Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Japan stomps on 3-D printed gun maker for rendering 'gun controls toothless'

Japan has for decades imposed iron-fisted controls on not only private possession of guns, but on swords, and even long knives, preserving the "government monopoly on force" so beloved of the Coalition to Stop Gun Violence. That monopoly is now crumbling. Imura was caught because he made no effort to hide his gun making (and indeed actively publicized it). Others will be more circumspect.

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Anonymous said...

Two years in a Japanese prison is no laughing matter. Think 2 years of boot camp to a degree that would make a pre-1960s graduate of Paris Island blanch. Compared to a Japanese prison, any U.S. boot camp (or for that matter boot camp in other places such as Soviet Russia) is club med! "Discipline" that gives a new meaning to the word "harsh". Living conditions that would make a Spartan complain. Not the kind of place anybody would want to go. It's not the brutality of some systems like the one depicted in "Midnight Express". Nor it is like a Mexican jail where you're likely to get killed. But t is a very bad place. I've read about the non-Japanese section of Yokohama Prison and it is a rough place. The main part is hell on earth.