Monday, October 20, 2014

Over 30,000 on New York mental health list show rights and real dangers ignored

Approximately 34,500 New Yorkers are “too mentally unstable to carry firearms,” Anemona Hartocollis of The New York Times reported Sunday. The report looks at figures from a database established via the “SAFE Act” by the state Division of Criminal Justice Services, obtained by The Times through a Freedom of Information Act request.


Anonymous said...

With only 34k on the list it appears that NYC is not in the database.

Anonymous said...

People who live in liberal urban sprawls (but I repeat myself) generally do have a few screws loose so they are not completely wrong.

I have spent many hours in New Orleans, Paris, Rome, etc., playing "count who is talking loudly to no one".

Paul X said...

The dangers and drawbacks of "prohibited persons" lists... that grow and grow...

Think of how many are on the no-fly list, and what percentage of them are actual terrorists.

'The basic inequities of that system are illustrated by a recent denial by NYPD of an unrestricted business carry license to Cavalier Knight president and firearms dealer Robert Reynolds, who was told he had “not demonstrated a special need for self-protection distinguishable from that of the general community.” '

I have to say I have little sympathy for such people. The remedy is obvious, get out of that hellhole. That they don't, is saying that bearing arms is actually a low priority thing for them.