Thursday, October 30, 2014

Connecticut Carry says "Joe Must Go." What I know is that what starts in Connecticut under the anti-American, Soviet-loving Mike Lawlor will not stay in Connecticut.

"I'll either get traction, and take this race in a three- or four-way, or I'll be irrelevant." -- Joe Visconti.
A long-time fighter for firearm rights in Connecticut commented to me:
I will tell you that right now we have a pretty large problem with a third party candidate (Joe Visconti) who is seeking to torpedo the election because he is upset that he didn't get a GOP nod.
For some reason, we have a contingent of people in Connecticut that think this guy is 'pro-gun' (we are not 'pro-gun', we are pro-rights, but I digress), when he openly advocates for mandating unloaded carry (condition 3) because of one person having a negligent discharge in a bagel shop, and openly states that our 2013 Gun Ban went 'too far' and would repeal the 'magazine portion' of the bill (but not the rest of the 130+ page monstrosity).
He is running under 9% in the polls at the moment. Just enough to act as a spoiler, but with no chance to win. . .
There is quite a bit of speculation of whether he is really this stupid/insane or whether he is a Malloy plant. I think there is a lot more evidence for the former than the latter, but neither seem to be off the table when you consider his behavior.
In support of this, I received the October issue of Connecticut Carry's October newsletter, and among the articles is this op-ed. I reprint it in its entirety, as well as the analysis piece that follows it, because it describes where we are in Connecticut, a state that is only awaiting the re-election Malloy and his anti-firearm commissar Red Mike "KGB" Lawlor for the gun raids -- and the subsequent civil war -- to begin.
Joe Must Go
by Bob Margolis.
It’s time for you to go, Joe. You’ve probably worked harder than anyone else in the race for governor, but in your heart you know you can’t win.
You’ve campaigned on valiantly as the “other guy” and while there’s merit to that, at some point you’re only going to hurt the chances for the state of Connecticut to elect someone that is not Gov. Dannel P. Malloy.
You told me face to face several times that your objective was to get Malloy out of office. You now have the best opportunity of any one in the state to do that. While you have gathered support from some independents, some Republicans and a few Democrats, we all know that as the election gets closer people will cast their vote for someone that they think can win. That candidate is not you, Joe.
You have few funds and little name recognition outside of a small circle of influence and what worries me most is that Malloy is now saying good things about you. Our governor is playing you like a fine fiddle Joe. Gov. Malloy knows that his only threat in this election is Tom Foley, not Joe Visconti. Nearly every vote cast for you will be a vote taken away from Tom Foley. The closer the election, the more dangerous your participation becomes.
Why do you think that the attack ads only go after Mr. Foley and not you? Because their side wants you to get votes Joe, as many as it takes to swing the numbers their way. The governor and his team are not stupid, they’re playing you for a fool, and I know you’re not a fool.
Joe, you have the chance to be “Rudy” for Connecticut. You have the chance to be carried off the field held high on the shoulders of the winning team. You also have the chance to be the spoiler, to be the one that hands the election to the incumbent. I’m asking you to be Rudy. Joe, be Rudy for us, be Rudy for everyone in Connecticut. By doing that, you can come back some day and run for office again, next time as a hero, not a spoiler. Withdraw from the election Joe, get out of the race and ask your supporters to vote for Tom Foley. Campaign with Tom and campaign for Tom. He’s the best chance we have of taking back our state.
In addition to this op-ed is this analysis by Rick Burgess, "Are We Going To Lose This Election?":
No one wants to be the one to say it. Connecticut Carry sure doesn’t want to have to be the ones to have to say it. But we are in serious risk of losing this election. We have Malloy on the run with poll numbers from Malloy-friendly polling institutes that cannot hide the fact that Connecticut residents hate Governor Dannel Malloy and his policies and favor Republican challenger Tom Foley.
So how can we lose?
We have a contingent of people who have decided that ‘principle’ and ‘rights’ mean more to them than the basic common sense of voting the worst anti-rights governor in the nation out. Now, let’s be clear here: We support and stand on principles and rights more than any organization in Connecticut. We opposed bills that other organizations were actively supporting because the bills were against individual rights and therefore unacceptable to us, and we are proud of that. We support the absolute right to bear arms, and do not advocate for laws that prohibit anyone from buying, owning or carrying a self-defense tool in whatever manner that they see fit. But what some have decided is standing on principles and rights is, in fact, guaranteeing a loss to Governor Malloy by splitting the vote with a candidate who cannot win, and who would not fulfill the promises he has made anyway.
The center of this problem is candidate Joe Visconti, who is supposedly, the ‘pro-gun’ pick for governor despite there not being a single pro-rights organization endorsing him, and for good reason. When we look into his background and public statements, we do not need to look very far to see that he is completely incompatible with a belief in principles and individual rights. In a recorded video that he made, he stated unequivocally that he believes that since a Bridgeport officer negligently discharged a round through the glass window of the bagel shop, where he was sitting, the solution should be that officers state-wide be mandated to carry unloaded firearms. He went on to say that, if he were governor, he would make that policy happen. What would then happen if/when there were a mass shooting under his administration? His thought pattern, about penalizing every innocent person for the stupid actions of one person, does not bode well for the law-abiding citizens of Connecticut. Visconti's logic is the same logic used by anti-rights politicians like Governor Malloy.
Unfortunately, Visconti's most adamant supporters have decided to hold this election hostage, with many of them openly stating their belief that if Visconti does not win then we all deserve Malloy and the consequences that will come from Malloy's re-election. This hostage-election situation makes Visconti's campaign nothing less than a torpedo aimed, under false colors, trying to sink Foley, instead of sinking the anti-Rights regime of Malloy. It is almost as if Visconti is deliberately trying to help Malloy win and float away unscathed. Visconti claims to want citizen Rights restored, yet he continues to allow Malloy to flatter him and encourage him, knowing all the while that he, Visconti, cannot win this race for Governor. How can Visconti claim to have the interests of citizen Rights at heart, when he continues to play into the hands of anti-Rights Malloy? Visconti's intemperate ego and illogical stubbornness has caused many people to wonder whether the Visconti campaign might actually be run by the Malloy campaign. While that is only idle speculation, without any evidence, one thing is for certain, the Visconti campaign is not about ‘gun rights’ or the right to bear arms, it is about him as an individual candidate who does not have the best interests of Connecticut residents in mind. From where we view this, Visconti, for his own personal gain, is exploiting his supporters who yearn for the uninfringed right to self-defense.
Normally, such a third person campaign would not be great concern. However, Visconti’s support has been variously polled at 9%. Despite the ridiculously low number that 9% represents, in most elections; in the context of THIS election, that 9% may be more than enough to hand the election to Governor Malloy. In the last election, Tom Foley only lost by 6%. According to the various polls, this race is shaping up to be an even closer one. Worse still, Visconti has somehow convinced himself and his supporters that, although he is polling at 9% (or less), they think and believe that he is not just capable of winning the election, but they insist that he is likely to win the election. Wishful thinking is nothing new in politics, but in this case, the wishful thinking of Visconti and his supporters may well cause the sounding of the death knell for our constitutional Rights in this state.
For months Connecticut Carry has been discussing the likely ramifications of Malloy’s re-election. If Malloy is re-elected, there will be nothing that anyone can do to slow the collectivist march of the anti-rights organizations and politicians. IF Malloy is re-elected, we may well expect that he will try to push for the complete denial and excision of the Right to carry a firearm, even going so far as to try to have our Constitution re-written to remove Section 15. So, if we can't, won't, or don't oust Malloy in this election, do NOT be surprised at his next drastic anti-Rights, anti-gun policy focus. Losing the Right to carry a firearm is the area where we have the most to lose.
For pro-Rights citizens, the simple truth of this election is the question of, how can we remove Governor Dannel Malloy from office? For pro-Rights people, this is an absolute must. We are already burdened by unconstitutional and grievous gun laws. IF we endure the Visconti-made schism among pro-Rights voters, we also must face the distinct possibility of a Malloy win. A Malloy win would certainly bring about a most horrible flood of gun laws that would even more drastically hurt our way of life, worse than any of us have imagined, until now.
Although most of us now recognize the need for Visconti to drop out of the race and to support Foley, there is, still, a small contingent of people who persist in asking questions like ‘What do we know about Tom Foley’? Most importantly, we KNOW that Foley is NOT Governor Malloy. We KNOW that Foley has not gone out of his way to infringe upon the Rights of citizens, as Malloy has done. We also KNOW that the STRONGEST message we can send to politicians, and the anti-gun crowd, is to remove Governor Malloy from office. And, we KNOW that Tom Foley is polling at 50+%, with Dannel Malloy teetering at about the same level. Therefore, we KNOW that Tom Foley is the only candidate who stands ANY CHANCE of being elected to oust Malloy, if we do NOT want Malloy to get back in. But, Foley can ONLY beat Malloy IF we all stick together. Vote for Foley, against Malloy. We KNOW that we can ONLY get Malloy out IF we vote for Foley and do NOT vote for that third candidate.
Is all lost? Should we just give up? NO! But, this needs your absolute attention. Pro-Rights citizens have a LOT of work to do, yet, to get every pro-Rights, anti-Malloy voter to the polls on Election Day, and to get those voters to vote for Foley. You need to talk to everyone that you can and let them know that there is only box to check, this election: VOTE FOLEY to unseat Malloy. It is going to require every single one of us getting out there and doing it. We hate that there is no other reasonable choice, but this is how these battles are won. It is time to do the right thing and just get Malloy out. Once Malloy is out of office, THEN we get to play the long game and work on getting better candidates to run for office. Voting for Visconti will accomplish none of these goals.
Rally everyone you can and vote Malloy out of office. We only get one chance at this.
Rich Burgess
President, Connecticut Carry
Burgess is right to point out that more firearm restrictions will happen under a second Malloy regime, but that is beside the main point. We won't have to worry about future legislation since the shooting will have already begun before that happens. Malloy and Lawlor are merely waiting for the re-election to be over to begin the gun raids. Gentlemen and ladies, I predict to you that if Malloy is re-elected there will be dead innocents at the hands of the Connecticut State Police by January, thus beginning the next American civil war. Viscounti must have heard the same rumors wafting out of the Governor's office that I have. He must know what portends.
Was Viscounti screwed over by the CT GOP elite in the primary process? His supporters say that he was and I have no reason to doubt it. Is he the "better" candidate on firearm rights than Foley? Connecticut Carry, CCDL (who still seems to have lost my address and phone number -- rumor has it that I make them nervous) and other people in CT I trust seem to doubt it. But let's say for the sake of argument that he is. We are not playing for ideological debating points here, or even political principle. What hangs over this election more than any other in this election cycle or in any since 1860 is nothing less than civil war -- butchery of innocents on a vast scale. For what starts in Connecticut under the anti-American, Soviet-loving Mike Lawlor will not stay in Connecticut. This is not hypothetical. Based on the promises of the antis in the Malloy regime this is as real as it gets.
So one must ask, is this what Joe Viscounti had in mind when he decided to assuage his case of bruised ego and chapped ass at the way he has been treated?
Viscounti has been quoted as saying, "I'll either get traction, and take this race in a three- or four-way, or I'll be irrelevant." I disagree. If the fears expressed above by firearm owners and activists in his state of Viscounti's effect on the Connecticut election come to pass, history will NOT record him as "irrelevant." It may record instead the first known case of a civil war being attributable directly to a bruised ego and a chapped ass.


Anonymous said...

This is a BIG problem and I only hope Joe bows out (and Helps Tom)
sooner than later.

Danny MUST go or things will get ugly real fast...

PO'd American said...

Has anything good come out of Conn. in the past fifty years?

Anonymous said...

Visconti is either a fool. Or a shill funded by the Ct Collectivists. He can't win he knows that. Both parties sold out the law-abiding gun owners of the Unconstitutional Collectivist State of Ct. Foley is an outsider. Better to take our chances with him.[D]im - Witt Malloy is the one on the side of the Lunatic Fringe. Mike Lawlor was a Communist as a teen ager. He personally flew that Communist Red, Hammer, Sickle flag. At his parents house.For all his neighbors ,to see. Malloys's reelection. Guarantee's even the Elmer Fuds , won't be safe. They will also lose their shot guns and deer rifles.[Divide Then Conquer]. As surely as those cowards who registered their AR's ,high capacity magazines. Submission = Slavery. Let the Tree of Liberty be Refreshed in Ct. Behind Enemy Lines / Collectivist Ct. We Will Not Stand Down. AAA/O.11B20.

Anonymous said...

Visconti has to realize that by him being in the race, Daniel Malloy Stands a much better chance of winning. He can't be that dumb. Should Malloy be re elected, and should he begin gun confiscations, the blood spilled during those raids, men, women and CHILDREN, WILL BE ON JOE VISCONTIS HEAD. Knowing this is a possibility and still refusing to drop out , chances are he's a Malloy plant. Joe, if you REALLY cared about State as much as you say you do, you would bow out.

rexxhead said...

Visconti is an unaffiliated candidate. That means the LPCT is not running a horse in this race, so let's not trot out the 'principle' card quite yet, okay? Visconti is a Republican who didn't get his way and is acting like a typical... umm... Republican.

I could tell he wasn't a libertarian because of his policies, which are typical GOP -- he thinks we're basically good folk who will be perfect once he gets to tell us how to behave. In that sense, he's not all that different than Foley.

As for Malloy winning re-election, I take a fatalistic approach. Eventually we're going to get some moke who triggers a civil war. Are we hoping it will happen so much later that we'll all be too old to be called to battle?

The sooner we get this over with, the sooner we can start to rebuild.

Anonymous said...

Meanwhile, notwithstanding Lawlor and Mallow's heads, Defense Distributed causes James Comey's and ATF official's heads to explode exponentially...

I hope they choke on their own entrails.

Anonymous said...

Visconti, not Viscounti. Nitwit.

Dutchman6 said...

"Anonymous said... Visconti, not Viscounti. Nitwit."

Oh, I know how to spell his name. But I made it Viscounti rather than Visconti as s dig. As in "Viscount." As Wikipedia defines it: "a title used in certain European countries for a noble of varying status, but historically deemed to convey a lower-middling rank." Joe must surely pretend to royalty status, for he apparently believes that his egomaniacal shit doesn't stink.

In any case, if that is the extent of your critique of what I wrote it is mighty thin. Surely you can do better than that.

David Codrea said...

I can't help but wonder about anyone who would peg Mike a "nitwit."

But then again, noting trolls are invariably sadist-psychopath / infiltrator-disruptors, it doesn't make me wonder all that hard.

Too obtuse to get the pun? And thinking the fault lies elsewhere? What are you, pally, a typical, not very bright Opposite Day "progressive"?

Anonymous said...

Looks like the agents of little Joey Viscountie have made an appearance in the form of anon 10:31 AM.

Anyhow.... Mike, you have tried, as many of us have, to talk to and reason with the gun-grabbers. But they can't be talked to or reasoned with. They are convinced of their own superiority, their own infallibility, and they have become emboldened. They think they know what's best for everyone and they are intent on seeing us disarmed.

Malloy may as well just win this thing, and let events go as they will. Otherwise, the inevitable is just being pushed off.

Anonymous said...

hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm, when and where has this happened before?? Where we are told to vote for the lesser of 2 evils rather than the one we want? We have decades and decades and decades of following this policy and the result has been a nation on the brink of collapse. If Tom Foley wins, CT collapses maybe a little slower than if Malloy wins. Voting for the lesser of two evils is like voting for a mob with Molotov cocktails or voting for a a mob armed with high tech flame throwers. Both will burn the house down, one just a little slower than the other.

Anonymous said...

If you all would listen to yourselves. You do not like Foley but you will vote for him because you have been convinced by the GOP and the Media the he "Can't Win". If you would use your heads instead of your shaking nerves you would realize that if all of you who would like to vote for Joe did, then he would win. I don't know how many times I have heard the old, "I would like to vote for Joe BUT". Why don't you get your but out of the way and do what your brain says to. If you really like Foley then vote for Foley but if you are only voting for him because he is not Malloy then you have already lost your rights. You have allowed yourselves to be convinced of False Evidence Appearing Real to you. When you are running scared you make bad choices as to what is the safest route.

Anonymous said...

If you people do not focus on voting in a new Legislature then it will not be a good idea to vote for Foley. He will only approve what comes across his desk without any opposition. He has no fight in him and with a Democrat controlled Legislature he will not press anything. He may be a good businessman when he is the boss and has the final word over everyone but as Governor he will not have that. He may lead the state but the legislature makes the law and with their majority he will be next to useless.

Anonymous said...

Some folks, when absent the power to win, seem content with the power to ensure everyone loses.

It's astonishing to think about the amount of damage common petty butt-hurt has caused throughout human history.

Anonymous said...

Einstein opined that perhaps only two things were infite - the Universe and Human stupidity but that he had grave doubts about the size of the Universe.

One thing is certain: The stupidity of gun owners has no bounds!

Those who fear Malloy and Lawor but merely dislike Foley will vote for Joe ... and ensure a win for (un)Civil War.

Joe No-go

Anonymous said...

Malloy will not lose. The fact that anyone thinks it makes a fcking difference which of these criminal cnts we elect is mind blowing. They are ALL full of shit, every fucking one of them. Wake up you fcking morons. Go red team! Go Blue team! Go F yourself!

Paul X said...

"If Malloy is re-elected, there will be nothing that anyone can do to slow the collectivist march of the anti-rights organizations and politicians."

I really hate this defeatist claptrap. Jesus people, are you really going to hand your guns in if Malloy tells you to? Man up!

Foley getting elected would not be such a great deal. Anyone remember what happened after Florio got knocked off in NJ? The AW ban continued on, thanks to queasy Republicans! About all Foley's election would do is put off the inevitable.

There is going to be a war. You can't whine your way out of it. Stop carrying on about bullshit elections, sheesh.

Anonymous said...

The point is we are trying to avoid a war. Ever been to war? I have. It sucks. Old men can opine about bringing the fight to the enemy and get real loud about who will " man up" whilst typing in thier boxers from the safety of thier home.

Let's all try and pull in the same direction. What did voting for Perot on principle get you?

Paul X said...

"we are trying to avoid a war"

Have you not been paying attention? Don't you know what shape this country is in? What will it take? Will you have to be in a concentration camp before you decide there is no way to avoid war?

Actually there is one way out of war. You could submit. See where that gets you.

Voting got me nothing but the false hope of buying into the system. It's why I no longer vote.

Go read Patrick Henry's speech again, unless you think he was a Keyboard Kommando too.