Thursday, October 23, 2014

Another case that we'll never know the truth about.

"In a federal trial examining a classified military deal, don’t mention the Navy SEALs."


Anonymous said...

" Deny everything, Admit nothing, Make counter-accusations" - that's their motto..But we do know one thing - that some schmuck that couldn't fix cars well enough to stay in business became a millionaire! By making non-existent accessories for weapons the u.S doesn't use for military forces that don't exist. Did Kafka write this script?

Anonymous said...

Let's hope there's jail time for all involved in this debacle.

Phelps said...

I worked on a trial with similar restrictions. Our case involved product liability on flash-bangs (the complaint was, "when I pull the pin and let the spoon go, it explodes even if I don't want it to. Faulty product.")

One of the initial users of it (this was first gen) was Delta. We weren't allowed to say the words "Delta Force" or the unit designation (which AFAIK is still classified even though it's an open secret, so I'll spare you the hassle) on the record. We had to say "The Unit" which is kind of hilarious.

In any event, all the evidence came it. It was just awkwardly worded.