Tuesday, September 18, 2012

"Treat the Press as Enemy Collaborators."

Au Pilori, also known as Le Pilori, was an anti-Semitic newspaper published in Occupied France during World War II.
The paper first appeared as Le Pilori, before changing its name through an evolution of the editorial team. Funded by the Germans, it did not hesitate to campaign against specific individuals, against persons "suspected" of being Jewish, and against professions normally practiced by Jews, for instance dermatologists.
Throughout the war it was published from 43 rue Monceau, in the 8th arrondissement of Paris. -- Wikipedia.
"The Jew is not a man. He's a stinking beast." -- Jacques Doriot, head of the Parti Populaire Français (French Popular Party), writing in the collaborationist journal Au Pilori, 1941.
Erick Erickson says to "Treat the Press as Enemy Collaborators." Absolutely.
"Bluntly, the general rule for Team Romney should be to treat the press as an enemy collaborator with Barack Obama with exceptions only as appropriate."
(See Clinton Doctrine referenced in my email to Media Matters thug Gertz below.) For examples of what a collaborationist looks like, it's hard to beat the French from 1940 to 1945.
Jacques Doriot (French pronunciation: 26 September 1898, Bresles, Oise – 22 February 1945, near Mengen, Württemberg) was a French politician prior to and during World War II. He began as a Communist but then turned Fascist. . .
When France went to war with Germany in 1939, Doriot became a staunch pro-German and supported Germany's occupation of northern France in 1940. Doriot resided in collaborationist Vichy France for a time, but he eventually found that it wasn’t nearly as Fascist as he had hoped it would be and moved to occupied Paris, where he espoused pro-German and anti-Communist propaganda on Radio Paris. In 1941, he and fellow Fascist collaborator Marcel Déat founded the Légion des Volontaires Français (LVF), a French unit of the Wehrmacht.
Doriot fought with the LVF and saw active duty on the Eastern Front when Germany invaded the Soviet Union in June 1941. When the LVF was all but destroyed, Doriot fought in the Wehrmacht, and was awarded the Iron Cross in 1943. In his absence leadership of the PPF officially passed to a directorate, although real power came to lie with Maurice-Yvan Sicard. In December 1943, Doriot traveled to Germany and made contact with the former members of Vichy regime and other collaborators who had gathered together at Sigmaringen. Doriot's PPF struggled to assume a leadership role within the French expatriate community, basing itself in Mainau and setting up its own radio station, Radio-Patrie, at Bad Mergentheim and publishing its own paper Le Petit Parisien. The PPF was also involved in conducting intelligence and sabotage activities by supplying some volunteers who the Germans dropped by parachute into liberated France. He was killed on 22 February 1945 while traveling from Mainau to Sigmaringen when his car was strafed by fighters. He was buried in Mengen.


Anonymous said...

Hopeless In Security Dept. of U.S. Gov. buys a lot more ammo.

watch your 6

A Texan said...

One wonders why this scumbag wasn't killed a lot earlier in the war...especially since his death was not a purposeful act of revenge, more a case of being in the wrong place at the wrong time.

Anonymous said...

DOJ 500 page report out.

Jason Weinstein, top fall guy, head of Criminal Division.

Down range fall pimps, Newell, Voth, MacAllister,

aka "Fraud Report" on Fraud, Inc. aka Democrat Party.

Mt Top Patriot said...

Isn't that the reason for the press's existence today? For many decades at least?

If it was in general a viable a commercial enterprise today, why, it would not be hostile, anathema, to the very fabric of the people, freedoms, and Liberty that gave it birth in the first instance.

I contend with all my being, the mainstream media is far more than enemy collaborator's, the people who constitute it's ranks, are minions of a regime of destruction, enemy combatants, who through social engineering, through propaganda, through lies, people who in no doubt are traitors and treasonous.

American's in name only in every sense of the word.

Insidious perpetrators of Tyranny.

Anonymous said...

I haven't watched T-V new's in a couple year's now, or wasted money on rubbish like the The New York Slime's or USSA Today. What kind of idiot could listen to these liar's get out there and gargle Obama's urine every day.The monster they are hell bent on creating , will someday turn on them and destroy them.