Sunday, October 19, 2014

Blood and Lead. "The entire nation will burn."

Listen to what they did.
Don’t listen to what they said.
What was written in blood
Has been set up in lead.
Lead tears the heart.
Lead tears the brain.
What was written in blood
Has been set up again.
The heart is a drum.
The drum has a snare.
The snare is in the blood.
The blood is in the air.
Listen to what they did.
Listen to what’s to come.
Listen to the blood.
Listen to the drum.
-- Blood and Lead by James Fenton on the Cambodian killing fields.
Looter, LA Riots, 1992.
As race tribalism threatens once again to destroy this country, I was reminded of Fenton's poem when I saw this: "‘The entire nation will burn': Ferguson protestors discouraged by NYT profile of Darren Wilson." There's is more than a whiff of barbaric atavism in the air and we seem to be slouching rapidly toward a new time of blood and lead.
As Bob Owens comments:
I would suggest being prepared for the outrage that is almost certainly going to come from those who have invested so much in recent months in created the mythology of an innocent martyr shot down for no reason. Religious movements died hard, and the cult of St. Michael Brown will no go quietly. It probably shouldn’t be a surprise at all that some agitators are calling for not just “revenge,” but Palestinian-style terrorism.
Readers will recognize that I am not shy about denouncing militarized police violence. But in the Brown case -- should riots break out over a failure to indict -- that will be little more than a pretext for far greater evils. Rodney King did not deserve to be beaten by a mob of cops but that hardly made a difference to Reginald Denny or the other victims who died in the LA riots.
Reginald Denny dragged from his truck, LA Riots, 1992.
This does not happen in a vacuum. The collectivist race hustlers and this administration's Justice Department under Eric Holder (but I repeat myself) and their willing handmaidens in the propaganda corps formerly called the mainstream media have worked mightily to work up this frenzy since Obama came into office. The lead that flies and the blood that's spilled will be their responsibility.
The most dangerous thing about this is that if "get whitey" is what they want, get whitey is what they'll get, although not perhaps in the way they envision. The lumpenproletariat foot soldiers being manipulated could scarcely be considered long-term strategic thinkers. Nor for that matter are they tactical geniuses. For one thing, the numbers of the opposing sides of this race war they seek are hardly in their favor. For another, when you pick out your victims based on some collectivist reference point of skin color, ethnic origin, or religion, then your intended victims will come to see themselves -- and you -- in the same light.
Bosnia, before the break-up of Yugoslavia, was the most Westernized, cosmopolitan and truly diverse region of that country. But as the Serbs and then the Croats decided to craft their own futures along the lines of ethnic cleansing, Bosnians were disabused of their illusions violently. As David Rieff related in his book Slaughterhouse: Bosnia and the Failure of the West:
And if, by the fall of 1994, people in Bosnia did begin to identify themselves as Muslims and turn their backs on the multiculturalism they had fought for so desperately for almost three years to preserve, this was hardly surprising. They were being murdered as Muslims, made homeless as Muslims. "First I was a Yugoslav," a friend in Sarajevo said to me once. "Then I was a Bosnian. Now I'm becoming a Muslim. It's not my choice. I don't even believe in God. But after two hundred thousand dead, what do you want me to do? Everybody has to have a country to which he can belong."
This is what Ralph Peters describes as wars of blood and faith. And do you know who's crowing about -- and profiting from -- the current slide to race war? Why the reverse side of the same bloody collectivist coin -- the Klan and the neo-Nazis.
The challenge for those of us who claim to stand by the Founders' Republic and who believe that the Constitution extends to everyone regardless of race, creed, color or religion will be to maintain those beliefs in the face of a three-sided race war where many will be targeting us based upon skin color. We cannot be sucked into a false "us versus them" collectivist construct. On the other hand, we cannot be victims, nor permit innocent people -- of any race or creed -- to be victimized by race barbarians. Nor should we uncritically identify with the lawless bastards of the militarized police with the excuse that they are "our bastards."
Korean shopkeepers defend their businesses, LA Riots, 1992.
Fenton writes, "The heart is a drum. The drum has a snare. The snare is in the blood. The blood is in the air."
We may be coming to that once more. Pray to God that we do not become comfortable wearing the "racial enemy" mask that our collectivist enemies seek to press upon upon us. Think about these things now, reflect upon them, pray about them, talk them over with your friends and family. The more intellectually prepared we are for what's coming, the better we can meet the challenge in a way that will not shame us in the eyes of our ancestors who fought and died to build and maintain this republic.


Anonymous said...

the "elite" have always used race and class hatred to achieve their goals. It takes understanding of their game to rise above their manipulation and low I.Q.'s will always fall for it. They know if we all stood together their little charade would collapse overnight. Klan and neo-Nazi's in the u.S. are mostly run by Feds., fanning the fires. I too hope no one does anything stupid, but with a dumbed-down population that might be a pipe dream...

bondmen said...

A penultimate piece on the coming fires in Ferguson Mike and great advice on not becoming part of the mob while the world around US falls to pieces. Of course preparation and self defense is a requirement for what the radical change agents in DC have fostered, now about to come to fruition.

rumcrook™ said...

I've always loved that Korean shopkeeper photo from the riots, it's actually heartwarming to me, nothing says American to me more than free enterprise, gun ownership and self defense of family friends and your business. I do business with a Korean liquor store owner and he is an avid bow Hunter, I asked what he would do in his area if a riot happened and he needed to protect his store(I was referencing this riot) he said stock up on more arrows.

Anonymous said...

When the next race war does begin, you and I know who the instigators are. I say hunt them.

Those collectivists who propagate this kind of proxy war do so out of a desire to control coupled with being too cowardly to do their own dirty work. They use proxies because they think they will not get involved in the fighting, and therefore escape the consequences of their actions. It is consequences that need to be brought upon them with all of the cold, hard teeth reality can muster.

Jackson said...

I see no reason to believe that the rainbow patriots will be any more effective in maintaining our multicultural society than were the Bosnians cited in the article above.

Whites in America do have legitimate grievances against the other groups which have used the state against us. We must break the states power which it wields against us, and the others will all side with the state, because it is their state, and their source of power.

This is why any anti-statist action or position is always denounced as racist.

Anonymous said...

To the Lefties who are stirring the pot: Watch what you wish for. You just might get it.
When People of Color do rage cities burn. When White People do rage continents burn. _revjen45

Anonymous said...

I know it's raaacist, but.....

You finish it.

No matter how you finish it, they'll make it racist.

Anonymous said...

Why are the lame stream media and the race hustlers promoting scumbags like Trayvon and Brown, when honest good black people have been killed by cops? Those people get ignored by T.P.T.B. and instead scumbags who were going to go to prison multiple times and then probably killed by another black get all the attention. There has to be a reason, I'm just not seen it.

Scythian Arrows said...

"As race tribalism threatens once again to destroy this country"

You say that like it's s bad thing. Ethnonationalist tribalism is the default state for humanity. In-group/out-group distinctions and dynamics will *always* exist, and anyone who believes that 300 million people of widely-varying races & cultures, each with its own unique set of norms and motivations, all held together by legal edict and state power, is a natural thing is delusional and merely propping up the sad lie of pluralism and multiculturalism under law.

Anonymous said...

I'm always amazed how when they go crazy over what they call an injustice, they never destroy or go after those that caused the problems, no they go after a small business or someone's property that had nothing to do with what they are upset about. Another thing that bothers me is these police work for the mayor of this city an they do his bidding, but since he is a hard core leftist these black people continue to vote for these leftist that are at fault for the way they are treated.

Anonymous said...

Google "black swan pdf."

Read his observations about The Levant, and how ethic hate destroyed 3000 years of peace.

He's a quant, but a quant with experience in violence. He himself, is a black swan, hence the title of the book.

Hate and fear will not win things. Some of this is from personal experience.

Paul X said...

People warned about race wars with the Zimmerman acquittal too. It didn't happen. Probably won't happen this time either.

I have read a lot of warnings about this, with the people doing the warning ending up sounding like they hoped it would happen. Madness...

Anyone who sees a mob, no matter what color predominates, is crazy not to get the hell out of the vicinity. If things eventually devolve into a race war, then deal with it when it happens. Yet do not reject your other-colored friends either. A dark, middle-class neighbor is not going to identify with ghetto looters, after all.

I wrote a short piece on this: