Sunday, October 26, 2014

The legend of Eric Frein

Motive is unclear. Speculation is wide. Ask and ye shall receive many theories. He is anti-government. He resents the police because of an arrest and jailing for theft several years ago. He is a deluded war re-enactor who is “playing Army.” Many point to the precision shot made to the groin of the surviving trooper, and are convinced that Frein, a marksman, was sending a message.


Anonymous said...

Read an article Thursday that one of the local troopers was having an affair with his wife.

Slobyskysa Rotchikokov said...

I recall the rumor that the dead officer had been having an affair with Frein's wife, but don't know if it is true, It would explain why one was killed and one disabled. It is interesting that all the federal agencies want in on this. And I am, in a detached way, amused that the government which would use threats of deadly force to intimidate citizens into submission to tyranny, could not find Eric Rudolph but for a tip, and cannot find this man, despite their full-on high tech and massive manpower search-and-destroy mission. Something for the powers that be to keep in mind. He is one man. Three per centers are many.

Informed42 said...

LMAO- Everybody wants to get in on trying to kill Eric Frein because they've already tried him and found him guilty. Typical B.S.
of the cops and the alphabet agency shit heads.

What I'm laughing my ass off about is that one man has tied up how many hundreds of the authorities personnel for weeks, to no avail.

They need to bear in mind that
3%er's, as stated, are many. How many cops and Feds and alphabet agency 'bad asses' would be tied up for how long if there were 50 or 100 shooters spread out all over the country ??

Wouldn't surprise me at all if more appear.

Anonymous said...

I don't think Eric Frein was motivated by an affair. It's my understanding that he wasn't even married, though I could be wrong.

Perhaps Mr. Frein was just sick of the police acting like an occupying army and finally got angry enough to treat them like one.

Anonymous said...

My understanding is Frein is not married....and that it was his brother's wife.

Might want to check into it further.

Toastrider said...

That's been my viewpoint, Informed42. Here's another angle:

I have no idea how much support Frein is getting, if any. What would happen in a situation where the general populace in an area has no interest in assisting in a gunman's capture?

People weren't all that fond of Rudolph and it took years to find him.

manitou said...

how long will the locals put up with all the harassment until they figure out they are not in danger from eric- but from all the enforcers... who will probably wind up shooting someone who decides to wander away from all that lockdown bs.

The Plinker said...

Eric Rudolph went to ground in and around the Cherokee National Forest, around Murphy, NC. He remained free for five years until he was captured almost as an afterthought by a rookie cop checking a report of a burglary in progress. During the time he was free, the Fibbies and Batfeces(BATFE) got zero cooperation from folks who live in that area. Now, multiply that story by several score or a couple hundred Threepers out among "the people" and what comes to mind is Mao's old description of guerillas as fish who swim in a sea of people.

Anonymous said...

the next Waco? Ruby Ridge?

Just WTF do they think they will prove by killing him?
not a dam thing that they havent proven about themselves already

Informed42 said...

Toastrider-manitou & Plinker-
Looks to me like we're kind of on the same page and think somewhat alike.

The people here in NC had no use for the Feds at all, and pretty much still don't. They knew Eric Rudolph posed them no threat.

As stated, when the people in PA realize that Frein poses them no threat, they may just be like the people around Murphy were and see nothing.

From what I've read, the trooper that was killed wasn't the one sleeping with Frein's brother's wife. The one shot in the crotch and still alive is the one that was banging the sister-in-law.

If the people in the area have no interest in helping the authorities, there's no telling how long Frein may be free.

Anonymous said...

The police need to be afraid of the people, not the people afraid of the police.

Paul X said...

I find extremely dubious the notion (maybe call it propaganda) that Frein killed the trooper because his brother's wife was having an affair. I mean, would any of you do something like that? The whole idea is laughable.

It's become quite an embarrassment for the local ruling class and enforcers. Good.

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Anonymous said...

Well, he's now been caught....perhaps the "whole story" will now come out through Frein's attorney, re: motivation.

I have to say though, I'm not as sympathetic towards the average police officer these days. Too many incidents of excessive force resulting in the deaths of unarmed citizens, no-knock SWAT raids with people gunned down in their own homes, tazering as a method of gaining compliance, (specifically proscribed by the manufacturer) perhaps the job becoming even more dangerous than it already is due to backlash will get a few of the unqualified fear biters they hire out of the field and we can go back to the days when the Police policed with the consent and even assistance of the police'd. There's no good end to the way we're going now, but it may be that such a result is necessary due to repeated failure to "get it" on the part of some of the thugs who go into that business due to the opportunities it offers to be who they are without fear of any real consequence.

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