazines in my "Toys for Totalitarians" program. I further have annoyed them by pointing out -- and seeking more evidence of -- the existence of Mike Lawlor's KGB file (as well as his FBI and CIA counter-intelligence files). In short, I have made myself a nuisance to your bosses in just about every way I could think of. However, their discomfiture reminds me of the wisdom of that great American philosopher of the late 20th Century, Frank Zappa, who said, "Do you love it? Do you hate it? There it is, the way you made it." Whether you will be able to make a case on me that sticks is, of course, problematic for a number of reasons which I will detail to you in the letter below. I have already done so to your bosses and include the links in this email so that you may easily access them.
But even if you are not working on my case you will want to pay attention to this letter, because tyrannical politicians in your state have been writing checks with their mouths that they expect you to cash with your blood. We have moved, thanks to them, into a very dangerous undiscovered country. Connecticut is now in a state of cold civil war, one that can flash to bloody conflict in an instant if someone, anyone, does something stupid. So please pay attention, for Malloy and Co. have put all your asses on the line and are counting on your supine obedience to the enforcement of their unconstitutional diktat.
I apparently first came to your attention with this speech on the steps of your state capitol on 20 April 2013. It was very well received by the audience but virtually ignored by the lapdog press of your state. If I may, I'd like to quote some of the more salient points of it that involve you.
"An unconstitutional law is void." It has no effect. So says American Jurisprudence, the standard legal text. And that's been upheld by centuries of American law. An unconstitutional law is VOID. Now that is certainly true. But the tricky part is how do we make that point when the local, state and federal executive and legislative branches as well as the courts are in the hands of the domestic enemies of the Constitution. Everyone who is currently trying to take away your right to arms starts out by saying "I support the 2nd Amendment." Let me tell you a home truth that we know down in Alabama -- Barack Obama supports the 2nd Amendment just about as much as Adolf Hitler appreciated Jewish culture, or Joseph Stalin believed in individual liberty. Believe what politicians do, not what they say. Because the lie is the attendant of every evil. . .
Before this year no one thought that other firearms and related items would ever be banned -- but they were, they have been. No one thought that the authorities of your state would pass laws making criminals out of the previously law-abiding -- but they did. If they catch you violating their unconstitutional laws, they will -- when they please -- send armed men to work their will upon you. And people -- innocent of any crime save the one these tyrants created -- will die resisting them.
You begin to see, perhaps, how you fit into this. YOU are the "armed men" that Malloy and Company will send "to work their will" upon the previously law-abiding. In other words, this law takes men and women who are your natural allies in support of legitimate law enforcement and makes enemies of the state of them, and bully boy political police of you. So you all have a very real stake in what happens next. But let me continue:
The Founders knew how to answer such tyranny. When Captain John Parker -- one of the three percent of American colonists who actively took the field against the King during the Revolution -- mustered his Minutemen on Lexington Green, it was in a demonstration of ARMED civil disobedience. . . The colonists knew what to do and they did it, regardless of the risk -- regardless of all the King's ministers and the King's soldiery. They defied the King. They resisted his edicts. They evaded his laws and they smuggled. Lord above, did they smuggle.
Now we find ourselves in a similar situation. The new King Barack and his minions have determined to disarm us. We must determine to resist them. No one wants a new civil war (except, apparently, the anti-constitutional tyrants who passed these laws and the media toadies who cheer them on) but one is staring us in the face. Let me repeat that, a civil war is staring us in the face. To think otherwise is to whistle past the graveyard of our own history. We must, if we wish to avoid armed conflict, get this message across to the collectivists who have declared their appetites for our liberty, our property and our lives -- WHEN DEMOCRACY TURNS TO TYRANNY, THE ARMED CITIZEN STILL GETS TO VOTE.
Just like King George, such people will not care, nor modify their behavior, by what you say, no matter how loudly or in what numbers you say it. They will only pay attention to what you DO. So defy them. Resist their laws. Evade them. Smuggle in what they command you not to have. Only by our ACTS will they be impressed. Then, if they mean to have a civil war, they will at least have been informed of the unintended consequences of their tyrannical actions. Again I say -- Defy. Resist. Evade. Smuggle. If you wish to stay free and to pass down that freedom to your children's children you can do no less than to become the lawbreakers that they have unconstitutionally made of you. Accept that fact. Embrace it. And resolve to be the very best, most successful lawbreakers you can be.
Well, I guess at least some of my audience that day took my message to heart. As Connecticut newspapers have finally begun reporting -- "Untold Thousands Flout Gun Registration Law" -- and national commentators are at last noticing, my advice to defy, resist and evade this intolerable act is well on the way. The smuggling, as modest as it is, I can assure is also happening. This law is not only dangerous it is unenforceable by just about any standard you care to judge it by. Let's just look at the numbers mentioned in the Courant story.
By the end of 2013, state police had received 47,916 applications for assault weapons certificates, Lt. Paul Vance said. An additional 2,100 that were incomplete could still come in.
That 50,000 figure could be as little as 15 percent of the rifles classified as assault weapons owned by Connecticut residents, according to estimates by people in the industry, including the Newtown-based National Shooting Sports Foundation. No one has anything close to definitive figures, but the most conservative estimates place the number of unregistered assault weapons well above 50,000, and perhaps as high as 350,000.
And that means as of Jan. 1, Connecticut has very likely created tens of thousands of newly minted criminals — perhaps 100,000 people, almost certainly at least 20,000 — who have broken no other laws. By owning unregistered guns defined as assault weapons, all of them are committing Class D felonies.
"I honestly thought from my own standpoint that the vast majority would register," said Sen. Tony Guglielmo, R-Stafford, the ranking GOP senator on the legislature's public safety committee. "If you pass laws that people have no respect for and they don't follow them, then you have a real problem."
This blithering idiot of a state senator is, as I warned Mike Lawlor the other day, extrapolating. It is a very dangerous thing, extrapolation, especially when you are trying to predict the actions of an enemy you made yourself whom you barely recognize let alone understand. I told Lawlor:
You, you silly sod, are extrapolating from your own cowardice. Just because you wouldn't risk death for your principles, doesn't mean there aren't folks who most certainly will. And, not to put too fine a point on it, but folks who are willing to die for their principles are most often willing to kill in righteous self-defense of them as well. You may be ignorant of such people and their ways. You may think that they are insane. But surely even you cannot be so clueless that, insane or not from your point-of-view, such people DO exist and in numbers unknown. This is the undiscovered country that you and your tyrannical ilk have blundered into, like clueless kindergarteners gaily (no pun intended) tap-dancing in a well-marked mine field. The Founders marked the mine field. Is it our fault or yours that you have blithely ignored the warnings? If I were a Connecticut state policeman I would be wondering if the orders of a possible KGB mole throwback were worth the terminal inability to collect my pension. Of course, you may be thinking that you can hide behind that "thin blue line." Bill Clinton's rules of engagement say otherwise.
The odds are, and it gives me no particular satisfaction to say it, is that someone is going to get killed over your unconstitutional misadventures in Connecticut. And if not Connecticut, then New York, or Maryland, or California or Colorado. And once the civil war you all apparently seek is kicked off, it would not be -- it could not be -- confined to one state.
This is not a threat, of course. Not the personal, actionable threat that you may claim. It ranks right along with -- no, that's wrong, IT IS EXACTLY LIKE -- an ex-con meeting me in the street and pointing to my neighbor's house saying, "Tonight I am going to break in there, kill that man, rape his wife and daughters and steal everything that he is, has, or may become." I warn him, "If you try to do that, he will kill you first. He may not look like much, but I know him to be vigilant and perfectly capable of blowing your head off." That is not a threat from me. It is simply good manners. Consider this letter in the same vein. I am trying to save you from yourself.
For, like that common criminal, you have announced by your unconstitutional law and your public statements in favor of its rigorous enforcement that you have a tyrannical appetite for your neighbors' liberty, property and lives. It doesn't take a crystal ball to see that this policy, if carried to your announced conclusion, will not end well for anybody, but especially for you.
Now let's examine those numbers in the Courant story. You know the size of the Connecticut Department of Emergency Services and Public Protection. Wikipedia tells us that "CSP currently has approximately 1,248 troopers, and is headquartered in Middletown, Connecticut. It is responsible for protecting the Governor of Connecticut, Lieutenant Governor of Connecticut, and their families." There are but 1,212 email addresses listed on the state website to which this email is going, which presumably includes everyone including secretaries, receptionists, file clerks, technicians, etc. Now, how many shooters for raid parties you may find among that one thousand, two hundred and forty eight that Wikipedia cites, or whatever number will be on the payroll when something stupid happens, only you know for sure. I'll let you do the counting. They are daunting odds in any case, and as you will see, they get more daunting as we go down this road that Malloy and Company have arranged for you. (By the way, don't forget to subtract those on the Green Zone protective details, for your political masters will certainly see their survival as your mission number one.) So, how many folks would your superiors be interested in seeing you work their will upon? And of these, how many will fight regardless of cost?
Let's assume that there are 100,000 non-compliant owners of military pattern semi-automatic rifles in your state. I think it is a larger number but 100,000 has a nice round ring to it. Let us then apply the rule of three percent to that number -- not to the entire population of your state, not even to the number of firearm owners, but just to that much smaller demonstrated number of resistors. That leaves you with at least 3,000 men and women who will shoot you if you try to enforce this intolerable act upon them. Of course you will have to come prepared to shoot them. That's a given. They know this. So please understand: THEY. WILL. SHOOT. YOU. (In what they believe is righteous self defense.) Now, if any of them follow Bill Clinton's rules of engagement and utilize the principles of 4th Generation Warfare, after the first shots are fired by your raid parties, they will not be home when you come to call. These people will be targeting, according to the 4GW that many of them learned while serving in Iraq and Afghanistan, the war makers who sent you. This gets back to that "when democracy turns to tyranny, the armed citizenry still gets to vote." One ballot, or bullet, at a time.
This is all hypothetical, of course, based upon the tyrants' appetites for these hitherto law-abiding citizens' liberty, property and lives as well as upon your own willingness to enforce their unconstitutional diktat. And here's where you can do something about it. The first thing you have to realize is that the people you will be targeting do not view you as the enemy. Indeed, you are NOT their enemy, unless you choose to be one.
Again, an unconstitutional law is null and void. Of course you may if you like cling to the slim fact that a single black-robed bandit has ruled the Intolerable Act as constitutional in Shew vs. Malloy, but that will not matter to those three percent of the resistors -- your fellow citizens -- whom you target. They no longer expect a fair trial in your state in any case, which leaves them, if they wish to defend their liberty, property and lives, only the recourse of an unfair firefight. So to cite Shew vs. Malloy at the point of a state-issued firearm to such people is, well, betting your life on a very slender reed.
Thus, my kindly advice to you, just as it was to Lawlor, is to not go down that road. You are not the enemy of the people of Connecticut, not yet. The politicians who jammed this law down the peoples' throats are plainly flummoxed by the resistance it has engendered. In the absence of a definitive U.S. Supreme Court decision do you really want to risk not being able to draw your pension over some politician's insatiable appetite for power?
There are many ways you can refuse to get caught up in this. Passive resistance, looking the other way, up to and including outright refusal to execute what is a tyrannical law that a higher court may yet find unconstitutional and therefore null and void. Do you really want to have to kill someone enforcing THAT? Just because you were ordered to do so? After Nuremberg, that defense no longer obtains. (You may say, "Well, I'm just a secretary, a clerk, you can't blame me for anything." Kindly recall from Nuremberg one other lesson: raid parties cannot break down doors unless someone like you prepares the list in advance. In fact, you have at your keyboard and in your databases more raw, naked power than any kick-in-the-door trooper. And with that power comes moral responsibility. Adolf Eichmann didn't personally kill anyone. But he darn sure made up the lists and saw to it that trains ran on time. When the first Connecticut citizen (or, God forbid, his family) is killed as a result of your list-making, do you think that because you didn't pull the trigger that gives you a moral pass?)
So I call on you all, in your own best interest and that of your state, to refuse to enforce this unconstitutional law. There are a number of Three Percenters within the Connecticut state government, especially its law enforcement arms. I know that there have been many discussions around water-coolers and off state premises about the dangers that this puts CT law enforcement officers in and what officers should do if ordered to execute raids on the previously law-abiding.
You have it within your power to refuse to initiate hostilities in an American civil war that would, by its very nature, be ghastly beyond belief and would unleash hatreds and passions that would take generations to get over, if then.
Please, I beg you to understand, you are not the enemy, you are not an occupying force -- unless you choose to violate the oath that each of you swore to preserve, protect and defend the Constitution of the United States against ALL enemies, foreign and domestic. For their part, the men and women who will be targeted by your raids took an identical oath. Can you think of anything more tragic than brother killing brother over some politician's tyrannical appetite?
I can't. The future -- yours, mine, our children's, that of the citizens of Connecticut and indeed of the entire country -- is in YOUR hands.
At the very least, by your refusal you can give the courts time to work before proceeding into an unnecessary civil war against your own friends and neighbors on the orders of a self-anointed elite who frankly don't give a shit about you, your life, your future or that of your family. They wouldn't pass these laws if they thought that they would have to risk the potential bullet that their actions have put you in the path of. They count on you to take that bullet, in service of their power and their lies. Fool them. Just say no to tyranny. You are not the enemy. Don't act like one.
Mike Vanderboegh
The alleged leader of a merry band of Three Percenters
PO Box 926
Pinson AL 35126
The patch of the Connecticut Three Percent, given me on the occasion of my speech in Hartford, 20 April 2013.


Anonymous said...

Mike, could you also send this to the New York State Police in its entirety? Obviously substituting NY for Connecticut. We feel the same way in this state.

Anonymous said...

How do you fit your balls inside your pants?

Matt Bracken said...

After reading the open letter above, I invite all current LEOs and FLEAs to read my own "Dear Mr. Security Agent." I especially invite the boys and girls down in the fusion centers to read it very carefully, since the future of American liberty will depend in large part upon the individual decisions that they make.

WarriorClass said...

Excellent letter. They need to understand that it won't just be Connecticut residents they will face, should they violate our constitutional rights. An attack on the constitution is an attack on us all.

Anonymous said...

Alea iacta est. It would appear the ball is in their court. Get ready.

ATOM ANT said...

Great letter. JMO but unfortunately the police will follow orders for fear of losing their jobs and pensions. Especially if some are made examples of. If they are attacked, I'm afraid the blue brotherhood will make it us against them.

To bring the matter to a quick end, shouldn't reprisals be against the source of the tyranny?

Anonymous said...

warned is warned

Anonymous said...

Molon Labe. Patriots will travel great distances to assist their brothers. As Anonymous says, "Expect Us."

Anonymous said...

I gotta say Mike. I honestly believed you were full of a lot of hot air. Toys for Totalitarians and this letter, you have proven me wrong.

Hopefully these dingbat gun control nuts will get the message in Connecticut without blood being spilled. I am afraid that a new war in this country would make the Civil War look like a small skirmish.


Cameraman said...

Mike Excellent Letter, and I agree they know not what they do, this could be the Spark to Kick off a Very uncivil, Civil War!! We are all in this together, no matter what State we Hail From...Brothers In Arms...

Semper Fi

Anonymous said...

I would like to request that you send a copy of this letter to the Utah State police Dept. I hope other citizens from other states would make the same request

WarHead said...

I agree, excellent letter. Unfortunately most LEOs seem to have the "only one" chip and I fear the intent of this letter will fall on deaf ears while the ones listening will be busy trying to find some crime to charge you with. Public nuisance maybe? Something buried in the NDAA Act perhaps?

michael said...

I would think the families of these LEOs and FLEAS would be concerned about this also. No putting the genie back in the bottle once it is out.

Anonymous said...

Bravo, Dutchman, Bravo.

This letter should be read by anyone who carries out Peace Officer duties.

You and Rosie stay warm and safe.


Anonymous said...

Mikes balls are so big now he wears a kilt. Well done.

smitty said...


Serious speaking of truth to power going on here.

But take care, watch your six, that you're not black-bagged.

Nice Zappa quote in the open letter.

However, I do have to take exception with two notions that seem in error-the comments about the "law-abiding" and "...who have broken no other laws."

Though I know not the basis of these 'law-abiding' assertions, they almost certainly fly in the face of our 'modern' era of stacks and piles of laws, state and federal, that are almost certainly breached regularly by nearly all but the infirm and bedridden.

See the book by Harvey Silverglate:

The average professional in this country wakes up in the morning, goes to work, comes home, eats dinner, and then goes to sleep, unaware that he or she has likely committed several federal crimes that day. Why? The answer lies in the very nature of modern federal criminal laws, which have exploded in number but also become impossibly broad and vague. In Three Felonies a Day, Harvey A. Silverglate reveals how federal criminal laws have become dangerously disconnected from the English common law tradition and how prosecutors can pin arguable federal crimes on any one of us, for even the most seemingly innocuous behavior.

Silverglate calculates three federal felonies per day, per person, how many more 'crimes' when the plethora of state laws are taken into account?

I may be picking nits...but I think it's a valid point that the truth regarding the "law-abiding" is that they compose a tiny fraction of 1% of the people.

Good people may be peaceful, tolerant, co-existers, but truly "law-abiding" they are not. Upon examination of all that has been criminalized...who would want to be?

Two more worthy quotes from the late conductor:

The United States is a nation of laws: badly written and randomly enforced.
Frank Zappa

The illusion of freedom will continue as long as it's profitable to continue the illusion. At the point where the illusion becomes too expensive to maintain, they will just take down the scenery, they will pull back the curtains, they will move the tables and chairs out of the way and you will see the brick wall at the back of the theater.
―Frank Zappa

Sedition said...

Those who make peaceful revolution impossible will make violent revolution inevitable.
John F. Kennedy, In a speech at the White House, 1962
35th president of US 1961-1963 (1917 - 1963)

Joseph P. Martino said...

We will soon be faced with the choice of fish or cut bait. The government is doing its best to force that choice upon us.

Debby said...

I am so glad some choose NOT to give up our rights, because of fear from our government bullies. They all know they will not be the ones in the line of fire, and thus, orders innocents to do their dirty work. Up yours Washington...SIDEWAYS.

Neil E. Wright said...

Greetings Dutchman,

Enclosed is a copy of an email I sent to a local deputy I've been having discussions with about "Constitutionalists" or Constitutional Conservatives.

Greetings Ol' Son,

Here are some of the links I promised to send you the other day.

Oath Keepers:

Sheriff Richard Mack:

Constitutional Sheriffs and Peace Officers Association:

The Tenth Amendment Center:

The County Sheriff Project:

Constitutional Sheriffs:

I have other links to so-called "Constitutionalists" groups, but they all have the same in common, they support the Constitution and limited-government.

The information you have heard about "Constitutionalists" being "terrorists" came from the SPLC (the Southern Poverty Law Center, or as I refer to them: the Southern Preposterous Lie Center).

I can send you more links in the future if you desire to learn more truth about "Constitutionalists" or Constitutional Conservatives. These links will give you a good start.

I'll look forward to future discussions with you on this topic.


Neil E. Wright

Hopefully we can avert the coming unpleasantness, by informing local LEOs 1 deputy or police officer at a time.

Anonymous said...

Mike - absolutely the most eloquent and articulate description of what we are facing that I have ever read. Brilliant.

bob57 said...


I have long read your work, but this is by far your most important essay. I hope it gets saved for the historical archives of the victorious patriots after we take down the governing tyrants in whatever form that 'take down' finds.

Anonymous said...

About "law abiding" -
I believe the ONLY ONES who actually are as such defined would be those who abide faithfully by the Supreme Law itself. For any person who acts contrary to the supreme law, even under the color of code statute or rule, is nothing but a law breaker.

Take a NRA lobbyist as example. The instant he shakes hands on a "deal" made behind closed doors regarding,say, carriage, and in doing so accepts a permission slip structure premise as part of that "deal", he has constituted himself as a law breaker - and done so by his own CHOICE.

In the act of Negotiating Rights Away, he has prostituted himself in exactly the same way a LEO does when they bash through a door in the middle of the night, armed and prepared to kill a man, simply to confiscate what by RIGHT a fellow American possesses. Shamefully, both operate under the color of law, when their actions equally contribute not only to the usurpation of rights but also the unavoidable civil war their combined actions will produce - eventually.

I would be remiss were I to fail to mention firearm manufacturers thee as well. This because they KNOW full well that they are literally arming the very crew that is attempting, at every turn, to disarm the average joe six pack. Ask yourselves this - what greater TREASON exists besides directly arming a domestic enemy that openly imposes obvious injustice upon millions of people who quite literally and even admittedly have not broken the supreme law?

I admire Mike and the courage he demonstrates. David, Superman, you too! Stating the truth as it is has to be done. Those "Butt hurt" by those truths told should look in the mirror and have a pointed moment of insight.

While what some have done cannot be forgotten, it can be forgiven. But that depends on what they CHOOSE to do NOW. In much the same vein as Mike explains it here in this letter, there is still time to decide to abandon the treachery. There remains opportunity to seek redemption and a willingness to oblige it.

For those guilty of embarking on the wrong path, often done, at least in part, trying to move things "forward", I caution you seriously, for the point of no return is upon you. As a comment above so aptly iterates- warned is indeed warned!

My rights belong to me, and yours to you. Those opening otherwise must realize that acting outside those declared and constituted parameters does indeed define themselves as the true law breakers - and no criminal ever evades punishment for their crimes indefinitely.

One thing history teaches to all those with open eyes is this -
Free men will always take up arms to defend the blessings of liberty when the government constituted to do so either refuses to do so or intentionally usurps authority over it. Make no mistake whatsoever, it is human nature to defend against injustice, it is inherent and instinctive to do so. Central planning can never indoctrinate away the soul of these men and they are too numerous, infinite in fact, to exterminate.

Truth is told. Tell it again. And then tell it again.

Anonymous said...

To all law inforcement agents and police personal. Take note, if you take guns from the law biding public. When all guns are taken from the public, then the military will take the guns from the police and law enforcement agents.
Then the real criminals can then shoot any law enforcement officers with no one to stop them.
If you police protect your citizens, your citizens will protect the police. If the police do not protect the public, the public will be against the police and you will have no one to protect the police. Disarmed citizen and disarmed police have no protection against any criminal activity from gangs and gangster.

Stop and think before you take the guns out of the hands of people who will save your ass in times of complete chaos from crime gone out of control. Do you want the crime rate to go up, if not, obey and inforce the second amendment for the right to bear arms to all American Citizens. Or face your fate by going against the American Citizens and the constitution of the United States of America you took an ought to uphole and protect.

Anonymous said...

Very well said.

We must hang together on this one or we will surely hang separately.

In Liberty.

Anonymous said...

Message to Police
by Josie Outlaw

Anonymous said...

I need to find the Ayn Rand quote on this, about the size of Gubbment vs the average citizen breaking so many "laws" on a daily basis. Back on this later.

B Woodman

Awesome Advisor said...

Hello -- I tried to donate using your PayPal link, but it said something like: "You are attempting to use an outdated version of PayPal."

Trish House said...

We the People need to create a safe base from which to express our power. People need a land base, a shelter and a food & water supply in order to live. The corp/gov and the banks that own them have created monopolies on these vital necessities of life and by doing so have forced us into job-slavery, and mortgage slavery under their command and dictates. Through their system of exploitation they have pitted us against each other so that the police must do their bidding or risk losing their income, their jobs, possibly their homes and even their families under the terrorism imposed on the common man by these forces.

To defend ourselves we the People must first call a debt jubilee and release ourselves from obligation to and support of these entities. We must shun them, their jobs, their taxes, their courts. But to do so we must also decide together that it is the right of each one of us to a free and fair share of the land and its resources to create for ourselves that steady platform from which to fight this tyranny. As long as we take our survival from their wages and debts we are at their mercy. We must declare America as PAID IN FULL by us and claim and use it as ours. When police and military personnel know that we have their backs and will help them to keep their families safe unlike their masters we will make them our allies and the civil war will be over without a shot fired. Free land = free people.

Trish House said...

In order to have power we the People must create for ourselves a steady platform from which to fight this terrorism.

To live People need a safe land base, a shelter, a water supply and food. Right now we rely on the corp/gov and banks to provide for us our survival. Through jobs and mortgages these entities have created monopolies on our means of survival, and they dictate the terms of how we live. The threat of the loss of a job, loss of income, and thus loss of our homes and potentially even our families keeps us in fear of our masters and willing to do their bidding. They know this and have intended it to be this way for their benefit.

If we want to end the terror of the common man we must cease supporting in every way those that create that terror. This means we must right now call a debt jubilee and cease paying them. Then together we must declare that we have PAID IN FULL for America and claim it as solely ours. We must insist that it is the birthright of each one of us to a free and fair share of the land and its resources as our human right and the basis of the People's homeland security. On these terms only can we shun this corporate government and the banks that control them and create a safe base for our creation of a new social design that is by and for the care of we the People.

By insisting that the police and military forces, like us, have the security of a free home, and adequate resources for their families' security then we will have shown them that we have their backs and are on their side when it is time for them to defy the dictates of their terrorist bosses who order them to attack us. Through shunning and land control we can take this country without a single shot being fired. Free land = free people.

Anonymous said...

Pay Very Close Attention. Mike could also include this with any other communications with those officers so they can see what they are upholding if they persist:

Anonymous said...

Nor are your parents, grandparents,children, etc etc ... be it a "civil" war...

Anonymous said...

Maryland shares your sentiment, brother.

Anonymous said...

Mike: I lived in CT from 1963 to 1990. This State is under the thumb of Insurance Companies in Hartford. "Pay no claims, collect all premiums" is their motto. The Govnah, that POS, is just their tool. You have to understand that CT is full of perfectly possessed being, totally dead inside. I worked with them and listened to their stupid rants all the time up there. Ella T Grasso told me personally that the State was full of "Ricchiones" and such types. She felt that the inbred, east coast preppies were all suffering from some kind of possession due to the S&B at Yale and their personal perversions. They got rid of her quickly. Danny Boy Malloy would shit himself in short order if a real resistance broke out in that dump. The main trouble is the "Pension Worship" of the State employees, and their total moral bankruptcy. I was confronted on a daily basis with these demon infested manifestations when I lived there. In Alabama, except for some lawyers and politicians, we have no idea what this is like.Once a people let demons in the form of "Safety Nazis" take over their decisions, the only possible result is total tyranny. CT is full of Girly Men and Dyked up women, who suffer from all kinds of pathologies, mostly incurable...One had to have lived there to see this first hand to understand what I am saying, but I hope you all get the general idea.

Anonymous said...

Mike, you are an inspiration to those of us in occupied territory.

Keep up the good work.

-"The chair is against the wall."

Anonymous said...

Well said!!! I've had law enforcement in my house twice two many times. The last time was to take my elderly mother out of her own house and by force. Regretfully, I was not prepared. There will not be a peaceful third time. This is my first throw down. I am sickened by where our country is going how our constitutional rights are routinely violated. Making criminals out of law abiding citizens. The quote I am clinging to is to better die on your feet than live on your knees. What's going to happen when people resist the search and confiscation? I mean not for the resister as he/she will be killed but what about the aftermath?

Anonymous said...

the troopers are gonna try to take us one at a time with overwhelming force..... we need to target the lawmakers.....

Anonymous said...

Mike, In NYS we have a governor who had Presidential aspirations and thought that he'd show Obama up by passing the most restrictive gun control laws in the nation called The SAFE Act. As I read through your essay, I simply input Cuomo's name. This law will rid NYS of all registered "Assault Weapons" within one generation because when the registrant dies, the State will confiscate them. I suspect that a very small % of NYS Citizens will register their guns by the April 15, 2014 deadline. Thank you for all you've done in this fight.

Anonymous said...

Mike, you could send it to the NYSP but it would be moot. The field, that is all members outside of Albany, have spoken fairly loudly to Emperor Cuomo and the last internal poll put 99.1% of them against his law. Being inside I can attest to the fact that it isn't popular and absent exigencies like drug dealing and the like, it will not be levied.

iwitness02 said...

What a talent, Mike. Bringing reality right into the work place of the people in the frying pan.
These open letters are brilliant,
beautiful, and from the heart. It really comes through.
Thank you for all the heart you put into helping others.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

I found the Ayn Rand quote I wanted. Here it is:

The only power any government has is the power to crack down on criminals. Well, when there aren't enough criminals, one makes them. One declares so many things to be a crime that it becomes impossible for men to live without breaking laws.

B Woodman

Anonymous said...

Thank you, Mike, for saying what needs to be said but which so few have the courage to say.

"These are (truly) the times which try men's souls", as Thomas Paine said and, as such, I can't help but wonder about his (our) "summertime soldier(s) and sunshine patriots". Will they stand idly by, looking only to self-preservation and betraying any/all to save themselves/their own - as our Godless culture of instant gratification has thus conditioned them? Will they turn away as their friends, neighbors and loved ones bear the burden (and sacrifice) of liberty's defense, or will they too rise in support when the balloon goes up, the gauntlet of oppression lying on the fertile, American loam, liberally sown with the seeds of tyranny? What will our empty-headed, entertainment-obsessed countryman do?

Patrick Henry's similar-minded questions seem wholly appropriate to our times. I would urge everyone who hasn't read his famous speech to do so and to then, take a long, hard look in the mirror; asking yourself what's really important in life. (

It closes like this:

"What is it that gentlemen wish? What would they have? Is life so dear, or peace so sweet, as to be purchased at the price of chains and slavery? Forbid it, Almighty God! I know not what course others may take; but as for me, give me liberty or give me death!"

Thanks again, Mike. Keep up the good work!

Anonymous said...

As an American and Viet Nam Vet I hope and pray we do not have to have another civil war , but again , as an Americans we will fight if need be
. Common sense , not politics , needs to prevail here.

Kenneth Moore said...

Oath Keepers declare that they will not obey unconstitutional orders, such as orders to disarm the American people, to conduct warrantless searches, or to detain Americans as “enemy combatants” in violation of their ancient right to jury trial. See the Oath Keepers Declaration of Orders We Will Not Obey for details.

Anonymous said...

I don’t see any mention of the fact that in addition to whatever number of Connecticut citizens who choose to shoot rather than be slaves, there are people like me in 49 other states who will pack the necessities and drive to Connecticut, rather than wait for the fight to happen in our states.
In other words, Connecticut State Police, you will have to face the three percenters of the entire country, not just your state. We actually don't care WHERE tyrants live. We're just eager to put some holes in them. Anywhere, any time, is just fine with us.
We have had enough and the communist takeover of America is going to come to an end. No amount of blood is too high a price.

Screaminogre said...

Mike, your words speak eloquently of the fires that burn in the hearts of patriots. There are more of us than the tyrants know, and more yet whose embers need but fanning to burn brightly again. There are those of us in Pennsylvania who are watching closely, and will aid the patriots of Connecticut when the need arises. We do not ask for a fight, but we will not bow down to avoid one. Many years ago, as a younger man, I took an oath to protect and defend the constitution from enemies both foreign and domestic, an oath I still hold in my heart. As a Marine, as a Patriot, as an American, Semper Fi.

James Ritchie said...

For those who read Mike's post and close to Connecticut, come join us on April 5, 2014 at the Capital in Hartford. 12- 3 pm. We need to flood to the capital grounds to let them know we are having an act of civil obedience.

Anonymous said...

"If you pass laws that people have no respect for and they don't follow them, then you have a real problem."

When you pass unconstitutional laws that have no respect for the people, you have an even bigger problem.

Scooter7 said...

Kudos on a well thought out and to-the-point letter.
I have been posting articles on the ever-increasing incidence of police brutality with the admonition to LEO's that actions such as those are putting targets on the backs of GOOD LEO's, and they need to ignore the "thin blue line" and work to eliminate these occurrences.
There are too many that carry a gun and badge that should not...

Anonymous said...

Link sent to The Blaze/Beck (I know... 'RINO'... but he has a very loud voice.)

Anonymous said...

Where do I sign up??

Anonymous said...

This isn't a focused letter... it's a bizzarro rant. I'm not sure what point you were trying to make in the email above but it's so long and so convoluted that any valid points you were trying to make were lost after the 3rd paragraph... Cops have the attention spans of gnats... should have kept it short and to the point.

Anonymous said...

well written. Mike why are you in Alabama? To avoid arrest? Is there a warrant out for you?

Gene said...

My .02: Focus more on the nature of the republic you defend. Don't become just "gun nuts," the operative NLP canard. Remember: when someone draws a circle to keep you out, draw one to keep them in.

I suggest adopting a formalized open hand, like "hi," as a common symbol to show support when passing by the police. (Recall the fist of the black panthers' symbol). Show solidarity.

The various governments spends billions to separate us from the police and each other; however, it is easy to remain friends on the street.

We want friends, not bureaucrats who will obey orders without reflection (determined the basis of the Mi Lai massacre).

Stridency is dangerous to those who may not appreciate rhetorical positioning. The police are being trained to assume citizens are dangerous subjects. A bunker mentality is being created, a new SS. Here is where your deadly line is being formed. Friendship and understanding will carry the day, though the day may follow many discordant ones.

Even those monitoring this letter can be redeemed, as history has shown many times.

PS: the code verification to prove I am human only proves endurance.

TexasLadyJuanita said...

Passed on my FB and blog with the following opener: I implore every American Citizen to read this letter from Mike Vanderboegh. Your agreement and passing on this letter nationally could prevent an American Revolution that none of us want. Having said that, many in the political realm have infested our Constitutional America by deceit and lies, and are passing un-Constitutional laws without the public vote. MORE IMPORTANTLY, these laws are against our God Given rights. When they take away my ability to protect my life, they are anti-Juanita, and care nothing for my life or my rights. I pray you take this to prayer and see the wisdom of passing this on to all Americans who may have to choose sides in a Civil War they do not want. It is only fair that all Americans have the opportunity to understand that Connecticut is a test state for the power crazed liars, and Americans as a whole can be informed and vocal today to stop this peacefully. - Texas Lady Juanita

Anonymous said...

Many pissed off Brothers from the State of California will be at your assistance. Beautifully written. Former Military and Retired Leo here.

Jon Lynch said...

I would like to believe, that there are a certain percentage of all LEO who, if not enforcing this UNCONSTITUTIONAL LAW and gets made an "example" of, would join the 3%'s when shown the light of their Rulers ! Not to say that some ARE probably already a 3% and are waiting for the opportunity to squash the order to confiscate !

Greg Jones said...

To whom it may concern: While I am but one individual here in the Lone Star State of Texas, I have reason to believe that there are many more of us, down here, who believe as I do, that the position you and your fellow CT patriots represent, are just and legally defenseable under the Constitution of the United States. If, God forbid, A "SHOT" is fired that starts the next Civil WAR for these United States, we who all believe so dearly in this Country and what it stands for, shall willingly join you in resistance of any act of tyrany by miss-guided leaders or their representatives within your state. It can not and should not be allowed to stand. We will be with you, both speaking out publicly against a potential a potential Civil War and with our actions if necessary, in defending your rights as private citizens under the laws of The Constitution of the United States. As I and others have previously pledged to defend the Constitution of the United States of America against all enemies Forign and "Domestic", I will not hesitate to take up arms when necessary to defend your rights as Citizens of these United States against any person or group of individuals, who choose to enforce any unconstitutional orders against citizens of these United States. It is my heritage and my responsibility to do so. I can do no less and still be true to myself. God be with you and your fellow Patriots in CT and else where in holding you ground and defending your rights as Citizens of The United States of America. Liberty and Freedom to do so shall forever be on your side. Respectfully submitted G Jones, Ranger 3006, Dallas Texas

redladyblustate said...

Excellent, Mike! I heard you speak at that April rally and hope you'll be back this year. Please tell us you sent this directly to my State Senator Tony Guglielmo who made the comment re: registration. He did vote NO on the original bill, but he is sorely misguided in his assumption that all will comply. He is also publicly supporting the GOP Candidate for Governor, John McKinney, the current GOP Senate Minority Leader, for Governor! That is unacceptable in my opinion since McKinney not only voted YES on the bill, he actually helped the Dems to write (he is justifying his actions by claiming had he not done that, the bill would have gone directly to confiscation...many arguments against that, but Guglielmo is missing the point) the law.
Thank you for the letter and I will pray for your safe keeping.

DirtDiver76 said...

Glad to see more are starting to get the message. In the 1990's many of us were scoffed at for thinking, speaking and acting this way. When our "unit" approached Janet Reno at a public speaking event she was at (promoting the "Ominous" crime bill) some thought us foolish to speak to the head of the DOJ in such a manner. But what have you lost for speaking your mind? Your life? Hell, if it is that bad now, that we must fear speaking in support of our nation, then people, we are already at war in our nation.

Yes, this will not be limited to one state. And yes, none of us who have ever seen combat, wish for it to come to this. An appeal to the better nature of man would dictate we exhaust all means before having to resort to the means we speak of, yet everyone regardless of their personal nature, should already sense the need to band together for the coming event.

Stay in constant communication... monitor and investigate all events and trust, but always verify. It is most likely that those who would stoop to the level of carrying out acts against good Americans, will weed out those who are not in a position to know what to do... they will demonize them, prey upon their ignorance of law or of how to protect themselves or, who have been ill prepared. We owe it to them to ensure that they do not fall victim to this scheme.

Anonymous said...

Hello, Idaho is here, loud and clear. Carry on.

Anonymous said...

Just one day after Virginia became the first state in the country to pass an NDAA Nullification bill – refusing to comply with the federal government on “indefinite detention” powers of Sections 1021 and 1022 of the National Defense Authorization Act – the Arizona House voted to approve a similar measure, moving that state one step closer to being the 2nd in the nation.

Anonymous said...

Illinois here ready to roll!!!

Anonymous said...

lol holy freaking dam Mike. Unbelievably well written and expressed. I support you all and the message you are trying to spread!

Anonymous said...

I recently read an article show that the licensed hunter in just 4 states, can't recall them at the moment, was over 2 million constituting the largest armed force on earth. Just 4 states.

Anonymous said...

Also keep in mind, if this comes to pass in any one state, other states will instantly and aggressively take measures to prevent it from spreading to their state. Don't feel like this is a far away issue, it's not.

Anonymous said...

From Texas and Oklahoma we will come. Black, white and hispanic we are. We will not surrender our blood bought rights!

Jim said...

Politicians know the 2nd amendment and so does law enforcement. Some of our powerful politicians are trying to change the meaning of the 2nd amendment to fit their narrow-minded thinking. Each and every amendment to the US Constitution is precious because our fore bearers considered seriously them and what would happen to the average people if they were changed. It is up to each and every American to do his/her part in protection the Bill Of Rights that so many states would only adopt if the Bill of Rights were included as a most vital part of the US Constitution. Remember, Patrick Henry when he said that he may not agree with what people say, but he would defend the freedom of speech to the death. This is how each and every amendment should be treated. This is how all law-abiding red-blooded American feel. They still care what is important in this country and will defend those who would purposefully or unpurposefully act as traitors to the US Constitution. Our family believe and back what Mike has so patriotically explained to those who may act without question. My belief is that the state police has incredible common sense, studied Constitutional law,and will act with courage on their social morals and Constitutional responsibilities.

Anonymous said...

The largest and most dangerous army in the world are the American citizens. This administration better remember that.

Anonymous said...

I've been of these opinions for a long time. I probably will not survive an encounter with any agency attempting to disrespect my Constitutional Rights. However, may my sacrifice serve to put on notice those that don't believe we are under a tyrannical, corrupt, power hungry government that they could be next to lose their constitutional rights.
When did it happen that the real government, the people, gave up their right to rule the government instead of the other way around?

Anonymous said...

Wow! This needs to be sent to every law enforcement agency in every states across this nation. Molon Labe III%

Anonymous said...

I am current member of a LEO agency in a nearby state. I can say this with some certainty...outside of the big cities, there is zero support for any type of gun control legislation, let alone legislation that leads to confiscation. There may be tacit support in the large cities only because (I hate to say this) the quality of the police in those cities is poor. They are generally poorly educated, poorly trained and as a result they don't think for themselves. This is not the case is your county and state agencies, where the officers and deputies tend to be more educated and have the cognitive ability to think for themselves. Most of the guys in my agency are members of the NRA. Several of us are "oath keepers". really don't know cops if you think we like politicians. Most cops have a wet dreams thinking about ways to pinch dirty, stinking politicians.

Anonymous said...

I've stopped trying to talk to enemies. These days I just practice my shooting, stock up on ammo & weapons, and am looking for tactical training. If I talk at all to anti-gun folks I point out that my bullets do more than their votes and that if a civil war starts I'm going to be looking for them where they live. Traitors will be held accountable and they are an unarmed minority living among an armed majority.

Anonymous said...

These politicians and elitists like hearts have hardened to the American way of life and belief system because power and money have corrupted them. It’s all self-motivated by greed.

They have money but now they are going for the utmost control by having power over us. They’ve been building a situation for us to fail under so they can arrest us and start their tyranny control they think they desire.

The people will pay for their sins here on earth.

Anthony Gunter III said...

Love it! Oklahoma' standing with you. III%er's til the end! We will not comply, for when tyranny becomes law then rebellion becomes duty!!!!

Buck Torre said...

MIKE I for one applaud you immensely and yes all states and patriots will pay attention and will answer the call to repel any and all tyranny just like here in NY they wont start what they cant finish good luck to all of my Patriot brother and sisters WOW GREAT LETTER -MOLON LABE NY PATRIOT

Buck Torre said...

mike your are awesome and w e will be watching and will have all of the patriots back here in NY and all others state s will respond no one will stand for this I assur e thank you for having the balls to tell em enough is enough we wont take it anymore

Anonymous said...

Do you think you could send this to the Michigan State Troopers and anyone you can reach in Lansing before they go and get any goofy ideas?

Brian C said...

"There are four boxes to be used in the defense of liberty: soap, ballot, jury and ammo. Please use in that order."

When they keep taking away your many are left?

Anonymous said...

your a fucking whack job and a criminal by not following the laws of the united states

Anonymous said...

Unfortunately, the scenario spelled out in this warning letter is inevitable should this state not recant it's position. If they do not recant, then they must act, and if they do act, then this warning will come to fruition. The fact that some of us did register our weapons does not mean that we intend to willingly disarm. Either way this will not end well for anyone. The logical conclusion to this conflict will be that many on both sides will die, followed shortly thereafter by a total and complete collapse of governmental control and the ouster of the current administration leaving our country vulnerable to invasion from outside concerns. Statistically there are far more armed citizens in this country than there are in the military and law enforcement combined, therefore the current administration will most certainly fall. The cost of such a conflict will be devastating to say the least. Those on both sides of this stand-off should proceed with extreme caution, as once the first shot is fired, it can not be taken back and it will not stop until it reaches it's logical conclusion. Molon Labe

Anonymous said...

Yes, this needs to be reiterated to the legislators and state police in NY. Our date is coming and they need to know what lies ahead if they intend to follow through with enforcement.
CT and MA, NY stands firmly by your side, brothers in ARMS under the Second Amendment.

Anonymous said...

As these idiots have failed to realize, they think they are coming to take our gun's when in reality we are waiting on them to bring them ours. Make no mistake, I will Defend My Brothers and our Way of life, if you strike me or those like me,you will lay upon the earth until you are buried in it or rot upon it. Molon Labe.

Anonymous said...

Mike, every Sheriff's Dept. in AZ has vowed to disobey any orders of gun control or gun confiscation. Your CT Gov't should realize that Revolutionists, Minute Men, Patriots or whatever you call them from every state in the nation, would be at your front door if any shots are fired up there. Do the 1200+ CT State Police really think that they are a match for the 100's of 1000's of Volunteers that will be there to help you? Who will protect their homes and families while they are attacking you? Maybe that should have been the first sentence in this letter.

Shannon Aguilar said...

3% is okay, but if blood starts to flow..."imminent threat" will quickly increase the numbers from 2 fold, 3 fold, and so on as long as the threat continues. Full scale civil war and every state will have a spark burning strong.

Anonymous said...

I have group of like minded people here in Georgia ready to head to our bug out location and prepare for geurilla warfare.theres more groups in every state that will act when the first spark is ignited.

Anonymous said...

patriots here in Georgia support u.i have roughly 30 supporters and get more everytime we discuss the situation in this country and are prepared to bug out to wilderness to maintain guerilla war if necessary.

Anonymous said...

From across the pond, a well written letter and I hope they heed the warning. As Yamamoto said, 'there is a gun behind every blade of grass' and I fear a civil war there will make Syria look like a picknick judging from the character of the Americans I'v met.

William Urmson said...

The NRA is the biggest domestic terrorist group in the United States, maybe the world. They love their guns more than people. With politicians in their pockets all we can do is brace ourselves for the next NRA sponsored slaughter.
The policies and laws created by The NRA killed the kids in Newtown and allowed the vigilante George Zimmerman to murder Trayvon Martin. Back ground checks, that the NRA strongly oppose, would help keep guns out of the hands of unstable people preventing many deaths.
STAND YOUR GROUND is nothing more than a license to legally hunt and kill innocent people PERIOD~

Anonymous said...

Locked and loaded ready to go!!!

Are You Prepared for Civil Unrest/war?

Anonymous said...

Mike,let us "southerners" know if you need support. An enemy to the 2nd Amendment is a enemy to all.

Anonymous said...

We entrusted in them to serve and protect us, not protect and serve the State.

If it is blood they want, it is blood they will have but it will be on the State's Hands, as it always is with the Statist Pigs.

After-all, War is the States Blood.

david said...

Remember even as stupid that we think the government is, they are not that stupid when it comes to killing American people. History shows, theywill not come for us all at one time, they take us out one at a time. Look at Ruby Ridge, Gordon Kahl, and many others. They know there Iis strength in numbers. Don't get me wrong the government of this generation is more for themselves, and death to everyone else.

Anonymous said...

As misguided as they may be with the EU nonsense, may I suggest a close inspection of how the fighters in Ukraine just took down the tyrants oppressing them? It starts with peaceful demonstrations and does not back down when the tyrants make their moves. Worth spending a few hours of serious review and watching Youtubes (especially the ones with Ukrainian language titles). Google "Svoboda" and "Right Sector" + Ukraine. They were the fighters. Better CT end up looking like Kiev than one person lose their rights to these CT thugs. The people winning, it CAN be done.

Excellent letter.

Anonymous said...

As misguided as they may be with the EU nonsense, may I suggest a close inspection of how the fighters in Ukraine just took down the tyrants oppressing them? It starts with peaceful demonstrations and does not back down when the tyrants make their moves. Worth spending a few hours of serious review and watching Youtubes (especially the ones with Ukrainian language titles). Google "Svoboda" and "Right Sector" + Ukraine. They were the fighters. Better CT end up looking like Kiev than one person lose their rights to these CT thugs. The people winning, it CAN be done.

Excellent letter.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

The people of a nation have risen up against oppression and succeeded in bringing that government to its knees and toppling it. We, in America, could do little to help other than spread the word around the world and raise our voices in solidarity with the Ukrainian people, over the Internet and social media.

We will very likely have our chance to be personally involved in the next mass resistance against a corrupt and tyrannical state. There is going to be an imminent showdown in the Nutmeg State against the overreaching Progressive (yes, Marxist) state government. At some point the Connecticut's state government will have to enforce its will against its own people and it will have to do it quickly, forcefully, and universally in order to maintain its death grip on freedom's neck and its boot heel on Nutmeggers' natural rights.

When the powder keg explodes, we as Americans will either close our eyes, cover our ears, and pretend that all is well, or we shall enter the fray in solidarity with our soon to be oppressed fellow Americans. It will require that we raise our voices to the world and spread the word, as well as our physically traveling to Connecticut to join the protest and support Americans that will be arrested and thrown in prison if they fail. Connecticut does not have enough prison capacity to handle all of those that will be arrested. We must join the protestors to be a force multiplier against tyranny. If the state government and its willing Gestapo are not stopped there, other state governments that are terminal with the Progressive cancer will move upon their people.

When the powder keg explodes, we as Americans will either close our eyes, cover our ears, and pretend that all is well, or we shall enter the fray in solidarity with our soon to be oppressed fellow Americans. It will require that we raise our voices to the world and spread the word, as well as our physically traveling to Connecticut to join the protest and support Americans that will be arrested and thrown in prison if they fail. Connecticut does not have enough prison capacity to handle all of those that will be arrested. We must join the protestors to be a force multiplier against tyranny. If the state government and its willing Gestapo are not stopped there, other state governments that are terminal with the Progressive cancer will move upon their people.

Anonymous said...

Calling All Patriots Your help is needed, we have about 3 million now, but we need more patriots , Facebook Operation “American Spring” set for May 16, 2014: Target...Washington, D.C. *** About
Restoration of Constitutionally limited government.

Mission: Restoration of Constitutional government, rule of law, freedom, liberty "of the people, for the people, by the people" from despotic and tyrannical federal leadership.

Millions of Americans will participate.
American veterans and patriots are energized to end the tyranny, lawlessness, and shredding of the US Constitution.
Government is not the target, it is sound; corrupt and criminal leadership must be removed.
Those in power will not hesitate to use force against unarmed, peaceful patriots exercising their constitutional rights.
Patriots may be killed, wounded, incarcerated.
There is no hope given today’s technology of secrecy for the effort nor do we want it secret.

I urge all organizations, groups, particularly veterans and military retirees begin planning to visit Washington, D.C beginning May 16, 2014. Keep tuned to Constitutional Emergency/Patriots for America for updates and guidance.

Please bathe this effort in prayer as there is no personal agenda or gain save liberty, freedom, and restoration of constitutional government for "we the people".SHARE, SHARE, SHARE in every GROUP you can......GET THE WORD OUT!!!

Anonymous said...

you know...they drew first blood when they accused prior military, Christian, Ron Paul supporters of being home grown terrorists!


Anonymous said...

As a 20+ year Law Enforcement Police officer, Deputy Sheriff and Detective AND Marine Corps Veteran...I am NOT your enemy. In fact I do not know any other LEO that will line up on the door of any lawful firearm owner's door to seize your weapon(s). I WILL NOT DO IT! I, and those I work with, recognize an unconstitutional law / order when we see it and give it the due attention (or lack of) it deserves. I assure you, generally speaking, your local LEO's are NOT your enemy! AND I require anyone planning on coming to MY door to seize MY firearms (of which I have many and enough ammunition to feed their voracious appetite)that they contact the Representative or Senator that passes such laws and sends them to do their bidding...make them line up on "Point!" Make those legislators stand in front of all those called to take fire for their ideology...Make THEM face the 3%ers...make THEM take the first rounds!

Bob Kutz said...

Good letter. Ditto.

I stand with you.

Anonymous said...

I would hope that those employed by any agency that would don a uniform and attempt to remove any personal property from my home realize that there are more like me than they know, I have cancer, currently incurable, I am going to die and I will take you with me if you have the guts to try to enforce any unconstitutional request by their commanders.

Anonymous said...

Iv'e got my popcorn ready

Anonymous said...

All i can say is "wow". I read every word and your eloquence of the written word is outstanding. Please keep up the work. i live 1 mile north of Connecticut in Taxichusetts and i hope this is not coming here. but i fear it will soon follow.

Anonymous said...

i am with you in washington. they need to realize that the american gun owner army is huge. we need to stand tall and together.

Anonymous said...

Egyptian Doctor Files Terrorism Complaint With U.S. Congress Against Barack Obama

Anonymous said...

Official CT State Police spokesman says that state police would participate in door to door gun confiscations
The State of Connecticut says that all citizens must register rifles and high capacity magazines, or be charged will a felony. As many as 100,000 people could face heavily armed police smashing down their doors and be charged with a felony.

The legislature of CT says that a registration is needed so they can know where the guns are. Yet at the same time, they are sending threatening letters to gun owners. So they already have records of who has purchased certain guns. The fact is, that the CT legislature fully intends to confiscate hundreds of thousands of firearms anyway. The registration process will simply make it easier to confiscate, because you acknowledge that you still own a firearm that the state already suspects that you own.

CT State Police Spokesman Lt. Vance says that state police would comply with an order from the state to conduct door to door gun confiscations.

Experts claim that as many as 350,000 people are in violation of the law, and over 100,000 of those people could face felony charges. That means over 3.6% of the entire adult population of Connecticut has been transformed into a felon by the new registration law. Roughly one in twenty Connecticut homes could have their doors smashed in by heavily armed law enforcement seeking to confiscate firearms.

CT State Police Spokesman Lt. Vance can be reached at(860) 685-8290.

Joshua Johns said...

North Georgia mountain people will not stand for tyranny to come home to us. We are full of heart, piss and vinegar. I stand with the 3% crowd. "Don't Tread On Me"

Joshua Johns

Anonymous said...

Who do you think own these "illegal" weapons? The ones I know are police and military.

Anonymous said...

Just like in Viet Nam, the U.S utilized a war of attrition. Once the first shot is fired, target in return the people at the top and work your way down from there. I am sure someone on the other side will eventually throw out a white flag! Personally, I feel that Mel Gibsons' character portrail in The Patriot would serve well. For, I am a peacful individual, but attack my family or my Constitution and stand by for Hell to be unleashed - The Patriot!

Anonymous said...

Mike, should they succeed in arresting you and attempt to try you on unconstitutional charges, maybe you and yours should get together beforehand and decide if you will form your own court and arrest the appropriate bureaucrat for trial in YOUR court.

Anonymous said...

Mike, I'm with you and the patriots in CT. I fear your words will fall on deaf ears. There needs to be an open letter to the politicians. Just to say, "we told you so".

It's all words.. But,
The B.S. stops when the hammer drops.
Be well.

Ben said...

whew man am I glad that I read this. Brother please post this like someone here said to the Gov. of NY. He has outlawed the ar 15 .What is next. patriots BUY ammo even if is 22 .Here in NY it is hard to get most popular ammo. and hourabrIn some southern states there seem not to be as big a problem as here.

Anonymous said...

Rhode Island is watching, listening and waiting...

Virginia Irene said...

Want to really make an impression?
Start posting the residential address, license plate number, and phone numbers of these liberal whack-jobs!

Virginia Irene said...

Want to make a real impression?
Start publishing the residential addresses, license plate numbers and home phone numbers of these liberal whack-jobs!

Anonymous said...

Gee why cant they put as much effort into controlling illegals and enforcing the laws which are all ready on the books.they are out of control and picking the system apart a little at a time.

Anonymous said...

Awesome letter easy to understand!

Anonymous said...

I think you forgot even one more thing in your favor Mike. 3% of us cops are already 3%'ers ;)

Anonymous said...

I am Connecicut resident, gun owner and an administrator of a Facebook page,, encouraging support and promoting awareness of the this issue in Connecticut. We have received may well wishes from freedom lovers from all over this wonderful country. I am going to post this at my page and hopefully it will help open some more eyes to the dangers in such reckless legislation. I also encourage all of you to check us out at

Anonymous said...

Fellow patriots, I fear that what is about to happen if they try to enforce this evil law that our enemy in the White House knows what will happen and is planning on it to be bloody. He then can declair martial law in ct an bring in federal troops. This is what he's curtailing our NG an state reserves already. That's why he know wants our troops home so quick. And there's already proof of terrorists inthe legal and illegal Muslims here that will creat false flags in each state, then he'll declare martial law on those states till the whole country is under it. I think this is designed to provoke hostile confrontation an once done it'll also become a war with a Muslim third colum to give continued validation to keep the country under it an turn into a jihad type war. The third colum is already here we must be aware of that if this turns bloody.

Anonymous said...

...beautiful Mike, we're here in Alaska, our guns might be frozen, our food cold, but you know, our spirit of freedom of oppression still hangs in the air...beautiful, we're with you.

jmbreland said...

God speed, Mr. Vanderboegh. As a lawyer I usually advise people on how to comply with the law. In this case, I hope you not only break it, but smash it beyond all repair. The spirit of America is with you.

Anonymous said...

Arkansas is with you. Everyone I talk to is in agreement with you.

Anonymous said...

And so it begins

Anonymous said...

I read a book called the "Terminal Spy" and watched a documentary on the subject titled "Poisoned by polonium" the story of Alexander Litvinenko the ex-KGB operative who was assassinated by Russian agents in London at the almost certain direction of Vladimir Putin. The story also tells of the 1999 bombing of a Russian apartment complex which was blown up by Russian agents to instigate the war on Chechenia. While the assassination story is a horror in it's own right, the sideline to the story is even worst. The total corruption and cold-blooded lengths the Putin régime will go to expand it's power and control the citizenry. The point here is that it is clear to me that our own government has been taken over by corrupt, power hungry individuals of the same type and anyone who stands up to them runs the very real risk of being crushed by the machine they now control. It seems to me that a bloody conclusion to this is the only option other than complete surrender. They control most of the media so when the battle ensues, the headlines will be domestic terrorists attack law enforcement!

Anonymous said...

I believe it's time to promote a "Blue Flu" with law enforcement and the military. It's my opinion that a vast majority of LEO's support the 2nd amendment. Better to have LEOs on our side rather than as our opponents.


Anonymous said...

Heartland Patriot said...

I want to know how many police officers signed on to confiscate the legally acquired private property of otherwise law-abiding citizens, at the behest of a handful of ideologically-driven politicians? Really, is that the reason they wanted to become a police officer? I know none of them want to lose their jobs, and maybe they figure if they can just intimidate a few people that the rest will give in...but this is a LOT of (armed) people in this case. Is this worth the potential loss of life, including their own, to enforce such a worthless and terrible unconstitutional law?

Anonymous said...

Be sure to acknowledge that for every individual who reads this and submits a comment... that there are DOZENS more who did also read this essay, and are in FULL agreement and SUPPORT but just have not left a comment. This means the actual number of good Americans, armed or otherwise, who have your back are incredibly higher than anyone might imagine. Free, fluid Communication is paramount in this matter. Also, be aware that millions of senior citizens who directly experienced the horrors of WWII, Korea, Vietnam, the Streets of America etc have very firm convictions and stand as tall as they can against tyranny. They darn well know the meaning of that hellish word.

Anonymous said...

This is an amazing, eloquent, and powerful letter. Thank you for writing, sharing and sending it, Mr. Vandenboegh.

Anonymous said...

Please pay close attention to why Obama is coming to CT. I believe on the surface it looks like he is talking about minimum wages.He could have choosen a lot of states but why CT?
To possibly come up with a plan to deal with those who did not register their guns.
Are we going to be the test grounds or a start of something?

I do not trust Malloy or Obama.

Anonymous said...

Have no doubt connecticut is the 'proving grounds' for a national gun ban altogether. Its no secret that Malloy has eyes on DC and a nose right upside obama's backside. CT is the 'constitution state'. What better stage could be set to have Obama convince America that disarming Americans is the Patriotic and Constitutional thing to do? CT may well be a liberal place right now. At least thats the way it voted the past two times. But for them to make their devious plan workable...they do need the Police and Military who happen to be our Fathers, Brothers, Sisters etc. Obama is a liar and divider and both will be foisted by him in Connecticut to gain the support of unthinking men and women wearing the badge. These folks must think this out for themselves. The day will come when they will no longer wear the badge. And Officers must be clear that no longer will they be permitted to have a firearm after years of putting bad guys away. They too will be getting screwed if the Fascists get their way. Disabled cops are treated like dirt and abandoned. The State wants only to find a way to disown them. And for the disabled and homeless Veterans too it is most obvious. Beg Law Enforcement that you know to wake up and stay close to their families and community. Do not abandon your own by obeying tyrants who care not a jot for your safety. Your children and wives dont need to be without a Dad. Any support of this bad law would not be true obedience but rather false obedience. And that makes their enforcement of fake unconstitutional laws criminal and complicit. They would forevermore lose their standing among their own people and community. In shame would bad Law Enforcement need to run and hide. Think well about who you are and what you're going to do in this most dire matter. Its only going to happen once so lets pray the remedy is in short order.

Anonymous said...

How about sending it to the great state of Missouri Governor Jay Nixon now admitted that he lied about submitting the names of concealed carry license holders to the federal government, but there’s a paper trail to boot.

New evidence proves that Nixon, a Democrat, had not only ordered his administration to submit the lists, but that DHS Secretary Janet Napolitano personally thanked him for doing so in a letter.

“The Department of Homeland Security (DHS) thanks you for your State’s efforts in improving security standards for state-issued drivers license’s and identification cards,” the letter reads.xon

Anonymous said...

I think many of you underestimate our desire to stand by our oath to protect the constitution. LEO is not the enemy. We (yes, I am LE) took an oath to protect the constitution. I will no more disarm regular citizens than I will shut down bloggers, newspapers, or religions, even if I disagree with them.

Anonymous said...

Mark well the enemies gates… take note of his movements and learn of his habits. Seek not vengeance upon your neighbor or the common man for the errors of those in power… remember who it is that brought you to arms and take retribution where it has been earned. Let the traitor feel the steel of your will and blade…
Be not deceived or maneuvered by those in power… whose propaganda seeks to disguise their collaboration with the enemies of our Republic. Recall the lessons of the tyrants, as they DIVIDE and CONQUER, pitting the people against one another: neighbor against neighbor, black against white, yellow and red. Recall the strife they have sown among the common men of our Republic, as they seek to divert our attention away, from their robbery of our national treasures, from the destruction of our Republic and Constitution.
Mark out the New World Order… and those who speak of a global union, of universal citizenship and borderless states to account. Cease these men of ill fame, destitute of character and loyalty to our Nation, bring them before the people as their judge and jury. Let their blood ransom the lives of our children and their children to come. Freedom is not free and liberty comes at a high price, for the Tree of Liberty must be refreshed with the blood of tyrants and patriots, from time to time.
Let the common man and woman mark well their neighbor and partner in this struggle and take no hand too their fellow patriot; heed not the propaganda and strife sown by those in power, be not fooled as to who is the enemy and who friend and fellow patriot.

Anonymous said...

As a resident of Connecticut, you can count me in. I have yet to hear of one gun being removed, or one act of violence by a true criminal being stopped. As an ex correction officer, I can tell you, the actual criminals are enjoying this.
Oh, and one important note to all Connecticut LEO' soon as you retire, you are required to register as well! As soon as government is done using you, you become part of their problem. After working 20+ years putting criminals away, if the politicians have their way, you will be defenseless. Who will have your back then?

Anonymous said...



From the World Health Organization
The latest Murder Statistics for the world:
Murders per 100,000 citizens per year.

Honduras 91.6 (WOW!!)
El Salvador 69.2
Cote d'lvoire 56.9
Jamaica 52.2
Venezuela 45.1
Belize 41.4
US Virgin Islands 39.2
Guatemala 38.5
Saint Kitts and Nevis 38.2
Zambia 38.0
Uganda 36.3
Malawi 36.0
Lesotho 35.2
Trinidad and Tobago 35.2
Colombia 33.4
South Africa 31.8
Congo 30.8
Central African Republic 29.3
Bahamas 27.4
Puerto Rico 26.2
Saint Lucia 25.2
Dominican Republic 25.0
Tanzania 24.5
Sudan 24.2
Saint Vincent and the Grenadines 22.9
Ethiopia 22.5
Guinea 22.5
Dominica 22.1
Burundi 21.7
Democratic Republic of the Congo 21.7
Panama 21.6
Brazil 21.0
Equatorial Guinea 20.7
Guinea-Bissau 20.2
Kenya 20.1
Kyrgyzstan 20.1
Cameroon 19.7
Montserrat 19.7
Greenland 19.2
Angola 19.0
Guyana 18.6
Burkina Faso 18.0
Eritrea 17.8
Namibia 17.2
Rwanda 17.1
Mexico 16.9
Chad 15.8
Ghana 15.7
Ecuador 15.2
North Korea 15.2
Benin 15.1
Sierra Leone 14.9
Mauritania 14.7
Botswana 14.5
Zimbabwe 14.3
Gabon 13.8
Nicaragua 13.6
French Guiana 13.3
Papua New Guinea 13.0
Swaziland 12.9
Bermuda 12.3
Comoros 12.2
Nigeria 12.2
Cape Verde 11.6
Grenada 11.5
Paraguay 11.5
Barbados 11.3
Togo 10.9
Gambia 10.8
Peru 10.8
Myanmar 10.2
Russia 10.2
Liberia 10.1
Costa Rica 10.0
Nauru 9.8
Bolivia 8.9
Mozambique 8.8
Kazakhstan 8.8
Senegal 8.7
Turks and Caicos Islands 8.7
Mongolia 8.7
British Virgin Islands 8.6
Cayman Islands 8.4
Seychelles 8.3
Madagascar 8.1
Indonesia 8.1
Mali 8.0
Pakistan 7.8
Moldova 7.5
Kiribati 7.3
Guadeloupe 7.0
Haiti 6.9
Timor-Leste 6.9
Anguilla 6.8
Antigua and Barbuda 6.8
Lithuania 6.6
Uruguay 5.9
Philippines 5.4
Ukraine 5.2
Estonia 5.2
Cuba 5.0
Belarus 4.9
Thailand 4.8
Suriname 4.6
Laos 4.6
Georgia 4.3
Martinique 4.2
And ............................................
The United States 4.2 !!!!!!!!!!!!

ALL (109) of the countries above America, HAVE 100% gun bans.

It might be of interest to note that SWITZERLAND is not shown on this list, because it has...NO MURDER OCCURRENCE! However, SWITZERLAND'S law requires that EVERYONE:
1. Own a gun.
2. Maintain Marksman qualifications .... regularly .

Did you learn anything from this? I think the message is loud and clear. GUN bans and restrictions...DO

jw said...

VOID is another 4 letter Word .... This is pretty simple stuff huh ....

Baboon Viper said...

Cut off the head and the body dies.

Anonymous said...

Regardless of who fires the first shot. The news media will report it as an assailant or unprovoked attack upon Law Enforcement. The citizen will be guilty of some type of unprovoked attack. It will not be until several of these unprovoked attacks are possibly reported on that everyone will then realize they are not unprovoked but rather clearly an overstep of law enforcement and government.

Anonymous said...

I believe the enforcement of this law will be swift and done in one day. The LEO's will make a list, assignments will be made and at three in morning a swarm unlike any other will overtake the state of Conn. Doors will be kicked in and people roused from their beds and handcuffed while their homes are destroyed in search of these so called illegal weapons. There will be a few on both sides that are gunned down. An injustice will befall onto a once great country. However, once Conn. pulls this card all other states will hear of it and the surprise will be over. All states after that will be a violent and bloody match to the finish. Unless the error of their ways is realized by the Govt. and a peaceful resignation of the law is taken. Time will truly tell the outcome of this.

Joe Blaze said...

While I support the message here, I feel compelled to point out that unless you buy the none-sense about the 14th Amendment being legitimate, the argument is incorrect.

Each state has its own Constitution. What does Connecticut's Constitution say about gun ownership?

To say that Connecticut cannot nullify the 2nd Amendment would be to say that Georgia cannot nullify Obamacare or that Michigan cannot nullify Indefinite Detention. Both Obamacare and Indefinite Detention have been ruled constitutional and you cannot pick and choose which part of the Constitution that you support. You either support the Constitution or you do not.

The solution does not lie within the Constitution, it resides within the Sovereign People. Article 4 Section 4 requires each state to be a Republic, in Republics, the sovereignty resides with the People. Put two and two together and you get Constitutional Sovereignty. That is what your are, a Constitutional Sovereign.

The argument that needs to made here is the sovereign's right to protection of self, others and state. The original III%-ers did not fight because of a (National) Constitution, there was not one, they fought because they were sovereign.

Anonymous said...

If the shooting starts, it won't be confined to the government gunmen, either. The potential this has to affect all segments of society can not be overstated: Pols, press, anyone supporting tyranny (or perceived as supporting tyranny) is at risk. Armed engagement plans rarely survive the first shot - the politicians can open the bottle, but they can't put the genie back in if he gets out.

Anonymous said...

Who is preparing the list for the people? The list that has the names and addresses (home and work) of every politician that voted for this law, as well as the governor and his staff. Pictures of each would be helpful too.

If they get a list shouldn't we have a list? And shouldn't this be posted everywhere, for all to see?

Anonymous said...

You must wear kilts cause balls like that don't fit in pants... that being said you have to remember that the CSP won't be acting alone, they will have their force multipliers along too...Sheriffs dept. city, local town police. This will be a war of attrition. fought guerilla style with families being the biggest victims. However, the enforcers of law may see what concequences their compliance will bring. maybe not. Gods will be done. So mote it be.

Texas 1954 said...

III% movement needs to be nationwide great letter as it echo's the thought of many of us

Anonymous said...

Absolutely fantastic letter! My parents saw this coming back in the '70's. They prepared for it, & they prepared my brother & I. So, I was raised to expect this, & be prepared to defend our freedom! I'm with all of you folks!!

Anonymous said...

PLEASE understand, the people that concert these efforts are far higher up the communist ladder than Hussein.
They WANT chaos. They are further along in other parts of the world. They want to bring total chaos to the world, and then reshape it the way THEY think it should it 'ain't purdy'.
Hopefully, letters like this going viral will have some effect on the boots assigned to carrying out unconstitutional agendas. Problem: They have the satelite technology, drones, weaponry, snoop ability, tracking, etc,.
There are some that have proved themselves to be neck deep in the long planned, and well orchestrated destruction of America. They should be targets of our 'affection' NOW. I don't mean for anyone to shoot them, but....get creative. If the SHTF, the higher up the ladder you set your sights, the better.
Soros and Co., clearly an enemy of the WORLD would be one of the grand prizes!

Anonymous said...

Great letter!I do believe you are the 'Patrick Henry" of today! Thank you for standing up for our rights.

Anonymous said...

I just wanted to add that my state senator voted for this gun control bill- and he is a Republican.

We all agree that there should be some form of gun control, but we disagree strongly about how much.

In addition to objecting to the 10 round magazine idiocy, I strongly object to the way the law was passed - rushed through late at night with no discussion, with no chance for a rational examination.

Where is the due process?

I too will be voting in November. This needs to be a campaign issue.

Anonymous said...

Remember back to the OWS(occupy wall street) hit big numbers in the parks, the union jackboot cops, their mayors and state representatives ordered them to stand down until they could regroup and attack them one at a time. They might be standing down at current, but they will be coming and they will be calling in the FED jackboots just like the unarmed OWS faced.

Anonymous said...

Unfortunately, if the strong arm of enforcement follow the order to go out and confiscate people's property in fear of losing their jobs or pensions, they could very well lose much more! With tyranny comes payback in the form of equal application of force applied and not only just to those doing the enforcement. Human nature being what it is and a righteous indignation will reduce peoples concerns to satisfying basic needs for survival and that can and will become very ugly! No doubt blood will run and it will not just be from those owning guns and their families!

Mike Morace said...

I have noticed a lot of concern on the internet about armored and tracked vehicles. It is a new time and they do have new equipment, but we have new stuff also. Spray foam is pretty awesome. This stuff will gum up anything! This stuff on one track of a tank will make it a merry-go-round!
Microwave pulse weapon designs are all over the internet. They are easy to build. They will fry electronics including, drones, tanks, LAV's, jets, and electronic controlled projectiles.
They would never have the balls to attack with only personnel. I am an American, so it is in my interest to never harm another American if at all possible. So I have studied up on taking out equipment first and foremost.
And for the record, I am a nothing, a nobody! There are Americans out there that make my skills look like a Girl Scout!
The problem "they" face is this is our turf, our homes, our FAMILIES! Do they think we would ever idly sit by and watch "them" take these away? Defending the Constitution is defending my home and my family! I will do this with my last breath! They can have my "empty" gun when they pry my cold dead finger from around it!

Mike Morace said...

The People do not have representation in the federal govt. Every state needs to pass laws that state that their representatives must vote according to constitution of the state that sent them. Then the people of each state need to get their state constitutions aligned to their beliefs! Then pass laws at the state level that make it a felony for a public official or the media to knowingly and willfully lie to the American people! I am sick and tired of the few pushing the many around!

bobby c said...

we the people,who are the real government.we stand with our legal American Connecticut firearms brothers and sisters.the 2nd amendment is my gun permit,and will not comply with any unconstitituional laws.join us in Washington dc may 16,2014 for oas{operation American spring}time to stop these unconstitituional treasonous traitors.god bless we the people

Anonymous said...

I think it is time to tell the people that pass the laws that if this comes to a firefight, and they lose, be prepared for public jury convictions and then hangings of responsible officials. Some planning should be done to depose the entire list of officials of the state and replace them as well.

Anonymous said...


SuperDave2 said...

Operation American Spring......I will be there, standing for the Constitution....Where will you be on May 16?

bobby c said...

we the people,who are the real government.we stand with our Connecticut brothers,against any one,who doesn,t abide by the constitituion,we only abide by the constitituion/2nd amendment which is my gun permit.not any government/politican.join us in Washington dc may 16,2014 for oas{operation American spring}god bless American veterans/citizens

Anonymous said...

Mike, this is a most beautiful and inspirational post I have seen in a long, long time. Thank you for speaking for many of us.

One thing that really worries me is that so many Americans don't even know what their rights are. They don't even understand rights. When I verbally defend my rights, other's rights, I am denigrated by the left, but disappointingly, also by some on the right. And I am told constantly, "I haven't lost any rights? What rights have you lost?" "Tyranny, what a joke! I can go anywhere I want, buy anything I want, etc. You're just trying to stir up trouble where there is none". They don't grasp that one doesn't suddenly lose rights. The dark side works insidiously, slowly, and incrementally. At least they have until now. It has taken them decades to reach the level at which they now are. Now they seem to be going full throttle.

Thanks again!