Tuesday, November 11, 2014

GOP win Colorado Senate, Democrats vow to hold party accountable

A reader sends this link withe following comment:
While not as satisfying as defeating Hickenlooper, taking back control of the state senate for the first time in a decade - not to mention defeating a popular sitting US senator - shows there was a political price for new gun laws in Colorado.
Hickenlooper and Udall were supposed to have easy re-elections, and the only major race where the GOP put up a good candidate resulted in Udall losing. Hickenlooper barely won a tough fight against a mediocre candidate and the Dems lost the state senate for the first time in a decade. Ironically, Senator "statistics weren't on your side" Hudak's recall effort ended up being the difference in senate control as a Republican now holds the seat.
It was definitely not a complete victory for our side, but it was certainly not vindication for the gun control movement as gun banners have been claiming. Without the gun control laws the Dems would still hold a US senate seat and the state senate, even if Hickenlooper barely survived.

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