Monday, September 24, 2012

For Greater Glory

A reader sent me a recommendation for this movie which I have not seen. He writes:
In 1920, the Mexican government launched a nationwide attack on the Catholic Church; priests and religious were murdered, churches burned and desecrated, Catholics beaten, imprisoned and killed for their faith. This is all historical fact.
As the screws tightened, Catholics rose in arms against their oppressors, and the War of the Christeros followed. Three years of deadly combat followed. A civilian militia armed with 'sporting weapons' fought the regular army and police in a guerrilla campaign.
The movie "The Greater Glory" tells the story, available on DVD and in a few theatres. Try to see it and try to get others to see it. It's worth a buck or two, especially in our present circumstances.


Anonymous said...

I saw this at a RedBox at WalMart the other day. Now that I know what is is about, I might just rent it next weekend.

Anonymous said...

This film has been pretty popular in more than a few theaters. Note to wannabe dicktater....reports have been that the lines were filled with mostly...Mexicans. They are getting a history lesson that you may not like.

Anonymous said...

My pastor told me about it, great movie.

RKV said...

The Mexican government and the Catholic Church enjoyed a long and close relationship which Americans would never have tolerated after Independence. For example, Pope Pius IX blessed Emperor Maximilian on his way to rule a country he had never before visited - Mexico, that is. Catholic clergy were immune to civil laws in Mexico and had a monopoly on education. I'm not making excuses for the excesses of either side. That said, American's would not have tolerated the privileges the Catholic Church had in Mexico - and certainly so after the American Revolution. Wake up guys, and don't be manipulated.

DiploMad said...

It's pretty good.

Anonymous said...

Funny how Eva Longoria, a 0Bama-bot who spoke at the G_d-hating 2012 DNC, was in this film, no?

Anonymous said...

I just saw this available via waiting to pick it up
for the home library.

I originally was made aware of this thru an essay from Ann Barnhardt on her site. She definitely goes into more detail about what happened to Catholics (especially the women - Mex. soldiers were openly raping them..Nuns and any woman that fell into their hands!).

Ann has subsequently done a video presentation about the French Venee Genocide during the French Revolution (this event was used by
Karl Marx as a template for war and
the Mexican gov remembered it and Marx when they attacked the Christeros.

If you haven't seen Ann's Vandee presentation just google "Ann Barnhardt Vendee" and it'll bring up the links to the 4 parts of her presentation. It's a must watch as she accurately shows how American society/culture are mirroring what was happening before
the Vendee genocide was set in motion.

Here's what Ann had to say about it
her presentation:

"This presentation covers the almost unknown war and genocide against the people of the Vendee region of France during the proto-Marxist French Revolution. This genocide by the atheist, godless, totalitarian French Revolutionaries against the Church killed 450,000 people, and has served as a the tactical template for Marxist governments who have fomented statist schisms and then entered into open war against the Church over the last century, including the Soviets and Mexicans in the early 20th century, and the Red Chinese and Vietnamese, and Marxist Latin American regimes.

The Marxist Obama regime is following that same template to a terrifying, yet in no way surprising, degree.

The only question is, how will it end here? What is beyond question is the fact that we are now, in the United States, on the path to genocide.

In four parts, total time approximately one hour twenty minutes."

History does repeat itself if we let it...let's derail this repeat!!

Yours In Liberty!
Northgunner III