Saturday, February 15, 2014

CT authorities really are scared shitless.

Some late rifle and magazine registrations get OK
"The decision means 160 rifle registrations and 398 magazine declarations will no longer be counted as late. State officials had set aside 266 weapons registrations and 506 magazine declarations that they received after the deadline."
Whoohoo! That only leaves about a quarter million rifles and several million magazines left to go. They are scared shitless, no doubt about it.


Anonymous said...

The REASON they want to "accept " these applications via exception is simple -

The very FIRST people they would have to exact enforcement upon would be, you guessed it, those very idiots who "attempted" to register but were "too late".

So what's scarey about that? Well, it demonstrates PERFECTLY that registration leads to confiscation. THATS what they fear, as it is confiscation they actually WANT! And as Mikes latest letter points out, it's OTHERS who will be taking hit lead copper and steel.

I gotta say - we are witnessing hundreds of thousands publicly blow off and throw off injustice at no peril of their own. Ironically, the only ones really in danger are the ones who tried to bow but just didn't bow FAST enough. Serves em right for bowing, but I'd still defend their lives in hopes they have finally learned their lesson of their own stupidity.

Anonymous said...

Send em for my guns you gutless the last 300 yards...
might be prickly!!!!!

Anonymous said...

Once they decide to start the confiscations, those who decided to ignore the registration law will know what it is all about. Might be interesting to see how many politicians and LEO's get taken out once the confiscations start. In my area, I already have the home address info of ALL my area Politicians and LEO's in case I want to send them Christmas Cards.

Anonymous said...

They should be! The only way they'll see those weapons will be from the end of the barrels.

Anonymous said...

They may come to disarm us "one by one". I tell them, "Beware" Our neighborhood militias are ready when the call goes out. At first sign of the enemy, we will be behind the trees, rocks or whatever, fully armed and ready to surround the enemy as they move to pick out "one" of us for break in/confisca-
tion. If they lob in tear gas, we will lob it back. If they attack with assault guns, they will feel the burn of bullets coming at them from all directions. If they come with tanks and air force (drones, helicopters), we will blow them out of the air/earth with our own missiles. We're vigi- lant, well armed, well trained thru generations of wars against foreign tyrants. We number in the millions. We will feel no mercy against these domestic tyrants who intend to en-slave us with the same Marxist
ideology that our fathers and grand-
fathers fought & died
against. Beware when a government turns against and attempts to enslave the very people who voted for them in the first place. Such treachery only begets worse treachery. Beware Mr. Uncle Sam. We the people of America have a heritage of individual freedom that most other countries do not have and never had. You will find us a formidable force. You will not be able to turn us into Europe, Iran, N. Korea, Russia, China & all the other countries en-slaved by their "leaders". But your regimes will be turned into dust like those of the Romans, Stalin, Hitler,Hussein,& so many others. And from that dust the Phoenix will rise again and begin anew. Be forewarned. LEAVE OUR GUNS ALONE,