Saturday, October 25, 2014

Interview with Sharyl Attkisson.

15 minutes of hard hitting news, followed by Sharyl's interview with Rick that starts at the 25:00 minute point of this Friday the 24th, 1 hour taped broadcast. Sharyl describes how stories like Fast and Furious were crushed by lack of effort by the press corps, direct censorship of news, and the chilling new addition of Zampolits, quite literally press commissars who listen in on staffers interviews and ensure that Barry's "forbidden material" always remains on the cutting room floor.

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Anonymous said...

Attkisson is one of the most important journalists of our day -- and she has to work as an independent because the majors don't want to touch her. That in itself is a story. How has journalism sunk so far in this country? It is true that advertising revenue for news outlets has been cut off at the knees, and good investigative takes money. But it's not clear to me that selling your principles is going to replace that cash flow.