Thursday, March 21, 2013

Gun ban advocates must decide if they're willing--and able--to kill 50,000,000+

Who is going to disarm us? Who is going to kill us, to make that possible? Here's something to think about before you answer. There are not enough jackbooted thugs to make it happen. There are not even enough grave diggers to bury the JBTs who might try.


Anonymous said...

Mike, your comments aside for the moment, lately, I've been trying to inform myself to the implications of the very heading of this particular post. In that regard...

Ever looked up the actual statutes covering "national defence"? They are found in Title 50 of the US Code.

At first, I was simply interested in the nature of how "defence" is actually codified, but once I saw the various chapters, I began to arbitrarily look at a few, starting with INSURRECTION, to see how it is defined. However, over the course of an hour, I began to see some real curious items.
Like 50 USC Chapter 10 - HELIUM GAS.

I decided to see what in the world Helium gas has to do with defence. So I clicked on it. Within, there are various chapters, some making sense, some not.

For instance, USC › Title 50 › Chapter 10 › § 167j. The heading is what made me curious. Land conveyance in Potter County, Texas.

Hmmm, what would a county in a particular state have to do with Helium. So I clicked on it as well. Holy shit. WTF? Read this and tell me if this isn't the most wierd thing you've seen all week.

(a) In general
The Secretary of the Interior shall transfer all right, title, and interest of the United States in and to the parcel of land described in subsection (b) of this section to the Texas Plains Girl Scout Council for consideration of $1, reserving to the United States such easements as may be necessary for pipeline rights-of-way.

Hmmm, the USG transfers, all right and title and interest of a parcel of land to...THE TEXAS GIRL SCOUT COUNCIL???????????For ONE DOLLAR? Of course..reserving to the United States such easements as may be necessary for pipeline rights-of-way. Hahahahahahahahahaha! For pipeline rights of way. Right. ummmm....WTF?

Not one word else explaining the purpose of this act. Only actual survey descriptions, and thats it.

Well, needless to say, this piqued my curiosity, and I want to delve deeper into these statutes, as there are other curious things. However, I thought you might be interested in Title 50, as it is these statutes that define Insurrection and it's various applications to current events. Well, time to dig a little deeper, and see what other "National Defence" anomolies I can find.

pointy end out said...

The thugs will be easy to eliminate, afterall, their just cowards hiding enmasse. The political eliete will somewhat trickier to find hiding under rocks, but they WILL be found, and dealt with accordingly.

Anonymous said...

We need to take heed, even a cornerd rat will fight like a spartan if he knows that his only way to survive is through YOU.I we must think on a way NOT to force the "jackbooted thugs" to fight,just out of fear of us. HOWEVER; We must force the government to disarm and disband the DHS/NORTHCOM/FLEA---Lets not get cocky cause it looks like we'er winin'.

Allen said...

the sad thing is they don't need to kill us. they just need to wait for us to die. they have time. they've always had time. they got this far by going an inch at a time, over many decades.

I hope everyone here is raising the next generation of 3%ers. our last stand may not be ours, it may be theirs.

Anonymous said...

Things are going to be real touchy now.. but I wonder if someone on youtube turned out a Tar and feathering on some disarmament scrotum in effigy for effect.. how that might affect their hunger for our liberty.

Yank lll

Anonymous said...

" I hope everyone here is raising the next generation of 3%ers. our last stand may not be ours, it may be theirs. "

I would consider that our failure.. we created this and WE NEED to Fix it.

Yank lll

Anonymous said...

Why should anyone believe what you say that you are going to do? I have been listening to the same saber rattling from the people in every gun shop I have been to in the last few years. I did not believe any one of them. All of them have comfortable lives, nice homes, new cars, wives, kids, and grandkids. A couple of them have memberships to the NRA that they purchased in order to meet the membership requirements of a local range. However, not one of them has written or called their representatives or even donated money to any of the gun rights groups. While standing in a large gun shop with a half dozen or more full time employee, I got into a conversation with one of the owners. He complained to me about what is going on and spouted the same saber-rattling comments I read here. So I asked him if he called his rep. Nope. Written your rep? Nope. Printed a petition asking that their senator/representative quash gun or ammo restrictions and ask the customers to sign it? Nope. Asked their customers to write or call their reps? Nope. So here are people whose livelihood depends on guns and ammo and they had done NOTHING at all, just as their customers have not. With that kind of apathy, it is no wonder that the progressives are ignoring gun owners. Welfare people can afford to revolt. Whether they are getting their three hots and a cot from the government in the form of public housing and food stamps or in jail, it is all the same to them. The progressives know that law-abiding people are a lot different than the welfare folks. The law-abiding do not want to lose all their stuff and go to jail. So the progressives know that they can just keep on rolling over gun owners. They know there will be grumbling. They know there will be complaining. They know that some of them will lose their jobs. They do not care. They know if they lose their cushy job that their liberal buddies will be there to make sure that they are taken care of. All of you underestimate the liberals. All of you think that they care what you opinion is. They don’t. Not one single bit.

Do you want to impress upon them the seriousness of your resolve? Do you want them to start backing off? Here is how you could do it and make a difference right now. Start a blog with an interactive map of all of the counties in the United States. List all of the cities in each county. Then start letting people add to the list. What gets added? Names, home addresses, and if possible, pictures of every law enforcement official in each city. Under that, a cross listing of their spouse, parents and their address, in-laws and their addresses, and adult children and their addresses. Put law enforcement on notice that when they grab their DHS supplied machinegun, jump into their DHS supplied MRAP, and head out to support their DHS masters, there may no longer be a home for them to return to. Here is a hypothetical example. Suppose DHS would have been calling the shots at Waco. However, while the Waco standoff was going on, each of the officers staffing the stakeout started to receive phone calls. Agent John Doe, your house has burned down. Your car has been vandalized. Your parent’s home has burned down. Your parent’s car has been burned up. Your in-laws house burned down. Their car has been burned up. How many agents would stay on the line when things back home were burning down? The jackbooted thugs would soon lose their resolve when doing their master’s bidding meant losing everything at home.

While you are at it, put up a map with the quisling politicians and the journalist’s info too.

I am not advocating violence. I am not advocating criminal behavior. I am not suggesting a course of action. A civil war is an “all in” prospect. If you are not willing to go “all in”, now is the time to stop talking like you are.

SWIFT said...

Anon@5:05AM, Title350, is also the Title of the United States Code that allows for chemical and biological testing on Americans without their knowledge. Many years ago, I went to the law library in a Federal Court House, researched Title#50 and copied the section on chemical and biological testing. I took the copy back to work and made a dozen more. Then I told people about it in an attempt to wake them up. NO ONE would even read what I had copied. A shit load of them made my red list.

Anonymous said...

In my county the property tax records are online with the name of the owners included....usually. While searching for possible investment properties I happened to notice a small number of property records that omitted the name of the owner. My police officer brother told me that those were owned by officers of the law or court and the ownership info was supressed by law. So in some areas, one could simply start by filtering for the lack of info and going on from there.