Saturday, September 15, 2012

Sipsey Street Exclusive: File this under Praxis. Department of Homeland Security using drones that look like civil aviation.

Cessna 172 (full size.)
As Smithsonian Magazine reported last year, "Some drones also look like conventional aircraft."
A recent encounter by a friend of mine led me to check out reports that DHS, America's own home-grown political secret police, are using drones that look like Piper Cubs and other commonly-encountered civilian aircraft.
My sources confirm that this is case. Said one, "Well hell yes they do. It took you this long to figure THAT out? They may use Predators on the border to spy on Mexicans and OTM (acronym meaning Other Than Mexican) terrorists trying to slip across but to spy in American airspace they want anonymity. They don't want you to know you're being spied on."
Said another source, "The one that I've seen looks like a Cessna 172, only about half-scale or less. . . not that you can tell that it's smaller from the ground." Adding, "they only operate from federally-controlled airstrips where the access can be restricted and they generally launch at night."
The Cessna 172 has been in production off and on since 1956 and there have been over 45,000 of them built. It is the most common type of civil aviation light plane flown today. So, the next time you think you're being dogged by a Cessna, maybe it's just Big Sis' gestapo drone boys.


Anonymous said...

Really ? , I was unaware of it , but now that you bring it out , yeah that sound's like them.

Anonymous said...

With the budgets they have they could easily be using full sized 172's compared to the cost of real drones cessna 172's are cheap

Anonymous said...

A half scale 172 would sound very different from a Lycoming or Continental aircraft engine. More likely a Rotax powered kitplane. Whatever it is, the domestic drones are a disturbing development.

Anonymous said...

Probably cheaper - as if that's an issue - but more anonymous to buy up Cessna 150/172 and Piper 140/160 /180 hedgerow queens. All are easily fitted with autopilots and have the electrical capacity to support them. All have excellent range even without overloads and can support some serious surveillance hardware, to boot.

BTW, drones are almost certainly to be tri-gear, as taildraggers present ground handling issues. >Jeff

SWIFT said...

172 Cesnnas are indeed used as drones. But, please, let me try to assure you that there is a twin engine jet that is used as a domestic spy plane. While it may, or may not be a drone, it resembles a commercial plane. Two characteristics of this plane are: it leaves no contrail and the lag of the jet engine noise is far greater than a commercial jet liner. Do not be deceived that all spy planes in domestic use are small, or drones. I have repeatedly witnessed this aircraft and would debate anyone, at anytime, in any public forum as to what I have seen.

Allen said...

they are also using drones overseas that look like birds. no reason to think they wouldn't be available for use domestically.

if I can imagine one that looks like a turkey vulture..I'm sure they can build one.

Anonymous said...

quote: "there is a twin engine jet that is used as a domestic spy plane. While it may, or may not be a drone, it resembles a commercial plane. Two characteristics of this plane are: it leaves no contrail and the lag of the jet engine noise is far greater than a commercial jet liner" unquote.

I would tend to agree. AND, they've been around for quite a while. I've lived along the coast of Oregon in the largest community on the coast for 10 years, and about 8 years ago, in broad daylight, I witnessed the sound of 2-4 jets, at low altitude, flying in circles around my community for over an hour. I called the local media, and government agencies to see what this was about. No response. The local police even denied hearing them. This occured about once a month, until one night, they appeared right over my house. I live in a valley and the sound was astronomical. I MEAN the point windows were rattleing. But the most baffling aspect was, "hovered" about 500 feet or so above my house as I stood in the driveway, all the while nother mystery plane was circling within a mile. I could hear them both..but couldn't see a damn thing even though it was an absolutely clear night. These planes continue to circle my community for up to a half hour once or twice a month to this four days ago. I've called the FAA, State and local authorities, and not one single entity will confirm these events. Now I record them. NEVER, even on a clear day can you see them.
As an aside, I also witnessed a Predator drone at low altitude over the water while walking on the beach at local coastal park. They can't deny they are using them domestically anymore. I've seen them. Welcome to the United States of Orwell. All I can say is..after reciting the Oath of Allegiance for 12 years....well, they can shove it up their ass.

Anonymous said...


quote: " I have repeatedly witnessed this aircraft and would debate anyone, at anytime, in any public forum as to what I have seen." unquote

Fucking ditto

AJ said...

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AJ said...

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Anonymous said...

Seems like having the drone dragging an advertising streamer behind it would be good cover.

Mt Top Patriot said...

(When To Shoot The Politicians)

Looks like the mandarin's are raising the stakes in a secret war on our arse's.

Come on, in a civil society, based on the rule of law and the primal rights, freedoms, and Liberty, there is no justification that exists for treason and treachery such as these drones.
Unless of course, you work in the government and you will do anything to have power. Then drones makes perfect strategic and tactical sense.

Now I don't know about any one else, but them drones, well they tell a big story. they are also the ruling class's "tell" in this high stakes game of Liberty verses tyranny.
The "tell" is that they are very worried, they are scared shitless, because they know without a doubt, there ain't enough of the lying treasonous son of a bitches to impose their rule of tyranny over an aroused populous who decide to commit to armed constitutional redress.

So, one may ask oneself, when do you shoot the politicians? Or more precisely at what point is shooting the political operatives of the ruling class a form of redress for the arrogance of this political class that has ignored the will of the people, and violated their sovereign Liberty?
Sounds pretty extreme huh?
Well it is.
Make no bones about, it is extreme. But what is the most extreme, is that the political class via a range of mechanisms that are used the subvert both the rule of law, the will of the people, and the sovereign power of the people, to their own ends, and it is a litany of ends, the political class has committed just about every extreme act of treason imaginable, including shooting, or burning to death, our fellow countrymen. Set aside trepidations and cloudy doubts for a moment and consider what comes of those who stand up and refuse at all costs and all points to submit to the will of the political class. Ultimately the power, the tyranny really of the political class, ultimately the barrel of a gun is used to enforce the will of the political.
The key word here is ultimate. Ultimate power equals ultimate death, if you do not ultimately comply, with this ultimate power.

Now what is wrong with this picture?
It is a profound question.
With profound answers.

Today, in the simplest terms, all any of us have are permissions. Permissions to do things that at the founding of this Republic where considered natural rights. Freedoms, and Liberty, that did not require the permission of anyone, or anything, they just where things that naturally you could posses, with no explanation, no justification, no permission. They just where what they where. And because of these natural possessions, the primal belongings of Liberty, there was no opportunity for any form of power other than the sovereign will of people. These natural possessions of Liberty and Freedom had to be diminished or taken in order for a class of people who desired power over Liberty to exist, and to grow. So in any instance of will, in a Republic of the rule of law, the very nature of a Constitutional Republic is an existential threat to any power, other than the will of the people.

Those drones are an abomination.
They represent the evil intent of those who rule with an iron fist within OUR government.

Who wants to bet there ain't weapons attachment points built into those God forsaken contraptions?

Just in case the Ewoks and Lilliputians get uppity...

Anonymous said...

These items are easier to target on the ground.

Anonymous said...

Some full size 172 type drones fly overhead and they could become an annoyance. If so, targeting them with firearms or display fireworks could cause damage to neighbors. Are they fully automated or remote controlled? If automated can they be jammed? How? If remote, how do you hack the control system? An ideal system would be portable, not affect piloted planes, only drones and would be capable of capturing them for repurposing! Other suggestions for cleaning the sky?. .