Monday, March 25, 2013

Press rushes to ‘exonerate’ DHS as OIG report raises more questions than answers

As with its rush to declare Eric Holder “cleared” upon release of the Department of Justice Office of Inspector General’s report, major media outlets are unquestioningly accepting Department of Homeland Security OIG conclusions from its long-awaited “Fast and Furious” report, strategically pre-released last Thursday to the Los Angeles Times.


Anonymous said...

I've read it, and your observation is correct Mike, acquiescing to the DOJ/HIS notwithstanding. In fact, I took each statement, and have found more than 10 discrepancies in the first 2 pages. Haven't finalized it yet, and I know it's academic, but still, for my own "investigation" it's enough to know. I'll post my own observations here when I'm done. Metaphorically speaking, it this report were weather, it's a warm spring day with a chance of a cloud or two. Nothin to see here folks..move on along.

Anonymous said...

There is not a single shread of evidence that Adolf Hitler ever personally killed anyone outside of his service in WWI. Ditto for Charles Manson. It's the things that were done by people under their influence and in their name that they are justifiably condemned for.

Why should Eric Holder be held to a different standard?