Wednesday, September 12, 2012

IRS bureaucrats trying to avoid getting shot, or merely blowing smoke up Congresscritters' sphincters until the raid parties are dispatched?

IRS: Agents Won't Be Enforcers of Obamacare Mandate


Anonymous said...

Yeah but it's government and they're lying because that's what they do now. 24/7/365 and the media nods it's approval.

But there isn't any conspiracy or anything like that, no, no. Everything is simple happenstance and fortunate convergences.

Don't pay any attention to that video you may have seen and for pete sake don't use your mind and think about any of it.

They'll tell you what they want you to think about it.

Mt Top Patriot said...

Ah since when did the leviathan back down when it comes to collecting on the monetary tributes of it's dictates?
Those comments by the IRS is a larger load of bullshit than king putts birth certificate or him and holder not knowing anything about all the murders from the guns they smuggled south of the border.

Ben M. said...

The frog does not like hot water.

Anonymous said...

Well.. since them shit burners ain't gonna be "enforcing" an corrupt law then they can auction off those 3000? 12Ga Rem 870 14" shotguns they bought and only they know how many thousands of rounds to go with them.. unless of course they can be recovered someday.

Yank lll

Anonymous said...

"They" are trying realy hard not to get shot. The boys at the top know that people are fed up and pissed off. "They" know that we are armed to the teeth. "They" know that no one is gonna listen to "not now" much longer.Its all gone to far. "They" must now send us to the gas, or tear down 100 years of "the great plan"."They" hope winter, and Mitt will cool things off untill the strike package is ready,For mitt WILL continue the "plan" , In fact I think he is the "one" "they" want to bring it out into the open.We old men will not see the end of this. And god help our children,for the United States is dead. To belive that we can "save our nation" by voteing is wishfull thinking , Mitt is EXACTLY like Obama,and will "change" nothing. He has been chosen as the "new king" same as the "Old king". I hope we all live to see the apple trees bloom.

Anonymous said...

anybody from the gang who would rule me shows up at my camp ,good luck with that.
Liberty Valance