Thursday, October 23, 2014

What did Hogan tell the NRA?

Based on what Republican gubernatorial candidate Larry Hogan has said about gun control, it's hard to see what the National Rifle Association would find appealing about him. He has said that although he opposed the strict new gun control legislation Gov. Martin O'Malley championed two years ago, he would not seek to repeal it. In various forums, he has said he supports background checks for all gun sales, wants tighter restrictions to prevent those suffering from mental illness from getting guns and would not seek to change Maryland's strict standards for issuing concealed-carry permits. Yet on Monday, the NRA's Political Victory Fund endorsed Mr. Hogan and lauded his "support and commitment to the Second Amendment."


Anonymous said...

The democrat attack ads on Hogan regarding gun control actually make Hogan sound WAY better than he actually is.

If I were Hogan, I'd take the whole, entire ad itself, and just throw on one more clip of video at the end of me saying "Yep!"

But then that would assume that Hogan opposed gun control, and at the very least, the best he can say is he is ambivalent on it.

Not really the standard bearer we need here, but no other choices, either. I'm still wrestling with either voting for Hogan, voting Libertarian, or sitting on my hands and doing neither.

Besides, the dems will commit so much voter fraud that it'll likely be impossible to overcome it anyway.

Anonymous said...

That's why GOA gets my money!

Anonymous said...

All this voter fraud going just sets in concrete the fact that these differences in ideology will one day require it to be settled once and for all with gunfire.

I'm ready. Are You?

Anonymous said...

Hogan speaks out of both sides of his mouth depending who his audience is

Anonymous said...

And that's why I don't give them a dime. GOA get's what little I can spare.

Anonymous said...

A vote for a Libertarian almost always takes a vote away from a Republican. That's the same as voting for the democrat. I'm really a Libertarian, but the above reason is why I vote Republican,

- Old Greybeard