Sunday, March 24, 2013

Colorado ist gefallen! Bloomberg's Phony Fudd Ads Run in 13 States

"Colorado ist gefallen!"
"Colorado has fallen, and NYC Mayor Bloomberg's 'Mayors Against Illegal Guns' is rejoicing. And, they are pressing on to destroy gun rights in other states they see as vulnerable."


Anonymous said...

How about some LARGE pictures of mass exterminations by the SS against unarmed Jews? I think they would be informative on roadside billboards

Anonymous said...

Of course the comments on MAIG's YouTube channel has been turned off. Those who are afraid of words like "common sense" ALWAYS turn off comments.

Only young children and those who have lost their ability to reason (i.e. politicians) blame the tool used to commit an act rather than the person committing the act.

Anonymous said...

Mickey Bloomberg is so full of shit that his breath stinks.
If 90% of the people are clamouring for stricter gun control, then why are the proposed gun control bills dying on the vine in Congress?
If 90% of the people support more gun control, then why does Harry Reid seem uninterested in even voting on Feinstein's bill?
If 90% of the people want more gun control, then why are so many Democrats scared to vote for it? If 90% of the people want more gun control, then it stands to reason that Congress could vote for it and not worry about the all-powerful NRA working to remove them from office.
The "90%" figure is absolute manipulated bullshit and the media knows it.
Do 90% actually support a national gun registry? Do 90% of people think a family member or friend should pay for and undergo a background check to receive a gun as a gift?
I think not.

Anonymous said...

Hey Mike. Would you be willing to promote this event on your blog?
The link is to facebook, but you don't need an account to see it.

Colorado Mass Civil Disobedience Day

Dutchman6 said...

Wyoming: I don't do Facebook, I don't have a login. If you want me to endorse something, you'd better send me the info directly via email.


Anonymous said...

OberKapo Bloomberg, as jew collaborators in the camps were known, has decided for us all that he will take charge make sure we tow the line.
The mad midget of NY needs more bodyguards, at the rate he's going they will need the feds.

Yank lll

Anonymous said...

How is this not racist? This is Jim Crow for the 21st Century.

Crotalus said...

Fitting picture: the Malevolent Dwarf as a Nazi uberjuden.

Anonymous said...

I saw one of those commercials here in AZ the other day... Bunch of California and NY police chiefs talking about "safety" blah blah..

yep NO mayors in the commercial... sponsored and paid for by Bloomie

Stay in Kali and NY and leave the rest of us alone already.