Friday, October 31, 2014

Guns And State Preemption And Nullification

From Herschel Smith.

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Anonymous said...

Far too many are missing the POINT that the second amendment IS a preemption in and of itself. It is the declaration that NO government is empowered to "preempt" the NATURAL right to keep and bear arms. Folks, done federally was intended to stop state governments, local governments AND the federal government from treading upon this preexisting government itself set of rights.

Yeah yeah, some sing the praises of "states rights" but this ISNT a tenth amendment situation any more than it is a fourth amendment situation. It's a SECOND AMENDMENT situation. That's WHY it's done ALL BY ITSELF - to remove those other excuses.

State preemption is a USURPATION of the second amendment. It's states taking control over something that is specifically removed from ALL governments hands and it pains me greatly to see so many Americans LITERALLY CONNED into supporting it so very ignorantly.

Empowering state governments sounds great to those in gun friendly states. But how about state rifle bans? How about state mag bans? How about May issue state laws? How about automatic bans and suppressor bans? But but but states rights..... See it yet??

State preemption laws are the new GUN CONTROL. PATHETIC it is that more are so self absorbed and taken in by the "NRA" that they do not think it through to see the brutally honest con job going on - again.