Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Well, well. Gunwalker Conspiracy Criminal Eric Holder Jr. Set to Speak at Old Miss Fall Honors Convocation

"Oh, NOOOO! Vanderboegh's coming!"
“We are delighted that our students will be sitting at the table with a public figure who’s been tested by fire,” Sullivan-González said. “He will surely have thought-provoking insights into the challenges of public service and the reasons for choosing that route and sticking with it.”
I am informed that the University of Mississippi is giving away free tickets at the University Box Office located in the Student Union. If you are in their area, stop by and get your free tickets and pick up an extra two or three for me and my friends who might like to drop by and ask Eric Some questions. I'll even wear my Fast and Furious tee shirt for the occasion. Send the tickets to P.O. Box 926, Pinson, Al 35126.
LATER: A friend just emailed me with this comment -- "Announcing the Mike Vanderboegh bail fund…." Pretty funny.

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Anonymous said...

If you do go, make sure someone or some people are trailing you with a video camera. I am sure that you will attract the attention of our public servants.

And we know how much they respect our freedoms.