Sunday, June 23, 2013

One last bit of interesting news before I get down to business elsewhere. . .

First Congress Member Allowed to Read Secret Treaty Says “There Is No National Security Purpose In Keeping This Text Secret … This Agreement Hands The Sovereignty of Our Country Over to Corporate Interests”


Anonymous said...

We are living in the beginning of Robert Heinlein's "Friday", with the corporitization and Balkinizing of the U S of A.

B Woodman

Scott J said...

Not sure I'd believe anything that comes out of Grayson's mouth. He's a loon.

Anonymous said...

Grayson made his bed when he claimed the GOP's idea of healthcare reform was for old people to go someplace and die quickly. Frankly if he said the sun was up I'd have to go take a look for myself.

William Flatt said...

Scott, Anon@12:27, please do not dismiss the content of the message because of what you may think of the messenger. I've heard about the TPP before and I'm glad to see that it's back on the radar.

It's TRUE that it obliterates all of our sovereignty and creates a hybrid collectivist new world order that enslaves the human race under many aspects of Agenda 21.

It has little if anything to do with trade, everything to do with banker-dynasty-controlled world government, and it obliterates the Constitution completely. Not just in name, but in fact. That is why it is so 'secret'; If We The People could read the text for ourselves, I guarantee that the revelations contained therein would cause the blood of the globalist elites to flow like rivers in the streets, if what is currently known is any indication.

The people who are pushing this (including the USTR) are outright TRAITORS and I'll even say that what is being done is analogous to detonating multiple nuclear bombs on US soil. The people pushing this ought to be shot on sight by anyone in a position to do so. Failure to stop this outright will literally be the end of America as you have known it.

Scott, I would also counsel you to let go of the false left/right paradigm. It's not left/right, but libertarian vs. authoritarian. It is about individualism vs. collectivism, a theme that MV has been trying to educate people about since creating this blog. Everything going on in DC is pure political theater. Do you seriously believe that ONLY the Democrats are trying to destroy America and take our freedoms? Look at the GOP and how they have committed the same evils (sometimes worse). The politicians - left and right - are BOTH in bed with the globalists. BOTH Dems & GOP are chummy with Bilderbergers and CFR, Trilaterals, Club of Rome, G20, World Bank, IMF, ad nauseam.

But it cannot be stressed strongly enough that secret treaties that no member of the Senate has read, that serves to create global governance, that obliterates US sovereignty, the Constitution and individual liberty... are (ipso facto) an act of war, an act of treason; and I am of the opinion that those connected to it should be shot on sight just as if it were an armed act of aggression.

Cicero was right: Murderers are less to be feared than these sorts. Murderers kill individuals. Traitors kill entire nations!

William Flatt said...


Have you considered that a polarizing figure like Grayson was used as a psyop to delegitimize the subject of TPP precisely because knee-jerk conservatives will dismiss him and what he has to say??

Again, don't look at the messenger. Look at the content of the message. And remember, even a broken clock is right twice a day.

Remember that kooky-sounding or not, each and every member of Congress did not obtain their offices by accident and none of them have a low IQ in spite of appearances to the contrary. Additionally, they are all working toward a common goal: the abolition of the Constitution - and with it, the Bill of Rights. It's all about absolute power.

Oh, one other point: Grayson accused the GOP of wanting to create a 'shut up and go sit in a corner and die quietly' healthcare system, yet that is exactly what is being erected by the Demonrats. That's not loony, that's what psychologists call transference. So, like Obi-Wan told Luke, what he (Grayson) said was correct - from a certain point of view.