Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Praxis: 2-1-3 lacing for boots.

A genuflection and tip of the boonie hat to Stephen, who writes:
Mister Vanderboegh,
At the risk of opening up a can of all things foot-related, I can say that I used to have gawdawful problem with rubbing at the back of the foot, which would wear out both the inside of the heel of the boot and a whole boatload of socks until I discovered the "2-1-3" lacing technique. See, e.g., this if you're unfamiliar:
(They recommend it for "instep bite", but I find it really helps lock the heel of my foot to the heel of the boot)
Take it for what it's worth to you...
Best Regards,
Nicks Boots says:
To prevent the infamous "bite" on top of your instep, lace your boots with the 2-1-3 method as shown in the photo.
Keep the boot snugly laced. It's important that the boot be laced tightly over the instep and around the ankle, which allows the leather behind the anklebones to seat properly. Snug is good, snugger is better.


Howie Honky said...

But some of us - like yourself - need to be careful about boots if the circulation is bad; lace one that is too high, too snugly, and get ready to have the amputation team on standby.

Anonymous said...

Link is bad.